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Name: Marco
Age: 17 to 18
Country: Spain

I love adventures, hate routine, have never found any sense in rules and dogs bless my entire existence. I travel a lot due to my parent’s job; some of my favorite places are Iceland, Peru and my kitchen, where my mum hides the rare and precious chocolate. I would like to study graphic design, art or history.
I like reading absolutely anything; from Harry Potter (Gryffindor!) to Shakespeare (King Lear makes me cry). My parents have made my music taste by long car drives listening to Queen, Louis Armstrong and Beethoven, so pretty much like any good song. I will play the same song on repeat for a week and, for some reason, from all the meaningful songs in the entire world my favorite one is “Feliz Navidad” glee version. I don’t know, it makes me happy and I love Christmas. I like playing sports but I am actually bad at it. It’s just for fun really. I enjoy art, nature and lasagna.
I have really bad ideas more often than I’ll like to admit and I easily get in trouble. But I like to help others and I would say I give good advice, even if I never follow them. I have a really open mind and terrible taste in humor and clothes.
I speak Spanish and English and like two sentences in french so…

Preferences: Nah. Just no Racist/sexist/homophobes/dead brought back to life by an evir wizard or an evil wizard.
Also we don’t have to share same sack interest

Reira’s Adventures in the USA Part 1

Cousin: I’ll take you to Target to get soy milk.

Me: …Target has food?

Cousin: Yep.

Me: O.o

For context, Target also exists in Australia but does not have a grocery section.


*Goes through security in LA to proceed to NYC* 

*Sees everyone taking off shoes*


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*Nearly face plants into TV cabinet after 3-month old second-cousin grips my finger tightly and pulls*


*Passes food place advertising ‘Fried Oreos’*

Me: …I don’t think I even want to know. 

I wanted to write up a little bit about what it means and feels like to go backcountry skiing or backpacking vs. what it looks like in all the photos you see on here.

Alpine touring is a constant mental and physical battle. It doesn’t feel good. In fact, most of the time I’m saying to myself, “This sucks why am I doing this?” and feeling very aware of all the pain my body is in. This is especially true of spring/summer skiing than anything. In 70 degrees, my feet do not do well in ski boots. An hour in, and I can feel my blisters beginning to form. They hurt with every step. You’re breathing hard and there’s always someone faster than you. Your pack is heavy, your feet are heavy, the top of the skin track is always so far away. There’s SO much self questioning in this process BUT that is what makes you strong. You conquer yourself. You make it to the top. You ski the run that feels like no one else has skied. You make it back to the car and take off your boots and it feels like sweet, sweet heaven and you all laugh about having the exact same blister in the exact same spot and you feel relief because you thought you were the only one. It seems so easy for everyone else, right?

Hiking and backpacking are not comfortable. Your backpack is heavy and it feels fine at first but then your lower back aches, your bare shoulders chafe from the straps (tip: put socks between shoulder straps and your bare skin while hiking). As you gain elevation, the sun bakes you, its harder to breathe, and you can feel your heart beat in your ears. You’ll get bitten by mosquitos, horse flies, everything with wings. But oh my god, the places and the things you’ll see. You again conquer yourself and all the things you told yourself you couldn’t do on the way up, you did and now you get to take in the view of hidden treasures MOST people don’t get to see BC they cannot conquer themselves. Your pain is always rewarded.

Being outdoors is not all sunshine and denim and cool hats and movie-esque scenes. It’s messy hair, sunburn, bug bites, chafing, body odor, blisters, and pain. But it’s also glory, sunrises in remote places, uninterrupted wilderness, humbling, laughter, food appreciation, and an overwhelming sense of being proud of what you’re capable of and the amazing things you get to see that most people can and will only imagine.

I’m telling you all this because next time you venture out into the wild and the entire way there you feel like this hurts you more than it does other people and you’re not cut out for it and it’s so hard, remember you aren’t alone. You’re not weak. You are cut out for it because everyone else goes through those feelings too but remember the glory and self pride you felt when you accomplished it and THATS why you do it again, and again, and again.