b: abhorsen chronicles


  • BADASS FEMALE PROTAGONISTS: from Sabriel the prefect of an all-girls school to Lirael a shy librarian both of whom turn into duty-bound zombie killing soldier priests who rescue princes and battle necromancers and fight against what is effectively a trapped god (and can we just talk about how the girls in the school TOTALLY JUMP INTO HELP THE SOLDIERS AGAINST KERRIGOR DESPITE KNOWING THEY’RE PROBABLY GOING TO DIE??)
  • INCREDIBLE WORLD BUILDING: set in two neighbouring kingdoms - one resembling 1930’s britain the other a medieval fantasy realm that’s fallen into anarchy  plagued by Death NOT TO MENTION the world-weary soldiers manning the wall who are sick of your necromantic bullshit
  • TALKING ANIMAL COMPANIONS: not as cheesy as you think, since one is a sarcastic cat spirit who is scary as fuck when his true form is revealed and the other a wizened grandmotherly-like dog who rips out undead throats
  • COOL MAGIC: though it’s complicated it isn’t once confusing and you can’t beat dual sword-and-bell wielding, bells that can land you into death modeled after the Egyptian afterlife
  • GREAT CHARACTERS AND DEVELOPMENT: all the characters are forced to carry a duty and some succeed whilst others don’t but that’s okay because being born into a society doesn’t necessarily mean you belong there
  • GOOD ROMANCE: it’s subtle and forged out of friendship and trust and doesn’t define any of the characters or control any of the events in the story
  • NEW BOOKS COMING SOON: including Clariel which is a prequel based on Chlorr of the Mask WHO WAS AN ABHORSEN WHO TURNED EVIL!! like how awesome does that sound give me all the downward spirals for female necromancers AND there’s apparently going to be a sequel to the series too!!
  • POSSIBLE FILM IN THE MAKING: which means if you wanna get on that fandom first get on it now
  • IT’S JUST REALLY GREAT?? I think I might appreciate it more now that I’m older tbh just UNF

Fake movie meme- Sabriel [Abhorsen Chronicles pt 1]

“I have walked in Death to the very precipice of the Ninth Gate,” Abhorsen said quietly. “I know the secrets and horrors of the Nine Precincts. I do not know what lies beyond, but everything that lives must go there, in the proper time. That is the rule that governs our work as the Abhorsen, but it also governs us. You are the fifty-third Abhorsen, Sabriel. I have not taught you as well as I should—let this be my final lesson. Everyone and everything has a time to die.”


lostabhorsen’s personal the abhorsen chronicles fancast (pt 1)

kaya scodelario as sabriel
elyes gabel as touchstone
andrew lincoln as terciel
rick miller (not pictured) as mogget
ed stoppard as colonel horyse
sebastian de souza as kerrigor

UPDATED: Charter Magic and the Art of Bell Maintenance - Old Kingdom - Garth Nix [Archive of Our Own]

Scenes and stories from Lirael’s time as Abhorsen-in-Waiting. Sisterly bonding, family quarrels, dinner parties, young love, old love, how to cope with your Very Royal Family, and enough of the Dead to last a lifetime.



Part 1: Ice, Ash and Moonstone

Part 2: Stranger in a Strange Land

Part 3: What Is and What Should Never Be

 1. Le Cirque des Rêves from the Night Circus 

Is it a cop out to choose the entire circus? Again I’m disappointed this is not a real life thing, I would most definitely end up being a Rêveur and follow it all over the world. Not even going to lie, I would join the circus given the chance. I particularly loved the Ice Garden tent, but any of the tents would be nice to hang out in to be honest. 

 2. The Room of Requirement from the Harry Potter series

I refuse to believe that it was destroyed in Deathly Hallows. They can just magic it better right? Riiight. This is the most handy room in all of Hogwarts, and I need one just like it in my own home. 

 3. The Abhorsen House from the Abhorsen Chronicles

Again with the useful settings, what can I say? I like all things that will make my life as easy as possible. Not only do we get a seemingly endless amount of servants, I’m also pretty sure the Abhorsen House is a bit like the Room of requirement. It’s at the bottom of a waterfall surrounded by water, that’s some serious feng shui. Plus it’s really hard to get to, so you’ll basically never get uninvited guests. 

 4. The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition and the Occult from
The Diviners

I was devastated when I found out this museum didn’t actually exist; or maybe some version of it does somewhere else in the States? IDK. That’s besides the point I think this would be an extremely interesting way to study the history of a town/country/what have you. Seriously who wouldn’t love to spend a few hours wandering this museum of creepy crawlies? I can’t wait for the sequel so we can spend more time in this museum! 

5. The Ocean from the Ocean at the End of the Lane

Entering this Ocean would be a trip and half, but I don’t want to be entering because I’m dying or anything. Just a casual dip,is that blasphemous? Maybe. But finding out the secrets of the universe would be fantastic, please and thank you. Also remembering them afterwards would be ideal but I’ll take what I can get. 

Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case
by Garth Nix

Rating: B+

Six months after being controlled by the powerful Free Magic creature known as the Destroyer, Nicholas Sayre is not happy with his decision to stay in Ancelstierre. He’s desperate to cross the Wall and rejoin his friends in the Old Kingdom, but the only way his politically connected uncle will give him the visa to do so is to attend a party held by the eccentric Alastor Dorrance. But Dorrance isn’t what he appears to be. In reality, he leads a secret group called Department Thirteen, and there’s an ulterior motive for him wanting Nick at his house.

I will try to make this review as spoiler-free as I can, but since this story involves many elements from the last few pages of Abhorsen, I don’t know how well I’ll do.

This is a quick little novella that would take most people less than an hour to read, and while it really doesn’t add anything to the main stories, it was still fun to get to see these characters again. It did sate my curiosity somewhat, since I wanted to know what happened after the events of Abhorsen, but it really wasn’t enough. But, as I’ve said before, it’s never enough!

Nick’s character wasn’t explored all that much in Lirael and Abhorsen, so it was mainly that reason why I liked that this novella follows him. So much was left unsaid and I had a lot of questions as to what would happen to him after the Disreputable Dog saved him. It’s surprising when you find out what it means for him, but at the same time then I wish this story happened a little later in Nick’s life. For instance, if he had his own story after he learned the Charter I think it would have been killer.

In the end, this is a nice little story that held my interest. But it also made me wish that there were more stories out there, and now I want another book in this series so badly that it hurts.

-Review by C.M.

what I find most fascinating about sabriel and lirael is their individual upbrings = differences in character and how that could effect their own strengths and weaknesses.

sabriel grows up in ancelstierre with very little knowledge of the old kingdom but enough to know that she's different (hell girl already knows how to bring a dead rabbit back to life) but she still assumes a very authoritative position with her school as prefect, and her preference to control and having authority is shown throughout the course of the book (most of her frustrations is her lack of knowledge on how things work in the old kingdom which puts her at odds with touchstone who knows more about the traditions but prefers to follow rather than lead)

whereas lirael starts arguably in a better position than sabriel, being brought up in the glacier and knows how the old kingdom works, however her anxieties are born from her lacking the one thing her society demands of the clayr 

i think that explains why a lot of people prefer lirael to sabriel because sabriel is the character you want to be, lirael is the character you relate to and could very well be a stronger abhorsen because of how much she makes herself grow throughout lirael + abhorsen

One of my wishes for Clariel is that she’s a woman who has grown up within the Old Kingdom knowing that she’s to be the Abhorsen - - we see this somewhat with Sam, but most of his POV is his utter dread in carrying on in his mother’s footsteps + the fact that he grows up as a royal prince.

NOT TO MENTION that it’ll be a perspective we haven’t seen before. Sabriel grew up in Ancelstierre without the full knowledge of who her father was, and Lirael obviously grew up amongst the Clayr with no idea of the true identity of her family. Not to mention the differentiating character development - considering Sabriel always had an authoritative position at school and so handles a completely foreign kingdom with magic relatively well, versus Lirael who knew more about the Old Kingdom but grew up feeling exiled and battling anxiety and thus found it more difficult (but ended up the stronger character for it imo?)