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Favorite OTPs – Sabriel and Touchstone | The Abhorsen Trilogy

“I’d have liked to see you in the Royal Guard,” Sabriel said. “And the Old Kingdom, in…I mean before the Stones were broken.”

“In my day, you mean,” said Touchstone. “I would have liked that too. It was more like here, then. Here normally, I mean. Peaceful, and sort of slow. Sometimes I thought life was too slow, too predictable. I’d prefer that now…”

“I used to think like that at school,” Sabriel answered. “Dreaming about the Old Kingdom. Proper Charter Magic. Dead to bind. Princes to be—”


“Married,” replied Sabriel, absently.


Fake movie meme- Sabriel [Abhorsen Chronicles pt 1]

“I have walked in Death to the very precipice of the Ninth Gate,” Abhorsen said quietly. “I know the secrets and horrors of the Nine Precincts. I do not know what lies beyond, but everything that lives must go there, in the proper time. That is the rule that governs our work as the Abhorsen, but it also governs us. You are the fifty-third Abhorsen, Sabriel. I have not taught you as well as I should—let this be my final lesson. Everyone and everything has a time to die.”

what I find most fascinating about sabriel and lirael is their individual upbrings = differences in character and how that could effect their own strengths and weaknesses.

sabriel grows up in ancelstierre with very little knowledge of the old kingdom but enough to know that she's different (hell girl already knows how to bring a dead rabbit back to life) but she still assumes a very authoritative position with her school as prefect, and her preference to control and having authority is shown throughout the course of the book (most of her frustrations is her lack of knowledge on how things work in the old kingdom which puts her at odds with touchstone who knows more about the traditions but prefers to follow rather than lead)

whereas lirael starts arguably in a better position than sabriel, being brought up in the glacier and knows how the old kingdom works, however her anxieties are born from her lacking the one thing her society demands of the clayr 

i think that explains why a lot of people prefer lirael to sabriel because sabriel is the character you want to be, lirael is the character you relate to and could very well be a stronger abhorsen because of how much she makes herself grow throughout lirael + abhorsen