Soul Control/Expire Split 7" Contest #2!

Photoshop “Jumping Rory” from the cover of the split into another photograph. Email the photo to GreatestContestEver@gmail.com

Contest ends at 5pm EST on Sunday Feb 17th, so you have all weekend to come up with something good. Be funny, be clever. Make sure it’s safe for work so we can show off your skills. Winner will get one copy of the split 7" mailed to them for free, we will even cover the shipping. Good luck.



Brand new song from ‘Anxiety and Everything Else’


Hey, here’s our set from the Verse show on Saturday. It was our 5 Year Anniversary so we wanted to do something a little special. The first two songs are demo songs performed with our original lineup. We hadn’t played together since March of 2008. We the rest of the set was broken into chunks from Involution, Get Out Now and Cycles. We had a blast. Thanks as always to Sunny for coming out and filming. Check it out!


Dead Swans News Coming Soon. Get stoked.


Polar Bear Club - Drifting Things, Eat Dinner, Bury the Dog and Run, Screams in Caves - Live in Zurich, Switzerland 21.07.2011