“Guess who’s just got murdered?”

“Guys I got the whole thing planned”

“What kind of woman don’t have an axe”

“Whaaaat Terry loves yogurt”

“Gina the human form of the 💯 emoji”

“I’m in a state of joy”

Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Gina Linetti, Captain Raymond Holt and Cheddar by Gabriel Picolo

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Man, B99 did Holt so right. He’s not just gay as lip service, he’s visibly gay. We see acknowledgement and dealing with homophobia and racism, and his success despite it. We see him advocating and supporting other queer black officers. We meet his husband, not just as a “here he is” but as an actual relationship. Kevin isn’t just a carbon copy of Raymond nor is he a comical opposite. They are similiar enough that you understand how they fell in love, but they are unique personalities. They have troubles and arguments, but stay together and support each other. Honestly they are one of the best on screen couples I’ve seen period, let alone a gay one. He’s also a stoic character who remains stoic while still warming up and having humour and connection with others, without changing his personality to make it easier for the writers. He’s an enjoyable character, and respectfully treated, and I love him and the writers and the actor.