Gotham @ Comic-Con: Bruce's Double Trouble, Jim's New Gig, But No Ra's (Yet) — Plus, Watch a Season 3 Teaser

If Gotham‘s Season 2 cliffhanger — featuring Bruce Wayne’s seemingly evil (or at least emo) doppelganger — had you scratching your head, well, star David Mazouz’s explanation may continue to leave you puzzled.

“The thing that I really want to make clear going into Season 3 is they’re two different people,” the actor said on Saturday at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, “but for some reason they look exactly the same, have the same kind of mannerisms, and are basically almost the same person. But they’re not.”

Executive producer John Stephens added that the mysterious figure “comes in perhaps not knowing what he’s there for, but he was created for a reason” and will have a “huge impact” on both Bruce and Selina’s lives.

The Season 3 premiere picks up six months later, with a big job change for Jim Gordon. “The monsters are turning the city into utter anarchy, and Jim Gordon is a bounty hunter taking out the monsters — and getting paid,” Ben McKenzie previewed.

“Gotham is going to keep spiraling out of control” for the foreseeable future, “otherwise that masked vigilante [known as Batman] is not going to be necessary” down the road, EP Danny Cannon noted.

And although Bruce won’t be suiting up soon, he will be kicking some ass. “As the seasons go on, this season and next, he’s going to get more physical,” Stephens shared.

Another iconic figure from comic book lore, however, has not yet graced the Fox drama – and may not for some time. “We have not seen someone yet [from the current cast of characters] who can become Ra’s al Ghul,” Stephens admitted. “It’s a big step if we ever took it. It’s a big maybe.”

Other highlights from the Comic-Con panel:

* There is someone new in Lee’s life! “It’s not what she’s been up to. It’s who she’s been up to,” Morena Baccarin revealed of the doc, who went AWOL at midseason due to her portrayer’s maternity leave. “She’s had to piece herself back together. We start the season with her not with Jim and perhaps with a new love interest.” Added McKenzie: “Love affairs and Gotham don’t go so well… Their road will be long and winding.”

* “I don’t think they like each other,” Camren Bicondova said of the Selina/Ivy dynamic. “The new Ivy (played by Maggie Geha) is older than Selina, and I don’t think that’s going to go very well for Selina.”

* In the new episodes, Nygma is “still chilling in Arkham, receiving gifts from [Oswald], and why I don’t know.” Cory Michael Smith previewed. But after what happened in the finale, “There has to be a reckoning… In true Oswald style, will he see retribution or be willing to be friends again?” Additionally, “What I think is really exciting is when I get out of Arkham, I’m a completely different person here,” Smith said. “It’s a clean slate. I will be a free person in Gotham with no alliance to the GCPD. I’ve now embraced this darker side of me… and I hopefully have a friend in Oswald. I get to begin again.” Speaking of friends…

* “There’s a big hole in [Penguin’s] life now,” Robin Lord Taylor shared. “He needs people to trust. His relationship with Jim is strained at the moment. He needs allies. The connection he has with Nygma falls right into that.”

This Comic-Con sizzle reel, in its final seconds, offers a first look at Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale and more.

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'He couldn't contain his nerves:' Louise Redknapp opens up about husband Jamie watching Strictly Come Dancing

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"Oh, Jamie’s much more strict than I am,” she says. “I’ll do anything for an easy life. He’s brilliant, I have to say. If they want new football boots, they have to earn them. Our eldest is desperate for an iPhone. All his friends have them and Jamie’s like, ‘No, no, no. When I feel the time is right and you’ve earned one, you’ll get one.’ It has to be for Christmas, a birthday or when he has done something brilliant such as performing well in an exam.”

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