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I haven’t had much to say about this season of Scandal because frankly it’s been a little too all over the place for my taste. However, last night with the re-emergence of Olitz we were finally back in familiar territory. Granted, it was toxic, nauseating, ‘why are we here again?’ territory but it was familiar nonetheless.

I will admit that even though I hate Olitz with the heat of the burning sun that Olivia and Jake want to stand in I could always (begrudgingly) admit they had chemistry and spark. Compatibility? No. The ability to make each other happy? No. The willingness to put the other before everyone else? Well, one of them was willing but the other (*looks at Liv*) not so much. But I digress…

The point is no matter what I could always feel the the chemistry…until last night. I watched the episode the first time around and there was something off about it but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So I watched it again today to see if I could figure out what it was (besides the obvious) that was bothering me and finally it clicked. And since it clicked I have a question to ask, are we going to talk about how Olivia played Fitz like a drum…or nah?

That’s what felt off about the whole thing. She played them, she played them ALL, but no one more than Fitz.

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Olivia Pope and the Long Shadow of Shame: #Scandal 502 Analysis


A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

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After many instances of running, Olivia Pope admitted out loud that her relationship with Fitz–the white, married President of the United States–caused her to battle with shame for many years. It’s a feeling from which she has run time and time again, even as far as halfway across the world. It is not Fitzgerald from whom she was running, but from the external judgment that accompanies the context of that love. It is the context of the Olitz relationship that has caused Olivia to suffer.  @spectaclesinscript and I have spent time tracing the most dramatic instances in which Olivia was made by others to feel humiliation or guilt for the ‘immoral’ love she and Fitzgerald Grant share.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President” (208)

In the flashback sequence, we see Olivia and Fitz working on the State of the Union speech by day, playing together in her cabin by night. Olivia has Fitz all to herself. They were in their little bubble until Mellie shows up at Camp David. Olivia was expecting another night of bliss with Fitz when she heard the knock on her door, only to discover that Fitz had brought with him reality in the form of his wife. This leads to Olivia doing everything she could to avoid him when they returned to the White House.

Finally bumping into each other in the hall, Olivia reroutes, but Fitz won’t be deterred.

Fitz: “Olivia, I miss you.”

Olivia: “You walked her to my cabin door.”

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I love you...

Why can’t Olivia ever say it back to Jake? 

I guess the easiest explanation would be that she really doesn’t love him and she only loves Fitz but I don’t buy that. The narrative doesn’t support that. Olivia was ready to literally ruin Fitz in every way possible and the only reason it didn’t happen was because of her father. Not her. Not because she backed out or had second thoughts because she couldn’t bear to hurt Fitz. No, she went through with it, willingly, with her eyes wide open. She wanted B6-13 dead and she didn’t care what she had to do to make that happen.

At least, she didn’t care until Jake was on the line. Jake would have been branded a traitor and his life would have been ruined (along with his mother’s) if Olivia hadn’t retracted her statement. Bringing down B6-13 meant more than anything–until ‘anything’ involved Jake being hurt. Funny how that worked out.

Jake has been by her side, continuously, even when she refused to admit she needed him there. He was brutally honest with her, even when she didn’t want to hear it.  He’s not perfect by a long shot but he’s the type of person she needs in her life. But she won’t accept him. He gets too close, she pushes him away. He offers her literally everything he has to offer and yet she’d rather choose someone that can only promise her bits and pieces. 

I think there is something to Olivia not saying I love you to Jake and I don’t think it’s that she doesn’t feel it. 

Stilinski & Associates by ebjameston

Works: 3

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 148,497

The Fixer and the First Son

“You want me to arrange a political marriage for your son?” Stiles repeats dumbly.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve done this,” Talia Hale says, dark eyes twinkling over her impeccable blue pantsuit. “Senator Harvey and Elise’s match worked out perfectly, and they’re actually quite in love, from what I hear.”

“George Harvey was a little-known senatorial candidate from Kansas at the time, Madam President,” Stiles says slowly. “Your son – you, Mr. Hale,” he directs toward the man pacing tiny circles behind the president’s chair, “are the nation’s most eligible bachelor. Literally. I saw it on the cover of People.”

(Stiles is a political fixer. Derek is the president’s son. I’ve been watching too much Scandal.)

The Fixer in Wonderland

Stiles picks at a stray thread that his fingers find in the dark. “You didn’t see his face, Scott. He was looking at me like I was the answer to every question he’d ever had, like everything was going to be perfect and sunshine and unicorns from now on. First time Derek’s told anyone ever how he feels.”

“And you yelled at him,“ Scott says.

“And I yelled at him,” Stiles agrees, burying his face in the pillow. “Although, to be fair, four years ago he left me standing in a hallway with my pants around my ankles while a reporter taped the whole thing.”

The Fixer’s Glass Houses

“I’m building something better,” Peter continues. “B6-13 had become sloppy, unwieldy, subjective. I’m remodeling it into something superior. You could be part of that.”

“Yeah?” Stiles says, slamming the dishwasher closed so forcefully that he hears it reverb through the pipes. Starbuck barks sharply. “What are you going to call it? B-six-fourteen?”

The line of Peter’s jaw hardens. “I find it hard to believe that your mother tolerated such insolence when you were growing up.”

“You don’t know anything about how I grew up,” Stiles snaps.

Peter just smiles, predatory. “Don’t I?”

28  Unfiltered Thoughts From the Final Scene of “First Lady Sings the Blues” (Scandal #420)

1)      Finally!  Aggressive Liv is outchea! It’s about time!

2)      Hahahaha,  look at god.

3)      Russell, my dude, I knew this was not gonna end well for you. Once I saw Liv in that La Perla negligee, performing ‘sexy’, I was like…

4)      Guy, I noticed where your hands weren’t. They hovered, and I…I, frankly, Franklin, I laughed. ::Resists urge to make gif comparison::

5)      Actually, that negligee reminds me of

We know who was beside her, before Shonda decided to cut him out and sell us on Olivia redeeming herself by stopping the sexual affair with Fitz (222). Ok.

6)      Damn, Olivia is not playing with you. Got you in the mood;  the V hover the D, Douxbebe finger in your bullet wound (shout-out to Rowan for that); gun to your forehead.

7)      Curve that %$*@ like a bad toss/ let me get a #2 with some mac sauce/on the run tour with my mask off. Because… It’s Olivia, bitch, and this is what she’s about.

8)      Kitty on fleek/Pretty on fleek/That pretty [game] always keep them  #!**$ on geek … You B6-13 suckas, y’all in love with that coco. And that’s about it. That’s why I don’t care if you call her beautiful and sexy a thousand times. So what. 

9)      As a matter of fact, wasn’t it after  B6-13 agent, Jake Ballard, slept with Olivia (218) that he suddenly grew a conscience, and asked to be removed from the mission due to a “conflict of interest” (220)? But, you know, before his dick felt conflicted, he sure didn’t feel the same way about exploiting her. Oh, wait, where’s that Jake Ballard redemption storyline they tried to sell me between the concussion and the choke? Shit, I should really find that and dust it off. Maybe put it on the mantle piece.  

10)   Speaking of piece, even with one to his forehead, Russell could so easily flip that little slip of a thing, Olivia, over onto her back, and have that gun upside her temple. But he won’t, because she’s still the bosses daughter. And just like a certain kidnapper was instructed to leave Olivia unharmed, I’m sure Russell received the same instruction. But…

11)   So, Paul William Davies had you behaving in ways I find highly unsatisfying, just so we could get you doing this, Olivia?

12)   Hmmm, I got my whole entire life from this scene, but was it worth you being so careless and talking about B6-13 business while Russell was laying there all woozy from a flesh wound? You didn’t even know this dude, and you clearly didn’t want to know him except in the Biblical sense. Isn’t that  why there was all this ‘Alex’ and ‘Russell’ shit? Because you are not interested in trying with anyone else for real. You just wanna extract tangible benefits for your vagina and your loneliness. I get it. BUT, shouldn’t you be a little more careful? After all, you have already lived through your father sending in a dude to sleep with you. And here we are a-fucking-gain.  And I’m tired. You must be, too.

13)   Olivia’s vagina and B6-13 is the new ‘special relationship’. I mean, the head of the organisation uses his minions as tools of exploitation. That exploitation is through policing Olivia’s vagina. And Olivia has used her vagina (or the promise of it) to trump these dudes (316, 420).

14)   So, B6-13 is really a prostitution ring. Because, Jake and Russell seem to be better lays than spies. But are they plain or wavy Lays. Hmm, Russell must be the wavy type. Look at that hairline (shoutout to @sweetreats4eva, lol)

15)   I should take a moment of silence for all Alexuss (Oklin?) shippers who were pushing their boat into the high seas at the end of 419. Damn, bet they had #BlackLove life vests and everything. My condolences. Sike.

16)   Wooo, I am a bitch. No diggity, no doubt. Welp.

17)   Are those tulips on that painting above Olivia’s bed?

18)   I’m waiting for the think pieces that will be posted about how Black men are done wrong on Scandal. Because if Jake and Russell have the same immoral genesis with Olivia (exploitation), why does that chicken cutlet continually get protected, even after threatening Olivia’s life (314) and choking her to punish and embarrass her for double crossing him (316)? Why does only one of these dudes get to claim the victim mantle each and every time? Your father put me in a hole and broke every bone in my body because I disobeyed his orders and saved you from him! Your ex-boyfriend threw me in detention, and punched my face in because he (wrongly) thought I had his son killed, and finger banged you on a beach for two months! Your father tried to have me stabbed to death! Bitch, shut up. So many punches thrown your way, but only death will satisfy me.

19)   Heh heh, Russell, keep Rowan abreast of this  unpredictable development. Thirsty ass fool.  Whatever, you deserve it because you turned out to be an even worse spy than Jake King-of-stay-losing Ballard. Am I supposed to think Jake is a hero now? I hate the brand of masculinity with which that fucking plot device has been painted. All to get men to watch Scandal? Oh, wait, only certain types of men. Who fucking cares about those men! Why can’t a predominately female-supported show be bringing in ad dollars for products mostly aimed at women, who, actually spend more money than men. Why the fuck do we need to court these supposed ‘guy’s guys’ to this show? All this B6-13 shit y’all have done to gain male viewership is such bullshit. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.

20)   Katrina, stop thinking about Jake. Woo, woo, woo.

21)   Anyway, Russell, you can go. Your function is done. I wish she would shoot you right then and there, but I have a feeling that’s not the kind of wet work Olivia prefers to take place in her bedroom. Plus, that cutlet is laid up in those same sheets, so I’m sure bits of your brain didn’t end up on it.

22)   Ugh, this is the third attempt to stop Rowan (late S3, 407-409) and his gang of thugs. Please let this be the end of it. My patience is hanging by a thread. And if y’all perpetrate B6-13 and Foxtail on me in S5, that thread will be cut.


23)   B6-13 makes Olivia a less compelling character to me. What sense does it make if, against Rowan—as he loves to remind us–, Olivia will never win (407, 420)? Her only choice is to cow tow to his wishes for how he expects her to perform black femininity; or be in a perpetual war with him that destroys everyone she loves or for whom she has any semblance of feeling (Jake, that’s your category—just in case you didn’t realize). The end result is the same in either case: lack of control over her own choices and life.

24)   We’ve been dealing with Rowan’s patriarchal dictatorship, and gross misappropriation of funds toward such goals, since season 2B. Why are we still here, Scandal, if you are not going to bring this story line to a close? Olivia metaphorically shot her father in 409, thereby banishing from her life. That daughter didn’t exist to him while she was kidnapped, and he refused to help her (413), yet as soon as the girl is trying to resuscitate some semblance of normality (416), Rowan sends yet another emissary to sleep with/spy on this non-daughter of his? Why?

25)   Scandal, if Rowan turns out to be unconnected to this kidnapping story line, what was the point of bringing him back? I really wanted post-kidnapping Olivia to develop in a direction that did not see her spinning in circles over her father. Has she not learned to play chess as well as him? Even after her spectacular loss and time spent in Hell?

26)   I feel like you guys didn’t have a complete plan for season following the kidnapping. Whereas you usually pack 2-3 seasons’ worth of story-telling into a single season, you have been delivering in inconsistent drips and drabs, especially after the kidnapping storyline.

27)   This is one of 3 scenes from First Lady Sings the Blues that made me feel something other than fucking annoyed. The other two were: the Sally and Cyrus interview (quintessential Scandal); and the Olitz phone call (quintessential Scandal). Do you know why I got my entire life from the final scene? Not because of B6-13 shit, but because Olivia put some bite behind that bark. 

28)   Jo Morton has done a great job at making Rowan a really compelling character to hate, or praise (depending on one’s politics), but he has grown tedious, and so have his monologues. Where B6-13 is concerned (Shit, take Jake, too), here are some words I haven’t heard on Scandal in a long time: Shut. It. Down. Handle it. 

Can somebody please explain to me how, twice now, Liv was so ready to throw Fitz, the man she was oh-so-madly in love with, under the bus because of his B6-13 involvement, but the second Jake’s freedom was threatened, she agreed to recant and signed that affidavit quick, fast, and in a hurry? 😒😂

Scandal Season 4 Theory that’s Probably Wrong, but Still Entertaining to Me:

I’ve discussed some of these ideas with a few people and thought I’d just write them down. Yes, I’m well aware that this is written with Olitz lenses. It’s just me thinking, and most of it is probably wrong (which I’m used to), but here goes…

I mentioned the other day that I have been enjoying season four, up until Where’s the Black Lady (411), and had, thereafter been increasingly unsure of where the narrative is going. I actually love 411, but it was the first episode that required me to suspend belief about how the kidnapping of Olivia Pope was orchestrated. It does not sit comfortably with me that Andrew Nichols was the architect of this cabal. No, ma’am. And though I could (and did) create an argument for Olivia’s vehement rejection of Fitz upon her return, in No More Blood (413). But, frankly, it never curled all the way over for me. Not genuinely so. Lastly, I have struggled with post-kidnapping pivot back to the trite B6-13 story line, and re-centering Rowan in Olivia’s life.


If Rowan is connected to the kidnapping, then all three categories of my dissatisfaction begin to make sense.

The Logistics:

How could Andrew, the VP, have the entire Secret Service replaced? How does he know ex-Special OPs guys like Ian? Sure, Andrew had motive to have Fitz trussed up by the proverbial balls for the tenure of his presidency, but why was he so adamant that Olivia remain unharmed (411)? Andrew has absolutely no investment in her physical well-being, nor do I think he was just being kind-hearted all of a sudden. How could Rowan, a man that has claimed to have done everything in his life for Olivia (407), refuse to lift a finger when Jake came to him for help(413)? He said he had no daughter. Six episodes later, he’s a papa who’s proud of his “girl” because she stopped “shining” Fitz’s shoes and is “standing on [her] own” (419)?

But then I remember that Rowan knows Special Ops and Black Ops guys. After all, he ordered Fitz to shoot down a commercial airplane in a Black Ops mission (307). Rowan had already infiltrated Secret Service with B6-13 agents (Tom) in order to keep abreast of White House goings-ons (312). So, replacing the entire team: easy.  And the only person who has ever proffered Olivia’s physical safety to the detriment of her psychological, and emotional well-being, is Rowan. But why? How could he do that to his daughter?

Actually, this is exactly the kind of thing he’s perpetrated against Olivia for ears. All done to toughen her up into some kind of steely, strong black woman archetype, that is only ever subservient one thing: his black patriarchal authority. This is the man who let his 12 year old believe her mother was dead, while he locked that mother away in isolation for her crime, and never let her see any evidence of her daughter’s development. Not even a fucking news clipping (not until she chewed through her own wrists (308)).  He never let that daughter come back home; he sent her away (301). Sure, she received the finest education and learned a bunch of languages that have come in handy, but she is not OK. Rowan is the guy who, when Olivia was set to see Fitz again after a painful 10 month breakup (post-defiance), had his double agent, Jake Ballard, conveniently intervene in his daughter’s life. Why? To occupy her mind before she was set to see Fitz as Ella’s christening. I guess he didn’t plan on them fucking in a server closet. Woops. He sent his guy in to sleep with Olivia (405 admission), then had that evidence presented to Fitz. The purpose? A misogynistic belief that Fitz sees Olivia as his property, and since the property has been “defiled” (310) by another man, Fitz would no longer care for that property. Russell is yet another toy for Olivia to play with, and another means for extracting information in order to stay ahead of her. Rowan is also the guy who allowed his daughter’s name to be leaked by his own B6-13 agent, Tom, (301), when he obviously had the power to quash it. Why? Because it would conveniently allow him to get Olivia away from that “disappointing” (310) Fitzgerald Grant. He insisted that she would get on that plane “come hell or high water” (301). Seventeen episodes later, Olivia was checkmated into doing so (318). Bonus points for allowing her to think it was of her own volition. Lastly, Rowan is the guy who killed Fitz’s son for a dual purpose. Doing so gave his daughter another achievement under her belt because Fitz won; and it drove–what he hoped would be–a permanent wedge between them. “What love could survive that” (405), he said, as he built a rationale for the framing of Jake Ballard for his (Rowan’s) own crime.

In light of all of that, kidnapping and war actually fit perfectly with Rowan’s MO.

The NOlitz MO:

If Rowan is involved in this kidnapping, it means he forced Fitz into a catch-22, lose-lose situation. 

Option 1) Not go to war, and Olivia would die. Fitz would forever be blamed & feel guilty for Olivia’s death (though Rowan would never have actually let Olivia die, just let Fitz think so). Fitz may have even taken his own life over it, and we know he is capable of such an attempt (401). If he attempted to do it after the simultaneous loss of his son and disappearance of Olivia, why would he not complete the job if he had to live in a world where he was made responsible for her death? If so, problem solved anyway, as Rowan sees Fitz’s unconditional love for Olivia, and her loyalty and dedication to him, as a threat to his paternal authority. If Fitz takes himself out, Rowan has his daughter back. Why do I feel like Rowan let that assassination attempt by Verna and Becky ride?  

Option 2: Fitz goes to war for Olivia, thereby sending thousands of innocent people to their deaths. For three years, Fitz continues to be exploited into actions that make him a wildly unpopular President. Andrew would get to distance himself from Fitz’s administration in some way, without suffering blowback. It would also put him in good standing to usurp Fitz’s position for the next re-election. Olivia stays away from Fitz. But Rowan underestimated his daughter, and her ability to get herself out of tough situations. And, of course, he underestimated the strength of the Olitz’ relationship, and their ability to work as a team—even when they have no way of communicating directly with one another (411). They understand how the other person works. All major progress made in 411 was because of Olivia and Fitz.

Knowing Olivia, she would hate that Fitz went to war, sending thousands in harm’s way just for her (413). And she did. Fitz would (and did) claim that he did it for Olivia (413), just as Rowan claims he does everything for her (407,408). Olivia thinks Rowan is a terrible person and has done all the wrong things in her name (407). Rowan, then, makes Fitz into nothing but a man who is just like him:  "All men are, in fact, just like your father" (419). The kidnapping and war story line paints Fitz as a terrible President, in her eyes.  He falls in her estimation, and is no better than her father, who kills innocent people in the name of one: her.

Simultaneously, Olivia would also think of Fitz as a man who thinks she needs him to rescue her (something she vehemently rejects (308, 413)), and a disappointment, someone undeserving of the many ways in which she’s laboured for him (her warped interpretation (413)). She sees him as weak, as the one who needs protecting (308). To protect him (and her, in many ways) after the kidnapping, she puts up a cold front to create distance. She is dangerous for him (a belief she evidences in her 410 dream), but also brings pain upon herself as well, due to her emotional attachment to him.

What I described above was meant to be the byproduct of kidnapping/war. The theories I painted above were meant to lead to an idealistic wedge between our two faves. In some ways the fight, and the subsequent ring toss, in 413 become somewhat of a performance.

I believed Olivia’s anger, and her right to be angry over what happened to her, but, frankly, Fitz wasn’t deserving of it. But who else was she going to take it out on? It’s because he loves her that she was exploited and traumatized in this way. I maintain that it is the exploiter’s (Rowan, hypothetically) fault, not the fault of the persons (Olivia and Fitz) who love. I don’t care how this narrative goes, I will never change my mind about that. Hard line.  A part of me watches that 413 scene, and I can almost see Olivia preparing herself to do something she did not want to do, but it was the only way to get Fitz to stay away from her. It was the only way to ensure there would be no more blood (the title of the episode). No more causing Olivia psychological and emotional distress in order to force her away from Fitz. Already reeling from ASD, Olivia inflicts trauma on herself via the argument she had with Fitz, including the tossing of the ring. And we later see that  in addition to the kidnapping suffering, she revisits that ring toss moment as a traumatic moment in her life (417). Think about it. Having tossed the ring at Fitz (which sent a powerful message of ‘over’ to him), she doesn’t leave it on the floor, or throw it out. She puts it somewhere safe. And in a panic, she runs to find it, as if her recovery is incomplete without it. They are never over (220).

Olivia’s Distance and Coldness: 

Olivia has been keeping her distance and acting cold because it’s the only way she can keep herself (and Fitz) safe, so long as her father is still alive and free. Until she can get justice. Remember that bringing Rowan to justice is what Olivia was trying to do before Rowan decided to leave (409). Shortly thereafter, the woman gets kidnapped (wouldn’t be surprised if the plan was in place the moment she returned to DC. Rowan told her he didn’t tell her she could leave (401)). This return to B6-13 and Rowan would make sense to me if Rowan is tied into the kidnapping. Otherwise, episodes 410-413 feel like a bizarre sweeps attempt.

Olivia has pushed everyone away. She wasn’t returning Abby’s calls (415), and the rebuilding of their friendship has been a pre-kidnapping, season 4 highlight. Instead of bringing Abby back into her personal confidences, she’s kept her work-adjacent (415, 416, 418). I mean, Abby is the woman who was instrumental in bringing Olivia home (413). 

Olivia’s pre-kidnapping dick-in-a-box , Jake, has been sidelined to strictly B6-13 related business (418). Even that relationship—the one filled with convenience—has become too complicated for her. She has rebuffed his attempts to comfort her (414, 419).  “Julia” was an identity of the past, so she invented an even more “uncomplicated” one, “Alex” (419).   Everyone is being kept at emotional arm’s length. That makes her recovery that much more difficult, but maybe in Olivia’s world she justifies it as necessary. She can only deal with work-related drama right now. 

The Return to B6-13 Shenanigans:

I have been feeling like Olivia is steely, lacking any kind of warmth, and even more emotionally guarded that usual. She’s more aggressive and angry than she’s ever been. Of course all of that makes sense. Look what’s she’s been through–all alone. She killed a guy (410). She shot another, and then beat the shit out of him for the ways in which he tormented and hurt her (413). Olivia is still not quite herself, and why should she be. The ASD flashbacks attest to that. But it’s more than that.  The lack of painted, manicured nails is a small, but important, detail in this regard. As of 420, they remain unpainted. The missing warmth of which Olivia complained in 403–despite admitting to having Jake (lol, he’s her pet)–is very real post-kidnapping. (Olitz angst music plays as she and Rowan talk about this absent piece–the emotional lacuna.) Post-kidnapping Olivia still has Jake, yet chooses not to bring him in close.  

This is not a woman who reaches for personal help. For her career, sure. In some ways, Olivia can’t make a full emotional recovery while instituting a Cold War with Fitz. That coldness and anger are taxing on the body and mind because they take work to maintain. But it’s a sacrifice to freedom and justice. Olivia cannot be the woman she wants to be, or command control of her life while Rowan remains free to inflict all manner of violence and abuse in her name.  She cannot fully recover, or have anything with Fitz (the person who knows her best on an emotional level), while Rowan remains unpunished. He will destroy it.  If the kidnapping is any indication, he will truly stop at nothing to make Olivia into the woman he thinks she should be. Whoever that woman is supposed to be, she isn’t to be with someone Rowan finds threatening.

Because Olivia and Fitz have been a part for much of this season (and entirely so post-kidnapping), my instinct is to say that this Foxtail business will bring them together in the final hour to fight a mutual enemy: Rowan.  I just can’t see Olivia burning Fitz, when, in my eyes, she’s been protecting him all this time from her father.  (It saddens me that Olivia’s own father is actually her worst enemy, but he insists on running her life at all cost). B6-13, Rowan, and Foxtail need to come to a close. Olivia and this show cannot move forward so long as this narrative centers around those things. They loom too large and have too much authority. I don’t want to watch that. I want to watch Olivia navigate new things in her life, not the same trite shit against which she’s repeatedly been told she’ll lose.

So, that’s what I think’s been happening this season. And if so, it ties most things together (there are always outstanding questions). It certainly makes the ‘justice’ theme of this season workable. Of course, I’m fully prepared to be disappointed. Lol.


Name: Handsome Pepe

Year: November 23, 2007

Artist: Danny Schneieiedar

Value: Underwater money

Rarity: Can only be found under the sea.

Description & History:

Handsome Pepe is an unreleased character from the Spongebob Squarepants episode The Two Faces of Squidward which aired on November 23rd, 2007. In the scene Squidward blames Spongebob for making him too handsome after hitting in the face with a door. As the mob outside becomes unruly, Spongebob starts to freak out. Suddenly, a shoe that had fallen of the foot of a an unknown bystander who was given the ability to fly when he saw “Handsome Squidward”, breaks through the ceiling. Spongebob pushes Squidward out of its path sending him spiraling into a column. 


IT WAS ACTUALLY NOT SQUIDWARD WHO THEY SAW. Squidward actually went out of the restaurant that time. Handsome Pepe is the real handsome Squidward. But why didnt Nickelodeon show this?

Nickelodeon tried to hide the idea because it was taboo that time to show a frog lived under the sea. It is rumored however they came from Rock Bottom. They felt that revealing a frog as the most beautiful character in the series could be a big step to animal diversity in Bikini Bottom. However, they felt that the general public is not yet ready sadly. And Handsome Pepe might overshadow the entire Bikini Bottom. Never has a character been so drawn beautifully that everybody who lays their eyes on it are mesmerized. The creators fought hard with the distributor trying to make Handsome Pepe revealed but a lawsuit has been filed and Spongebob Squarepants was threatened to be ended if Handsome Pepe was revealed. Now, Handsome Pepe is kept in one of B6-13′s top big government secrets. Handsome Pepe is considered an unsung hero however and the true trailblazer of beauty despite being the non-standard idea of it. #staywoke

(#MonologueMonday) Olivia Pope and Metaphorical Filth: “That bathroom, with those men... at least I knew what it was”

It has taken a while for my thoughts to coalesce around the dirty bathroom analogy.  Olivia likened a dirty bathroom used during her kidnapping to relationships with Russell Franklin and Jake Ballard–assembly line agents of her father, Rowan. I understood Olivia’s point, in my own way, finding compassion for her admission rather than judgment. The  crux of the analogy is this: Olivia made the best use of the utilitarian facility she was given while being held prisoner.  At some point, fans have regarded Olivia’s relationship with Jake and Russell as forays into ‘self-degradation’, particularly the genesis of the one night stand with Russell.  I get that. But if we dismiss her behavior as such, we miss out on trying to understand her, even if we don’t personally identify.  Sometimes we discard as grotesque those images of our humanity that make us recoil in horror—usually the ugly, the dangerous, the weak, the helpless, etc.  This, then, is an exploration of the dirty bathroom metaphor, and why Olivia Pope would seek shelter in metaphorical filth.

Here’s a reminder of the conversation between Olivia and Jake in “A Few Good Women” (421):

Jake: “Liv, Russell is not your average B6-13 agent; he’s like me.”

Olivia: “He’s nothing like you.”

Jake: “A guy runs into you in a public place. It seems random, casual. He flirts a little. And, then—what a surprise—you bump into him again. You’d be bothered by the coincidence, except he says all the right things. He’s nice, but with a bit of an arrogant edge. Persistent, but aloof. All just enough to pique your interest. And you don’t even think about the fact that he’s been studying you for months:  surveilling your every move, listening to your every call.  Getting a PhD in Olivia Pope because your father told him to. He’s been handpicked, groomed, trained.He’s exactly like me! Your father made Russell and he made me. We both came off the same assembly line. The only difference is that I’m in love with you. Command would call that a defect. Russell does not have that defect. With Russell, Rowan built a better me. You can torture Russell all you want, but it will never make him talk.”

Olivia: “When I was kidnapped, there was this bathroom. It was filthy. It was the filthiest place I’d ever been. It had this smell. But it was the only place they weren’t. The only place I was alone. I started to look forward to being in there. To look forward to my five minutes in a dirty, smelly bathroom because it was safe. I felt safe. That bathroom, in that place, with those men, at least I knew what it was, what to expect: that my father could not get me.”


The filthy bathroom as a metaphor

While Olivia Pope was held captive, the only place where she could be alone was inside a small, dirty bathroom (410). It’s where she went fulfill physiological needs. To plot and find solutions to escape her plight—physical and mental. To despair and seek solace when her efforts had been thwarted. But it was inside the boundaries of that physical space–if only for five minutes at a time–that she was relieved from constant surveillance and the threat of various forms of violence. As a hostage deprived of choices in  “Run” (410), Olivia adjusts from disgust to resigned acceptance about the bathroom.  Beyond utilitarian relief, Olivia comes to conceptually re-purpose the space by using MacGyver-like ingenuity (the pipe ring and pipe itself, using the floor’s grit to rescue the underwire from her bra). The bathroom becomes both a space to which she escapes, and from which she plots to literally escape. The bathroom has a defined purpose– one that is insinuated into Olivia’s life, and she has no choice but to use it for her own survival. As part of her survival she lays claim to, and finds safety in, that physically confining space.

How, then, does this apply to Olivia’s relationships with Russell and Jake? Let’s think about this, and in doing so, not be too literal. The most obvious connections between the bathroom and the men are that both are foisted upon Olivia. Both have a utilitarian functions that Olivia uses when she needs to… relieve herself. Both become shelter in which she finds safety and escape while in captivity.  

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OLITZ fan watching Scandal S4

(Disclaimer: This post is not meant to reflect the opinion of all OLITZ fans - For Entertainment Purposes Only)

Before season starts: Hints of possible OLITZ scenes are flying everywhere

Season starts / First episode -  High Hopes for OLITZ Scenes

Season begins: Olivia is still with Jake

Oh here comes an OLITZ scene, they don’t speak and barely touch but it’s something and it’s GIFable and after such a long hiatus, you take whatever you can get.

Then you are subjected to OLAKE bedroom scenes, OLAKE booty call discussions and their version of Deskgate in a hotel room and you wonder if this is the best way to spend your Thursday night

Then you realize the show wants to develop other stories that are not OLITZ knowing damn well that you don’t really care about them 

OLITZ has an actual scene; there’s angst but then a wonderfully heated, passionate kiss and lots, lots of touching that you know is going to lead somewhere (and even if it doesn’t, you have more GIFable scenes that can be re-tweeted and reblogged to eternity) AND there’s PHONE SEX!!!

Olivia looked harder and cried harder for Jake than she did for Harrison but you try not to pay attention to that

Fitz just breathing on Olivia is HOTTER than any OLAKE scene they could ever do. OLAKE’s lack of chemistry is glaringly awkward and it becomes comical at this point. 

Even critics start asking: What is Jake’s relevancy?

Then there’s a huge OLITZ fight that you didn’t expect and still don’t quite understand why it had to happen; theories abound but none of them satisfy you

Contrary to what you’ve read and heard, the ring actually does mean something

You don’t understand Olivia; you don’t understand Fitz and the fandom has 752 explanations for words OLITZ never said and  you wonder how you let yourself get caught up in this again

And Olivia gets a new lover (exactly what the show needed, right?)

You tweet the writers, asking for explanations and clarifications but there is silence and you realize they don’t care about your pain

You want to give up but the fandom encourages you to hold on, deliverance is near and you start to believe maybe it is

And you think: If they would only spend as much time developing OLITZ as they did with this dead B6-13 storyline that NO ONE wants, we would be happy

You wonder if the writers hate you and hate your OLITZ ship

And you don’t really understand what the purpose of anything is anymore, what everyone is doing or how Mellie is qualified for a political career but you just sit and wait for the next OLITZ scene

The OLITZ scene is a flashback and you wonder if the writers just threw it in at the last minute bc it doesn’t really fit but oh well….you’re thirsty, so you’ll take it and it’s GIFable

But Liv is still with Russell and Jake and Fitz is still with Mellie, so you think where is this all going and why are we at this place. You go to Tumblr for answers but none can be found, instead everyone uses the same GIF

The writers know you hate Jake and try to make you think he’s is dead but you know he’s not. Pics get released confirming he “miraculously” survived his attack and is recovering in Olivia’s bed. You wonder how you are supposed to be entertained by this.

The season is coming to a close and you still can’t quite explain what’s happening; everyone is running around doing all sorts of things that you don’t understand but hints of a big OLITZ scene are floating around and you feel it too….kind of

And it does come, in the finale. And it’s the BEST finale the show has ever had. OLITZ together…all is right in the world.

OLAKERs are pissed off but you don’t really care because your ship is riding high. Their logic was ridiculous, the supposed “triangle” was beyond frustrating and no one could produce any evidence that the OLAKE ship was valid anyway

Happiness reigns inside the OLITZ fandom. Fanfic stories are updated; OLITZ vids are created; new pics are photoshopped

You no longer care that 90% of the season pissed you off, was pointless and made no sense because the last 5 minutes of OLITZ and the potential for a great S5 makes up for everything (as long as the writers don’t mess it up).

You still have trust issues with the writers but you keep checking Tony’s Twitter TL and if he’s happy with the table read then #TheresHope. 

An OLITZ selfie is posted and it’s all the proof you need that the writers finally understand the importance of your ship. 

So you continue following the Admiral as the OLITZ ship sails on.

Do people realize this show has written Olivia as being referred to as:

A mistress
A whore
A Fluffer
A Prostitute
An Adulteress (Scarlet A on her chest)
A Booty Call
The Help
And now as the sexual toy of B6-13 for her father to send in agents to get their rocks off because he has a creepy incestuous fascination with her

And in all this Olivia STILL has no voice for herself?

In all this, she gets no space for professional help and healing towards a healthy existence. She’s only good enough to be at the beck and call to fix other people’s problems????

And people are legit ok with this? People don’t rail against the writers for this portrayal?

I have a question: if her creator and story teller was a White Woman, would people still be cool with this?

Framing matters.

Which is why I have such a huge problem with how they framed the context of what happened to Olivia at the hands of Jake.   Olivia basically sacrifices her body, prostitutes herself, in order to end an organization she believes is evil.  She uses the feelings she knows Jake has for her to not only “save” him (eyeroll) but to save everyone she loves from the terror and grip of this organization.  Meanwhile this organization is tracking down her mother who intends to bring direct harm and chaos to the country and the man she is in love with.  Once Olivia has sex with Jake she is enabled with the tools to end the thing she believes has tormented her life forever.  That has taken her father from her.  That took her mother.  That ruined the lives of the men in her life.  

And this is framed, directly, in the context of B6-13 doing the work that protect the country even by horrible means.  So when she ends B6-13 she, in fact, emboldens a worse form of chaos into the world that could possibly destroy the love of her life.

So when Jake comes in full of fury, the audience is to see that Olivia was stupid for what she did.  For betraying Jake’s trust.  For endangering the republic.  For everything.  So when he hems her up and tells her you just killed the president, we aren’t meant to reflect on the brutality of what he just did.  Or the fear that is in everyone in that room.  We are to reflect on how it is Olivia’s fault for disabling an organization that was supposed to stop Maya.

This is why what Jake did won’t really be addressed.  Because his violence is always framed as doing what is best for the country.  Or doing his duty.  Or showing regret at the tough things that need to be done.  OPA won’t come to her defense or address the fact that Jake physically abused her because they will be too focused on finding Maya to care.  So once again an action that happens to Olivia is her fault.  She caused it.  Just like she caused Huck to choke her.  Just like she caused Jake to put her in the hospital.  Just like she caused Huck to torture Quinn.  Because she is responsible for whatever abuse comes her way.

And I’m sorry but that is on the writers.  That is how they framed what Jake did in the last part of the episode.  And that is unacceptable to me as a viewer.

Mellie is the showrunner’s pet and the showrunner wants her to replace Olivia as the lead of Scandal. Unfortunately, Mellie’s relevance to Scandal begins and ends with Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III. Fitz must be the president and she must be married to him or there is no place for her. She’s not going to join OPA or B6-13. We know it, her fans know it, and Bellamy and that pig Shonda know it. That’s why Bellamy is so desperate for Fitz to be in love with Mellie and why Shonda refuses to split them up. If there was a way to make Mellie relevant without Fitz, it would have been done already. Between her and Shonda’s other pet Jake, Scandal will remain permanently stagnant.
—  Hangingoutintheicu spitting that real.
WTF was that???

I legit do not understand what happened in like the last fifteen minutes of that episode. 

Fitz has his damn nerve going off on Mellie about ‘the list’. She was being backmailed and in order to save his ass (and her own) she gave up a list of names. That’s it. Obviously it wasn’t right because those people ended up dead but it’s not like she gave up their names knowing that they would be killed. She made a horrible choice but his reaction to it is so over the top it’s ridiculous especially given what he’s done in the past. He SHOT down a plane with over 300 people on it, a fact, mind you, that was being used to blackmail Mellie with and he has the audacity to try jump on his moral high horse with her? 

If Remington wasn’t bad enough let’s not forget all the numerous times in his Presidency where people have ended up dead because of his stupid ass decisions. Fitz couldn’t make a good choice to save his damn life and he constantly expects to be absolved for them but he couldn’t even afford Mellie the opportunity to explain herself. Once a bastard, always a bastard. 

Cyrus is trash, but he always has been. After everything he’s done why was this the straw that finally broke the camel’s back? It makes no sense. 

Huck jumped all the way off the deep end and started working for Rowan with no warning or explanation. It was nice of the writer’s to pull that shit out of thin air. 

Rosen is sooooooooooooo in love with Abby that she’s his one pressure point. Since when? I know he had a thing for her but they need to go on somewhere with this Romeo and Juliet love story because it doesn’t hold weight.

What the hell happened to Russell? Did somebody explain it and I missed it? I know he got rescued by ‘Virgil’ last week but what happened after that? I know B6-13 agents were getting knocked off left and right, so I assume that happened to him as well but a little confirmation would be nice. 

Speaking of B6-13…is that it? Did we really suffer through YEARS of that bullshit storyline only for it to end like this? For it to go up in smoke like it never existed and for Rowan to be stuck in dirty jail cell (which I’m sure he’ll be out of next season) on some wimpy ass embezzlement charges? Really? Did Shonda and the rest of the writers just run out of ideas and were like ‘fuck it’ and just wrapped it up as quickly as they could? It’s obvious that continuity and a decent payoff didn’t mean a damn thing to them. I actually feel like the world’s biggest idiot for sitting through all that his and watching it fully expecting it to have a satisfying ending. 

My precious, precious Jake. I actually loved that he stood by Olivia’s side and they were a team. Unfortunately, that all went to shit at the end when he rolled over and played dead and told Olivia she should go be with Fitz. Where did that even come from? Jake has always been aware of Liv’s dysfunctional ass feelings for Fitz but he never gave up on her. That shit was so OOC I halfway at the point where I’m just acting as if that shit never happened, because it didn’t make sense. Jake telling Liv he’s not interested in playing second fiddle and walking away I would buy but him just giving up and pushing her towards Fitz? Nah…sorry, I call bullshit. 

Speaking of bullshit…Olitz again? Really? At this point I know most people that ship Olitz like trash anyway but I would think even they wouldn’t be pleased with what happened. After EVERYTHING that has happened, after ALL the bullshit that she went through with the kidnapping–which she still hasn’t dealt with by the way–she’s just skips her happy ass to the White House (that Mellie vacated 5 minutes ago) and decides she’s ready to be with Fitz again. Like…what in the actual hell? I usually can see stupid ass Olitz shit coming from a mile away but they blindsided me with this one. 

I think the thing that bothers me the most is that Olivia lost so much this entire episode and her only big ‘wins’ were getting her dad in County lock up and reuniting with Fitz. Really? That is just sad IMO and if you ask me the big loser in this episode was her. Fitzgerald Grant is no prize but that’s the note they chose to end this season on. 

I’m done.

Who Is Going to Save Olivia Pope?

(Rambling thoughts from the last episode “Where’s the Black Lady?”)

It was interesting to me to see all these people working to find/save Olivia but they were all doing it for different reasons. I think the episode did a good job showing the comparison.


Quinn may care about Olivia but in my opinion, she was seemed to be working more so out of a sense of duty. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t feel any real intensity or urgency from her actions. It was like another job for her to do. If I didn’t know who Olivia was, I would think she was working just another OPA case.

(And I’m still a little surprised that she and the others didn’t follow Rose out to get more information about why she wanted to see Liv. Her appearance was too easily dismissed in my opinion, esp among all these spies.)

Even her getting Liv off the island was not about love for Liv as person or missing a friend, it was about Quinn missing her dysfunctional family of OPA. Everyone was gone and Quinn needed Liv to bring back the familiar. (Rowan was for damn sure not going to take Quinn, Jake’s fake-recruit, on at B6-13.) She had no other home but OPA. Everyone else found something else - Abby at the White House, Huck had a job – Quinn had nothing. To me, she needed Olivia back for herself.

I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, people need what they need.


No doubt, Huck loves Liv. It’s a different kind of love but it’s obviously there. I kept thinking how difficult it may have been for him, that after trying to get away from that side of himself, establish a connection with his son, he had to go back to his former ways; risking the rekindle of his addiction. 

But he did it, to get Liv back. However, even Huck said, it’s like he’s a loyal dog to his master.

His urgency was, of course, great because without his master, he has no guide to his life.

But is that more about Olivia the person or about himself needing to be guided and nurtured? Was there a feeling of failing to protect his master? Again, not necessarily bad things but I just wonder.


She wanted to be the hero. She wanted to play Olivia Pope. I know many others have blogged that Mellie wants to be Olivia in many respects and it was so obvious here. She wanted Fitz to know that she “took care of everything” AKA “she handled it”. 

This was definitely NOT about the safe return of another human being. This was a power play. There is no way that anyone can make me believe Mellie did this out of heartfelt compassion.

And I’m sure Mellie is thinking that this is a card that can be used later against Fitz, Olivia and/or both. I’m sure she’s thinking how good it will feel to have them both indebted to her.

Mellie may make it seem like she is falling on her sword for the love of her husband’s life but this is for her First and Foremost. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

And, side note, I  believe she wanted to sleep with Andrew again anyway. This time she did it on her own terms and therefore, she wouldn’t feel humiliated again.

(Anyone else thinking that on some level, Mellie finds some secret sense of satisfaction playing the martyr, the sacrifice, so that she can use it to guilt others, namely Fitz, in the future? Will this sacrifice continue to tie him to her out of his sense of obligation and repayment for what she has done?)


He wanted to play the white hat – a big white hat. He wanted to be known as the person who saved her. It was for him. It was for his ego. He wanted something to gloat over; to be better than Olivia; to win. It had nothing to do with Olivia Pope, the woman herself.

David stay losin and there’s nothing else to really say because frankly, he bores me. Sorry.


Didn’t Fitz tell Jake that Olivia doesn’t need a hero and yet that’s all Jake knows how to do – save. So he wanted to play the hero. Did you notice the difference between Jake’s mannerisms in the episode vs. Fitz, yet he claims to love this woman deeply? There was no evidence of feelings of guilt, remorse, sorrow, sadness on his part. Although she was taken on his watch, you see nothing from him but following Huck and Quinn’s lead on how to investigate the situation.

He now has a mission and he must accomplish it. She’s a mission. It was not about Olivia Pope herself, it was about fulfilling a mission. Therefore, saving Liv is fulfilling a need within himself to be the hero, the good soldier.

Interesting how he had no flashbacks to them on the island to get him through the turmoil he was going through missing his Liv…NOPE, nothing, nada.

(By the way, Jake can now lead a DEA drug raid??? hhhmmmm)


He was thinking purely of Olivia Pope herself. The woman he loves. He’s having flashbacks of them falling in love with each other; telling each other “I love you”. 

It’s Fitz who has to stand there and watch soldiers die on the battlefield for a war he neither wanted nor approved of. He has to stand before the country and announce that he’s sending them to war. This will go down in history on him and be part of his legacy. He has to deal with dishonoring his son’s memory by negotiating with terrorists. He has to suffer through meeting with his son’s killer to figure out where he can meet Jake in private.That weight is all on him. And he will carry it and deal with it because his love for her runs deep. And it’s not about her fulfilling something inside of him, it’s not about what Olivia can do for him, it’s not about what he wants from her, it’s just about her…the woman…the love of his life.


And yet….Olivia will save herself!!! YYYYYYAAASSSSS!!!!! She will control the narrative.

I’m all for that!!! She was quick-witted and brilliant. This is speculation on my part, but it seems that part of the deal she must have struck with Ian was to allow her to call Fitz and let him know the plan – her plan. Ian could have gone through with the auction without letting Fitz know, after all, he would be running the risk of Fitz going to Andrew and letting him know that Ian went off script.

Olivia calls the ONE person who she knows cares about her as a person – not as a boss, not as a savior, not as a tool to be manipulated, not as a mission. She knows Fitz loves her, for her, not for what she can do for him or what he can get out of her. She called him with their signature greeting of affection, not “Mr. President”.

Overall, I thought it was interesting that this episode showed what Olivia means to these characters. I think Olivia validates their existence and their desire to save her was as much for themselves (for some only for themselves) as it was for her.