B5 "12 Days of Christmas" so far....

Ok, so far I think we have this:

1: And a Vorlon in a pear tree! (autumntheotter, I think)

2: Two feuding Drazi (Green! Purple!) (avelera)

5: FIIIVE GRAVITY RINGS! (autumntheotter)

6: Six Shadows screaming! (penemuel)

I’m having trouble tracking down all the discussion so just respond, message, reblog whatever with your verse or corrections.

The Babylon 5 Prompt Community is ONLINE

Hello all! I’ve gotten the forum for our prompt community up and running, as you can see. For the moment its a bit minimalistic and there are no structured rules. I figured since we’re a small and intimate community its best to let everyone do as they please, though of course I will receive (and look forward to!) suggestions for contests, themes, deadlines, etc.

The only rule I recommend (and it is not codified, we’ll see if its even necessary) is that one cannot submit an infinite number of prompts without fulfilling one. Simple as that.

Prompters have free reign to request whatever they like, and what format they would like their prompt filled in (if any). I’d like to have an option to submit anonymous requests in case we decide to have any adult content (perhaps labeled Down Below? FNAR!) or to otherwise avoid any awkwardness.

Remember, this community is meant FOR FUN. There’s is no reason to be ashamed of prompts or fills, and prompters are expected to be gracious to whoever fills their prompt (though I don’t expect that will be a problem). If for some reason you volunteer to fill a prompt but are unable to do so, or unable to do so by a specific deadline then please simply inform the prompter or community administrator (that would be me, for now at least) and all is forgiven. We understand that life can get in the way of fandom sometimes.

Right now there is no structured format for how prompts are posted or filled. I figured we’d play it by ear for the moment until a successful pattern emerges.


i feel like this place has been too quiet lately so

Prompt: Susan Ivanova/Elizabeth Lochley, Season 5 or just-post S5, soldiers are living proof of our inhumanity

Fill Medium Desired: Fic, any length

Deadline: None

Warnings/Do not want: None

psst avelera can lochely have one of those tags that shows up as one of the ones for us to click when we submit stuff?

Prompt: hurt/comfort!

All righty! *rubs hands*

At the risk of being less than original, but to get the hang of this, I thought I’d relaunch the somewhat cracky plea I posted on my own tumblr last week or so: CRAVING LONDO HURT/COMFORT!

Seriously now - I love h/c in any medium, be it the subtle angsty kind or the whumpy cracky kind, and while there’s some B5 fic and possibly art around that qualifies as h/c, hardly any of them focus on my beloved Centauri. Which, given that canon practically showers us with Londo whump (The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari, anyone? Dust to Dust? Shall I continue?) is both strange and an awful shame. So, I would be verrrry happy if anyone could take care of the following:

Prompt: some hurt/comfort involving our dearest Londo Mollari, combined with any character(s) of your choice: G'Kar or Vir or Timov or anyone else you think fits the role! Can be either serious or cracky or a mix of both. Oh and don’t hesitate to bring out the clichés if you feel like it! Poisons, concussions, blood-sucking alien entities, wannabe assassins, bring them on! As long as my beloved Centauri stays in character, I’ll adore it all! 

Fill Medium Desired: anything, any length!

Deadline: none (well, Christmas would be kinda nice, but don’t worry, I’m entirely willing to wait for as long as it takes!)

Warnings/Do Not Want: Oh, goodness. Well, maybe I should say I’d prefer not to see Londo slashed with Vir, in case anyone should have that reflex? G'Kar would be fine (no surprise there, right? :) ) as would het involving Timov or Adira, or gen with any combination of characters!

Prompt: Sinclair GIFs.

Fill medium desired:  Animated GIFs.

Deadline: Before the dawn of the third age of mankind. 

Warnings/Do Not Want:  Anything!  Funny, serious, battle of the line, scowling, blinking, Valen, Entil'zha, whatever!

It just seems that all the other characters have a plethora of cool and humorous GIFs while my main man Sinclair has squat.  If I could, I would, but I can’t, so I turn to B5Prompts!

prompt :D

okay, channeling @amatara as far as unoriginality goes, but i might as well post this here too (i posted it on fuckyeahtalia a while ago, but oh well!)

Prompt: Susan/Talia to the song “We Shout” by t.A.T.u.

Fill Medium Desired: A video would be fabulous tbh because I simply cannot do fanvids and I love them, but really I’m not going to say no to anything :D

Deadline: none!

Warnings/Do Not Want: um … not sure if there’s anything, really?

I want a buddy-flick partnership between Sinclair and Sheridan on B5. Maybe AU, where Sinclair stays on as ambassador of Earth while Sheridan is the military liaison and commander of B5 . Friends, lovers, I don’t care. I just want Sheridan and Sinclair working together on a regular basis. Intended partially as a gift to fuckyeahsinclair.

Prompt #1 (dun dun DUNNN): Celebration!

(Don’t worry about numbering them in the future btw XD)

Ok, so the lovely Amatara has requested that I kick this all off with a prompt, thus catching me red-handed at having just as much stage fright as everyone else!

I’ve wracked my brains to remember stuff I really wanted to see in the fandom and in the spirit of the holidays I thought this might do:

Prompt #1, Theme: Celebration

Fill Medium Desired: n/a, ie fanart, fanfic, drabble, etc. all welcome

Deadline: Christmas

Word count minimum for fanfic: 100 words

Author Note: Celebration! Show me any of the B5 characters (OCs also welcome) having a good time. Suggestions include the end of the Shadow War, an AU happy ending, regaining Earth from Clark, surviving the Minbari invasion, the Narn liberation, or Christmas on Babylon 5. Fluff welcome!

Warnings/Do Not Want: All submissions are welcome, but if there is a chance of triggers or other issues please enclose it behind a cut and list any warnings. I can’t imagine this will be a problem but we might as well make a habit of it. Also, any fanfic beyond 1000 words should probably be behind a cut. 

second prompt in two days but i also have 2 sentences worth of g'kar/delenn + gravity rings so it evens out?

anyway (also avelera feel free to reformat the title or whatever xD)

Prompt: Lennier(/Delenn?), post-canon, with any/all of the song “Turn Loose the Mermaids” by Nightwish.  Lyrics here, song here, and the verse that inspired this particular prompt was at the end of the river the sundown beams/all the relics of a life long lived/here, weary traveller, rest your wand/sleep the journey from your eyes

Fill medium desired: fic, any length

Deadline: none :D

Warnings/Do Not Want: noncon is a no, but other than that, feel free to do whatever you like!

In early season three (I believe the episode was Ship of Tears), Bester approaches B5 in his Starfury. Ivanova is afraid he will read their minds and find out what they have been up to (fighting the Shadows and trying to stop President Clark).

She orders everyone out of C&C, and targets Besters ship. She’s about to fire when Sheridan interrupts her and convinces her it’s a bad idea.

What if she had fired, and Bester died?

Garibaldi/Sheridan Songvid - Florence and the Machine "No Light, No Light"

I don’t even ship these two. My human male slash OTP in B5 is Sinclair/Garibaldi. And yet, this song has got into my head and to me it is SO much season 4 Garibaldi/Sheridan it isn’t funny… Anyone good at fanvids interested in doing one to this?<BR>

<BR>(Lyrics can be found <a href=“http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/florencethemachine/nolightnolight.html”>here</a>)

Prompt Request

It’s kind of lame to fulfill my own prompts (though I may take a crack at Celebration, since its more of a theme, and continue to giggle over A Babylon 5 Christmas Carol). But I do want to fulfill other people’s prompts too :(

So can other people put some prompts here too? Pretty please *sad puppy eyes* 

First Prompt - Make our community beautiful!

I’m testing out the prompt feature just to make sure it works, and submitting my first prompt to the community:

Make the B5 Prompt Community Pretty!

If anyone has any skill in icon graphics, headers, or backgrounds on Tumblr (of which I have none whatsoever) it would be greatly appreciated if you could lend your expertise to making this community pretty! There’s is obviously not timeline (hmm, I should figure out a standard form for these prompts), but anything will be much appreciated!