everyone i have started speaking to on here since i started are all perfect. you all make me so so so happy when you’re on and speaking to me and you make me smile all the time. i’ve cried so much times of laughter and i just felt that you guys should know this even though i have told you all how much i love you to pieces. i’d marry you all if that was even possible! you’re all so gorgeous and hot and fuckable oops had to be said ok. i so badly want to meet you all! (well i’ve met one of you that’s all) we would all have a perfect time together and laugh and obviously for jack’s sake go to starbucks and then all get really drunk and have an amazing time obviously cause we would be with each other! just thinking about meeting you guys makes me cry because i know it will probably never ever happen :’( i want to cry when i think of that but if we do ever meet i will lick all your faces ok? OKAY i love you all to fucking pieces <3