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Altair didn’t get Christmas. Well he did but he didn’t. His gramps was Muslim, he was raised Muslim. Didn’t practice that much anymore but he knew enough about it to be an expert and had read the Quran front to back like half a dozen times. So the whole huge big deal Christians made about Christmas just didn’t apply to him. Altair and Azrael didn’t celebrate Christmas but his grandpa still liked to get him a gift during the holiday break, mainly so he had something to say when his otherwise Christmas celebrating friends all talked about their presents. Even though that didn’t make a whole lot of sense since half of Altair’s friends were also Muslim and didn’t celebrate Christmas either. He supposed it was the thought that counted though.

For him Christmas was a time to just not do anything. He got to sit home, by himself, all day, and do whatever he wanted, like read, or write, or go swimming. It was fantastic and there was no social obligations and he could not wait. Malik had also been badgering Altair about just trying to hang out with Miles over break instead of being an absolute weenie and only seeing him during tutoring or when he texted him to fuck. He was still sort of stunned he had a booty call and Malik had laughed at him for a good twenty minutes when he’d told him. Not what he’d wanted out of the entire thing, not at all, but he wasn’t really complaining.

Altair was reading on his phone. Some really trashy thing he was embarrassed he even read but he just couldn’t put it down. It was super sappy and romantic and no one knew he read this kinda stuff. Like literally no one. He would die if someone knew. Not the first time he’d read the story either. He’d read it like six times, it was just his favorite. Today had been the last day of school and he planned on binge reading for a few days while he didn’t have school or football practice since spring practice wouldn’t start up again till March. Not that he had to go, but usually the exiting seniors practiced with the JV team to beat them into shape a bit.

An alert popped up on his phone. Though less of an alert and more of just a reminder. He had one set for every Friday because he was stupid and liked to be reminded to think about his weird fucking love life that was more of a sex life than love life. It was just a picture of Miles, sleeping, that he’d taken the week before. Honestly Altair just liked having a new cute picture of Desmond as much as he did having sex with him once a week or so. He rolled over onto his back and pulled up his text messages. He had like five unread, all from his friends, and he was so not interested in looking at them. Instead he selected Miles’ conversation.

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