[The History is our Playground]
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[Pictures made by me :)]

Based on Phil’s theory from some horror children movie:

And what actual Daniel said back then:


somebody probably did…..

im so happy connie is steven’s closest human friend

im so happy connie is a girl of colour

im so happy of connie’s nose, her lens-less glasses, her pastel wardrobe (she looks equally cute in dresses and denim onesies- literally anything she wears, she rocks in), her hair. im basically loving her entire character design

im so happy for connie’s passion for books, her intelligence, her curiosity about the gems, her adventurous spirit and the dedication she has for her friend (only scratching the surface here)

im just so happy connie EXISTS

Muita coisa é resolvida em um simples abraço. Dentro dele o mundo fica mais seguro e bonito. Com ele surge a esperança e o encontro. O abraço protege, ampara, vibra, renova, acalma. O abraço manda embora as mágoas, angústias e falhas. E faz a vida ficar muito mais leve.
—  Clarissa Corrêa.