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the biggest thing for me is that there is this view of sex, especially acceptance of casual sex, even casual het sex, but no real definitive discussion of birth control in thedas???

In DA:O there was a banter between Wynne and Alistiar that confirmed there is birth control.

Alistair: “So you… mentioned you had a son? What happened to him?”
Wynne: “I honestly don’t know, Alistair. He was… taken from me. Such births are seldom, as there are ways to prevent it, but it does happen. And any child born to a Circle mage belongs to the Chantry.”
Alistair: “I… didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

And in DA:I we finally find out what it is: Witherstalk sap.

However, unless you buy it from a store, or happen to live in one of the few areas it grows, it’s not exactly super accessible.
There are plenty of contraceptives used throughout history IRL that there’s no reason Thedas wouldn’t also make use of. After all, Wynne does say ways, as in plural.
For example, we know there’s cotton. So cotton root bark might as well be another confirmed method. As well as Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot), or an equivalent. 

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What is Nina talking about with priorities in the finale?

Nina seems to be pushing a narrative about Riley learning to and then actively prioritizing Lucas over Maya in such a way that it changes the girls’ relationship.

That is absolutely NOT what happens. And this ain’t like GM Upstate where it’s ambiguous and debatable. In no way, shape, or form does Riley “prioritize” Lucas over Maya in GB/IDF. Quite the opposite, in fact. She straight walks away from Lucas without another word after about four lines and a super awkward and uncomfortable-looking side-sorta-hug in order to go have a MUCH more emotional moment with Maya. And in one classroom scene she’s definitely way more interested overall in what Farkle has to say than what Lucas has to say (that’s true even before we see how it’s edited tbh).

Maybe it’s just that Nina thinks Riley will put Lucas above Maya in a possible season four, but if anyone is taking her recent posts on the matter to mean that Lucas will become a bigger priority to Riley vs Maya the finale…I would advise you to not get too attached to that. It’s simply not what happens. At all.