Dragon Age Fandom....I need help ;___;

I am totally late to the party. But I have just completed the trilogy and all DLCs after Romancing Solas in Inquisition…I AM MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DESTROYED ;____;

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this was supposed to be about the seijou 3rd years forcing making Oikawa practice rejecting girls using Iwa with a wig but then my hand cramped while drawing the third image and I forgot what the punchline was supposed to be lmao

otoh, Iwa put that wig on rather easily lol (it was for oikawa’s sake so) (〃-ー-)ノ


HP POSTERS: GINNY WEASLEY || (late) birthday gift for @starsbellarke

Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
I'mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
No one can be just like me any way

I married my girlfriend Leah in Stardew Valley yesterday and it WAS THE BEST, and also I’m so equally delighted and confused by the courtship traditions in this world like???

To get married, you have to bring your sweetheart a pendand that you bought from someone who may or may not be a freaking ghost that appears on the beach on rainy days, and everyone just knows what it means if you show up with it. I’m so done and so delighted.

I’m imagining people dreaming about their lovers on rainy days, daydreaming about them knocking on the door and stepping in through the rain and dim light with a pendant in hand, dripping water onto the floorboards, and then kissing on the threshold and tasting the rain.

And then I’m imagining exactly that happened with these two. My poor farmer had to wait through almost a week of sunshine before she could buy the freaking pendant, and then she ran to Leah’s little cabin immediately when she got her grubby little fingers on it. ^u^ It was great.