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what's the misconception with rukia??

That because Ichigo changed her world that it means that they revolve around one another to the exclusion of literally everyone else unless they serve a supporting role in their developing dramatic romance, ignoring the fact that canonically they do not and never have had a romantic connection*. There is a criticism to be made about Rukia’s story laregly involving men, but Ichigo isn’t one of them; Byakuya, Renji, and Kaien are the three most important men in her life. 

Furthermore, she’s best friends with Orihime and it’s a very important relationship that is flagrantly ignored by fandom. Orihime is pointedly her first female friend and really the first/only real close friend she’s had since Renji, which is why Orihime was the first one they announced their marriage to. It’s widely accepted that Rukia only tolerates Orihime and otherwise ignores her which is a MASSIVE contradiction to what happens in the story. Like, yanno, taking Orihime with her to SS for a month for one-on-one training (lesbireal, that cemented them as More Than Friends), or dragging her broken, bleeding and dying body across the floor trying to save Orihime in Las Noches.

She’s often characterized as this stone cold yet pristine and pure ice princess which she’s absolutely not, she dropped the cold facade once she was kidnapped. She carries herself nobly but speaks bluntly like a man (EVERYONE FORGETS THIS) and she’s goofy and whimsical as shit and still kind of awkward around people after isolating herself emotionally for so long and people act like this is ~because of Ichigo’s love~ when no, they were never in love. Instead, by meeting him she learned how to let people in again and what having friends is like and how important that is.

Also, she’s not the warrior princess second main character of Bleach. Yeah, she was the first character conceptualized, but ultimately it’s Ichigo’s story, and Rukia’s importance was mostly overblown advertising because of popularity. She really wasn’t that central after the SS arc as the main female focus officially shifted to Orihime and stayed on her until the series ended. And Rukia’s specialty isn’t swordplay, it’s kido, and her martial prowess is not an important or huge factor with her.

tl;dr the most common misconception of Rukia is that she’s the actual hero of Bleach whose prize dick was Ichigo and who was so much better than every other woman and that interpretation has been around f o r e v e r and is deeply rooted in internalized misogyny and really fucked up standards for how a woman “should” be (esp. when compared to all the unwarranted criticism and utter shit flung towards Orihime for absolutely no reason).

(*sidenote here about the nonexistent romance between Rukia and Ichigo, because it would look like all the images and the anime and stuff would say otherwise right? it’s all advertising by the publisher and several color illustrations Kubo did of them were by request (and to the point that he got tired of it and was running out of poses lmao, as noted in “All Color But the Black”). The director of the anime was horribly biased and changed several scenes early in the anime to make it seem like it was Ichigo and Rukia’s love story and that they were going to have the kind of belligerent romantic tension that other popular couples had at the time when, again, they really didn’t and were never intended to by Kubo; and he said several times that they didn’t have a romantic relationship. It set up a false idea for what actually happened in canon, in manga, and frankly cheapens the fact that the two had the kind of platonic yet poignant relationship many claim they wanna see more of instead of forced romance.) 

Joshua & Vernon reading/translating live comments for SVT members:

VERNON: they’re saying that woozi hyung is cute…
JOSHUA: they say that they love us~
VERNON: *starts reading an english comment* mingyu makes my ova– (the comment was most likely “mingyu makes my ovaries explode” HAHAHA)
JOSHUA: *cuts off vernon jUST IN TIME* NOOOOO!!!
VERNON: ?! oh sorry sorry

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rfa (+v?) finding out that (f) is gay (b4 day 5)

Author’s note: I just listen to a piano cover of the AOT opening and I’m dead


  • “THAT’S SO COOL!!!!”
  • is just a sweet puppy who now comes to you for girl advice
  • like once he left in the middle of a date and called you 
  • just to ask you if it was too weird to kiss her on the first date
  • I can’t he’s too precious


  • Is confused at first because
  • You aren’t attracted to him ???
  • But he’s so gorgeous ??
  • So why ???
  • But then he gets over himself & now you two check out girls together & it’s great


  • I mean
  • That’s cool
  • She really tries to keep her calm but can’t help smiling like crazy bC SUCK IT BOYS


  • When you came out to him he just stared at you
  • “Jumin… I’m gay.”
  • “And?”
  • “What? That’s all I have to tell you…”
  • He chuckled before turning back to his work
  • “It doesn’t to me in the slightest who you like. You’re still MC and nothing changes that.”


  • Not fazed at all
  • “Sooooo, how do girls have sex?”
  • “Are you kidding?”
  • “…No.”
  • You still hate him

my dad locked us out the house so i had to fuckin break through the screen window n crawl in like a fuckign burglar

Balam Academy: Curse of The Tainted Key

Summary: Lucy Heartfilia (apprentice to none other than the Fairy Godmother) is in for the adventure of her life when she is enrolled in a boarding school for the sons and daughters of Fiore’s greatest (and not so greatest) villains.

It’s soon discovered that somewhere within the school is a Gate Key that’s been manipulated to produce the darkest magic ever documented. Lucy finds herself in a race to find the Key, since the holder must be pure of heart; meanwhile, the friends that she’s made along the way must decide whether they are going to stand to help their new friend, or risk deliberately going against their parents, as the Villains too desire the power of the mysterious Key.

Broken promises, changes of heart, potential first love…

And it’s only her first semester. 

a/n: lmao, okay, so this has been a long time coming. so sorry for the wait, you guys. no excuses, but we’re here now! i know this is only the first little part, but hopefully it gives you guys a good feel for how the rest of the story is going to go<3 

There was a boy in Lucy’s dorm room, or rather, what she thought was her dorm room.

The blonde in the doorway tightened her grip on the handle of her suitcase, her eyes widening a bit at the boy’s ruffled appearance. Briefly, she found herself wondering if his pink hair was natural, or if he’d slipped a pixie a little something extra to obtain that certain hue.

Stepping one foot back out into the hall, the girl quickly double-checked to make sure the engraved plaque did in fact say Girls.

It did.

Just to be extra cautious, she triple-checked to make sure it was the correct number: Room 777.

It was.

Looking back into the dorm room, upon closer inspection there appeared to be a girl there as well, though that was far less concerning. Shifting her weight uncomfortably from side to side, Lucy realized for the first time that she seemed to be interrupting something.

“Uh, sorry,” Lucy cleared her throat, gaining at least the boy’s attention; the girl with blue hair never even lifted her head at the sound of a new voice. “Am I in the wrong-”

“No, you’re not,” the boy sneered, cutting her off and sounding cross while not sparing Lucy a second glance. He kept his attention on the other girl seated in the corner of the room with her head in a book.

“Levy,” he said, his tone shifting from annoyed to desperate. “Please-”

“No,” the girl was quick to cut him off, pushing a skinny pair of cranberry-colored glasses up the bridge of her nose as she did so. “I spent all last semester helping you out, yet you still failed to show up for final exams. We’re friends, but I’m not wasting my time again helping you study just for you to purposely screw yourself over.”

Harsh. Lucy winced at the girl’s words, feeling for the boy even though he hadn’t exactly made the best first impression.

“You sound just like Erza right now! I told you, dammit,” he was quick to retort. “Something came up!”

Lucy watched as the girl didn’t flinch in the slightest at the boy’s rising voice. She merely licked the pad of her thumb before calmly turning the page of her book.

“Is that the same excuse you gave Mad Mim when grades were sent home?” she asked coolly. “Speaking of which, how would your mother feel if she heard that you’re practically begging Maleficent’s daughter for help right now? You know our mothers don’t exactly get along ever since the infamous PTA meeting of 2004.”

The boy threw his hands up in the air. “Forget it,” he scoffed, running a hand through his mop of hair before whirling around on his heel, breezing past Lucy at the door. The blonde’s eyes widened just the slightest when he accidentally bumped shoulders with her in his haste to leave.

The strange boy was gone, but the doorway lingered with the scent of wood chips and cinnamon toothpaste. 

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All have about the same singing ability.. 3 octaves some are slept on and some aren’t tho they’re in the same field



G2-E6 (3 Octaves 5 Notes) [E3-G5]



3 Octaves B2- B5



3 Octaves C3-C6

Mary J. Blige


3 Octaves 2 Notes A2-C6



3.1 Octaves B2-C6



3 Octaves & 5 semitone G2-E6

Kelly Rowland


3 Octaves C3-C6



3 Octaves 4 Notes B4-F6

alto culture is finding the video of your graduation and cringing first at the fact that you’re Clearly Audible because there is literally one (1) other alto in that first piece, and then seeing your solo and nearly crying at the fact that yes, that is you appearing to roll your eyes on camera because apparently B4 is a hard note to hit. and no, it wasn’t because you jumped a seventh; you’re fine at jumping sevenths. you just can’t hit a B4.

refraction liner notes

(posting b4 i post the fic so i can link) 

might add a second chapter thats just m o r n i n g s e x but also ngh. how do bodies work? i wanna write that good good porn but i would ruin it so bad. callin’ this one complete for now.

gosh! its been so long since i wrote straightforward shipping - and it turned into fuckin character study. guess you can never leave your home.

this is technically set on the same day as “breakfast” except at night

i think this is technically about taako but its actually really about kravitz.

i wanted to get across the sense that krav is both a) very confused by his boyfriend and b) helplessly charmed by how weird he is all the time and c) not used to acting like a real person ever either d) a huge fuckin nerd.

writing love is fun. its a good experience. love is terrible. sleeping next to people is terrible and also pretty great.

first time writing krav’s pov, hope i did it justice, lmao.

i think the thing about taako is that is that he’s very secure in his insecurity. like, theres shit he just says thats fuckin tragic like “i dont know who else will have me” like shit! what sort of dude says that just like no big deal, you know? what sorta dude does that?

have u noticed how much i think/write about memory and its effects on personality because its a lot. its constantly, actually, i gotta get better obsessions that arent taz and brains.

also taako is a ridiculous person. hot pink lace undies. who even does that. wow. what a dork! what a couple of dorks!

taakitz is such a good ship and i ironically hope we get absolutely 0 more of it in canon because rping it makes juice and griffo uncomfortable, and for good reason. but. a good ship. a very good ship.

now i have enough taako Content to call liminal spaces, breakfast, and refraction the “taako trilogy” so im done writing taako forever, goodbye friends.