We Know Douching Is A Bad Idea — So Why Are Ladies Doing It Anyway?

A woman in a long white dress walks slowly on a beach, putting on her best hat as she’s encircled by a flock of birds. Another rocks back and forth on a tree swing as she laughs quietly to herself, but her private joy is hardly a secret.

Anyone who remembers these commercials, advertised by Summer’s Eve through the 1980s, remembers the jingle’s sunny refrain: “Its clean, fresh feeling keeps the good times on my mind/ Summer’s Eve brings back freshness anytime.”

Source: Mic/RandomStuffIFindOnVHS/YouTube

These ads taught a generation of women to associate douching, or the process of cleaning out the inside of the vagina, with feminine hygiene, even though numerous studies have since determined that douching is both unnecessary and potentially dangerous. A 2015 study from Environmental Health, for instance, showed that douching causes a higher risk of vaginal infections; another report indicated that douching can possibly lead to increased rates of infertility. Douching has even been linked to cancer.

That said, women still continue to douche in fairly large numbers: According to figures from the Department of Health and Human Services, nearly one in four women between the ages of 15 and 44 use feminine hygiene products like Summer’s Eve. Which begs the question: How did we even get the idea that douching was good for women in the first place? 

Ads for Lysol disinfectant and a Zonite liquid doucheSource: Nesster/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons

A brief history of douching: Since the early 19th century, douching was marketed in a number of bizarre, pseudo-scientific ways. In 1832, an American physician named Charles Knowlton would first popularize the practice, promoting douching as an effective means of birth control for women.

According to Fusion, Knowlton “advised that, after intercourse, women inject a syringe full of a water-based solution that included (but wasn’t limited to) salt, vinegar, liquid chloride, zinc sulfite and aluminum potassium sulfite into their vagina.” By the 1870s, these syringes would become widely available across the country.

In the 1930s and 1940s, popular magazines like Ladies’ Home Journal advertised Lysol, now used as a disinfectant, both as a contraceptive and a women’s cleanser, billing it as “safe and gentle” for the female body. In one such ad, a happy housewife proudly boasts: “I use Lysol always for douching!”

Other advertisements cautioned women that their marriages might fall apart unless they were taking their scent into their own hands. “I guess I was to blame when Stan started paying attention to other women,” one ad warned. “It wasn’t that I didn’t know about feminine hygiene. I had become… well… forgetful. Yes, I found out the hard way that ‘now-and-then’ care isn’t enough!”

Mary Lou*, 64, came of age in the 1960s, when such feminine hygiene advertisements were ubiquitous on television and in magazines.  Before seeing these ads, no one had ever talked to her about hygiene, so she hadn’t realized it was an issue. “There wasn’t anyone telling you not to do it,” she told Mic.  

“It just wasn’t something you talked about.“ 

"There wasn’t anyone telling you not to do it.”

While talking about sex was permissible among friends, she recalled there was a code of silence around the issue of feminine hygiene, which made it easy for companies to capitalize on women’s insecurity. “[Douching] wasn’t regulated in the same way that we regulated medicine.”

However, advocating that women use Lysol for their personal needs was dangerous for a number of reasons. It created a stigma around vaginal odor, a nebulous idea that women might not smell normal. In addition, it could prove deadly. “Lysol might have been corrosive to the sperm, but it also damaged tissue inside the woman,” reported Smithsonian’s Rose Eveleth. “And in fact, the Lysol used back then was far stronger than our Lysol is today. Hundreds of people died from Lysol exposure." 

Source: Mic/Getty Images

A gradual decline: Since options like the pill provided safer contraception alternatives in the 1960s, the practice of using items such as household disinfectants has largely died out among women.

After it was founded by the C.B. Fleet Company in 1972, Summer’s Eve has taken the place of Lysol on the market, but the original brand’s product is drastically different than what its output looks like today. For instance, while 70% of the company’s revenue in the 1980s came from "traditional douching products” — such as the bulb-shaped squirt bottle that originated in the early 19th century — today the brand primarily focuses on what it calls “external cleansing and freshening products,” which includes “washes, wipes and sprays.”

The feminine hygiene industry remains a $3 billion dollar business, as products like Summer’s Eve, Massengill and YeastGard remain highly profitable. Yet although Summer’s Eve remains popular among a niche market of consumers, the brand has been consistently on the decline. Between 1985 and 2006, the number of women who reported douching regularly had dropped from 37% to 12%.  

The most likely reason for the decline in douching is increased access to information about douching’s harmful effects on the body. In addition, some women told Mic they found the idea that women are “unclean” more than problematic.

“I find the idea that vaginas need to be cleaned in order to feel or be right pretty insulting, especially when penises spend so much of their time swampy, smelly and gross,” said Rebecca, 29. “I do not need products to make my vagina feel, smell or be better. It is on top of its vagina game.”

Source: Mic/Getty Images

A lingering stigma: The vagina is designed to be a “self-cleaning organ,” and the female reproductive system’s natural functions work to maintain its hygiene through bacteria that stave off yeast infections or other ailments. Douching can disrupt the delicate, natural pH balance of the vagina, throwing the entire ecosystem out of whack. If your vagina does exhibit a particularly alarming smell, you shouldn’t douche. You should consult a doctor.

Yet although few women continue to douche, the practice persists among certain segments of the population. African-American women and Hispanic women, for instance, make up a fairly large percentage of women who continue to douche, with an estimated 59% of African-American women and 36% of Latina women reporting that they douched in the past 12 months, according to 2005 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. (Feminine hygiene companies are well aware of this demographic, with Summer’s Eve drawing intense criticism in 2011 for running an advertising campaign that was accused of capitalizing on racist African-American and Latina stereotypes.) 

Jessy, 27, explained that she uses douching products casually — as a way to treat herself and “freshen up.” “I douche at most twice a year,” she said. “I think of it more as a refresher [for my vagina].” While she’s aware of the risks, she believes it’s OK in moderation.

Other women also appear to be influenced by the widespread stigma around feminine odor. On the Amazon page for Summer’s Eve, one of the respondents thanked the company for ridding her of unwanted bodily smells. “Feminine odor is very embarrassing and hard to get rid of sometimes,” she wrote. “This product has helped in so many ways and I will continue to use it for a long time. I would recommend this to anyone who has similar feminine issues.”

While these women report having positive experiences with douching products, not every woman feels the same way. Some argued that the shame around hygiene hasn’t changed, even if personal habits have.

“Women [are] consistently taught that our vaginas are somehow ‘dirty’ and need to be cleaned or maintained in a very specific way,” said Sarah, 25. “I think a lot of it is simply societal pressure. It’s similar to the idea of shaving, I think. No one wants to be the lady with the bush of pubic hair and no one wants to be the lady with the dirty vagina because we are taught that those women are somehow 'bad.’”

Dana, 36, said that we need to combat these beliefs — as well as the practice of douching in general. “It’s a horrible, medically-unsound distraction that makes it that much harder for women to achieve their goals and dreams,” she said. “Imagine if men were worried about how their scrotums smelled. Would they be running governments and inventing things?”

Cyril Hanouna raconte comment sa femme lui remet les pieds sur terre

Installé hier dans le divan de Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Cyril Hanouna s’est livré comme jamais. Et c’est avec beaucoup d’émotion qu’il a évoqué la femme de sa vie, Emilie.

Ne dit-on pas que derrière chaque grand homme se cache une femme ? Cette célèbre expression s’illustre aujourd’hui avec Cyril Hanouna. Installé hier dans le divan de Marc Olivier Fogiel, l’animateur de Touche pas à mon poste s’est mis à nu.

>>>> Cyril Hanouna raconte sa violente traver­sée du désert après le Morning Live d’M6

C’est un Cyril Hanouna très émouvant et sans faux semblant que l’on a découvert. Et plus particulièrement lorsqu’il s’est mis à parler de sa compagne, Emilie, qui lui a donné deux enfants : Bianca  4 ans, et Lino 3 ans.

 « Ma femme, elle ne veut pas rentrer du tout dans ce milieu de la télé, même si elle n’a rien contre les gens de mon équipe, a confié Cyril Hanouna. C’est vrai qu’une fois que je rentre à la maison elle ne me parle ni de ce que j’ai fait ni de télé. »

>>>> Cyril Hanouna dévoile ses projets au cinéma

Un couple qui ne parle jamais de travail, et qui permet à l’animateur de maintenir un certain équilibre.  « Elle va me parler du petit qui n’a pas mangé ses artichauts ou d’un truc qu’ils ont fait à l’école. Je vais sortir complètement de ce que j’ai fait dans la journée et c’est ça qui me fait du bien aussi. Mais elle ne veut jamais venir à une soirée avec moi. Ça ne l’intéresse pas. » Et si, finalement, c’était elle le secret de sa réussite ?

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L'UE veut limiter les aides publiques aux compagnies aériennes

BRUXELLES (Reuters) - L'Union européenne cherche à limiter les aides publiques aux compagnies aériennes et envisage de révoquer leurs droits de trafic aérien en cas d'infraction, montre un projet de document que Reuters a pu consulter.

Le texte dresse la liste des aides considérées comme contraires à la concurrence, parmi lesquelles la protection contre la faillite, les provisions de capital, les exemptions fiscales et le financement croisé.

Bruxelles propose une période de consultations de 30 jours en cas de litige avec la possibilité de révoquer les droits de trafic aérien et d'imposer des pénalités en cas d'absence d'accord.

L'exécutif européen cherche à obtenir l'aval des gouvernements de l'UE pour commencer à discuter de cette réglementation avec plusieurs pays dont la Chine, la Turquie, les Emirats arabes unis, Koweït et le Qatar.

Certaines compagnies européennes, dont Lufthansa et Air France KLM, ainsi que plusieurs compagnies américaines ont accusé les compagnies du Golfe de recevoir des subventions faussant la concurrence. Ces accusations ont été rejetées.

(Julia Fioretti, Patrick Vignal pour le service français)

Sleep Deprivation ‘Makes Us Confess To Things We Haven’t Done’

A lack of sleep makes us more likely to confess to things we haven’t done, a study has claimed.

Researchers in the US said that sleep deprived suspects are more likely to confess to crimes they did not commit.

The joint study by the University of California, Irvine and Michigan State University found that those who have gone without sleep are more likely to sign false confessions than rested individuals.

It said the odds of signing a false confession for police were 4.5 times higher for those who had been awake for 24 hours than those who had slept for eight hours the previous night.

The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“This is the first direct evidence that sleep deprivation increases the likelihood that a person will falsely confess to wrongdoing that never occurred,” said Kimberly M. Fenn, associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University.

“It’s a crucial first step toward understanding the role of sleep deprivation in false confessions and, in turn, raises complex questions about the use of sleep deprivation in the interrogation of innocent and guilty suspects.”

False confessions in the US are believed to account for up to 25 per cent of wrongful convictions.

In the study, 88 participants were asked to complete various computer and cognitive tests. On the final day of the tests, half of the participants stayed awake overnight and half went to sleep for eight hours.

Of those who were deprived of sleep, 50 per cent were willing to sign a mock false confession, while only 18 per cent of rested participants signed.

“A false admission of wrongdoing can have disastrous consequences in a legal system already fraught with miscarriages of justice,” said the study.

“We are hopeful that our study is the first of many to uncover the sleep-related factors that influence processes related to false confession.’

(Picture: Rex)

"قنبلة تحدث ثقبا" في طائرة صومالية بعد الإقلاع من مقديشيو

كشفت التحقيقات عن أن الانفجار الذي أحدث ثقبا كبيرا في جسم طائرة ركاب في مطار مقديشيو الصومالي يوم الثلاثاء ناجم عن قنبلة، حسبما قال مسؤولون.

وقال وزير النقل الصومالي علي أحمد جاماك إن “الذي انفجر في طائرة رحلة دالو إيرلاينز كان قنبلة. كان الهدف منها قتل الذين على متن الطائرة”.

وتسبب الحادث في مقتل شخص سقط من الفجوة التي أحدثها الانفجار وإصابة اثنين آخرين.

وهبطت الطائرة من طراز إيرباص 321 المتجهة إلى جيبوتي اضطراريا.

وتشير تقارير إلى أن من المحتمل أن قنبلة كانت مخبأة في جهاز كمبيوتر لأحد الركاب.

وحدث الانفجار بعيد الإقلاع من العاصمة الصومالية.

ولم تعلن أي جهة مسؤوليتها عن الحادث.

وقالت دالو إيرلاينز في تصريح بعيد الحادث إن هيئة الطيران المدني الصومالية وفريقا فنيا من الجهة المالكة للطائرة ومن شركة إيرباص المصنعة لها يحقق في الحادث.

وقال محمد حسن، وهو ضابط شرطة من بلدة بلد الواقعة على بعد 30 كيلومترا شمالي مقديشيو إن أهل البلدة عثروا على جثة رجل قد يكون سقط من الطائرة.

وقال قائد الطائرة الصربي فلاتكو فودوبيفيتش إنه أبلغ وقت الحادث بأن السبب في الانفجار كان قنبلة.

وقال فودوبيفيتش “لو كنا على ارتفاع أعلى لكان الأمر أسوأ بكثير”.

وتقلع دالو إيرلاينز بصورة منتظمة من قاعدتها في دبي إلى الصومال وجيبوتي.

وتقاتل الصومال حركة الشباب الإسلامية المتشددة التي تشن هجمات دامية في سعيها لإقامة دولة إسلامية.

هبطت الطائرة بأمان

تقول شركة الطيران إن الحادث لم ينجم عنه مفقودون.

La pédagogie Montessori, c’est quoi ?
Favoriser la confiance en soi, l’autonomie, tout en permettant à l’enfant d’évoluer à son propre rythme et en toute liberté. Telles sont les promesses de la pédagogie Montessori, que certains jugent trop débonnaire et permissive. En quoi consiste cette méthode d’éducation qui se veut placer l’enfant au centre des apprentissages ? Eléments de réponses avec Charlotte Poussin, éducatrice et directrice d’une école Montessori.

« L’enfant n’est pas un vase que l’on remplit, mais une source que l’on laisse jaillir. » Telle est la philosophie de l’éducation de Maria Montessori, première femme médecin d’Italie, dévouée à la cause des enfants. « Éduquer, ce n’est pas dresser » prône celle qui, en janvier 1907 ouvre la première Maison des enfants (Casa dei Bambini en italien). Sa révolution ? Mettre à la disposition des écoliers un matériel adapté, mais surtout, les laisser libres de choisir eux-mêmes les activités qu’ils souhaitent faire, pendant le temps qu’ils le désirent. Elle constate alors, avec surprise, que les tout-petits (dès trois ans), sont capables de faire preuve d’une concentration et d’une autodiscipline inattendues. C’est ainsi que nait la pédagogie Montessori : dès lors que l’enfant se trouve dans un environnement propice, accompagné par un éducateur qui s’adapte à lui et le stimule, l’enfant apprend par lui-même, à son rythme. Un siècle plus tard, cette méthode a fait de nombreux adeptes à travers le monde et plus de 20 000 écoles ont ouvert leurs portes. Mais pour les montessoriens, la France et ses quelques cent écoles reste à la traîne. À ce jour, l’Education nationale refuse de valider une telle pédagogie, contraignant les établissements à se développer en marge du système public.

Les principes de la pédagogie Montessori

La liberté
C’est une notion fondamentale de la pédagogie Montessori. En classe, les enfants sont libres de choisir l’activité qu’ils souhaitent faire parmi celles qui leur sont proposées, à la seule (…) Lire la suite de l'article sur psychologies.com

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Analistas recomendam Cielo e esperam alta de 35%, apesar de resultado fraco

SÃO PAULO – O BTG Pactual divulgou relatório em que comenta os resultados da Cielo (CIEL3) referentes ao quarto trimestre de 2015. Os analistas afirmam que “uma mensagem forte (para recuperar o momento perdido” é necessária. Mesmo assim, a recomendação para o papel segue sendo de compra
A instituição financeira destaca que, dadas as altas expectativas com a companhia por conta de “seu modelo de negócios fantástico”, os números desapontaram. Os analistas afirmam que, apesar de melhores volumes de cartões e outros fatores positivos, a receita da empresa não se comportou da forma esperada e veio mais fraca.
Para o BTG Pactual, 2015 trouxe resultados “decentes”, mas mais poderia ter sido feito pela companhia, em especial na parte de custos. Os analistas afirmam que a empresa poderia ter controlado melhor seus gastos. “Em tempos de problemas, mais precisa ser entregue pelas melhores companhias”, relata a equipe de análise.
O preço-alvo para os próximos doze meses para os papéis da Cielo estimado pelo BTG Pactual é de R$ 45,00 por ação, o que totaliza um potencial de valorização de 34,93% em relação ao fechamento do dia 1 de fevereiro de 2016.

Senado: un ascenso para la prima de Michetti

En off
Senado: un ascenso para la prima de Michetti
La trastienda de la política (y de los políticos)

Dicen que toda norma tiene su excepción. Ése parece ser el caso de María Alejandra Illia, que en medio de los despidos ordenados por la presidenta del Senado, Gabriela Michetti, obtuvo a mediados de enero un ascenso, retroactivo al 10 de diciembre, de dos categorías como empleada de la planta transitoria de la Cámara alta.
El dato cobra una particular relevancia si se tiene en cuenta que se trata de la prima de la vicepresidenta, quien pasará a cobrar una cifra superior a los $ 45.000 mensuales como empleada de la categoría A-1.
La carrera de la parienta de Michetti viene en constante ascenso desde hace dos años. En febrero de 2014 obtuvo la categoría A-4. Poco tiempo después, el 16 de junio del mismo año, ascendió otro peldaño. La A-3 era, precisamente, la categoría que tenía cuando la vicepresidenta se hizo cargo de la Cámara alta.
En ambos casos, las recategorizaciones fueron firmadas por el anterior presidente del cuerpo, Amado Boudou, a quien la vicepresidenta responsabilizó por aumentar la planta de personal de la Cámara alta y por repartir categorías de manera indiscriminada durante su último año de gestión.
Mientras tanto, en las últimas dos semanas comenzaron a llegar los telegramas de despido a numerosos empleados tras la decisión de Michetti de derogar tres decretos de 2015 firmados por el ex vicepresidente Boudou por un total de 2035 nuevos nombramientos en la planta permanente del Senado.
Según pudo saber LA NACION, el número final del recorte sería de 1200 designaciones, a las que se sumarían otras 300 bajas de empleados que reúnen la edad para ser jubilados. Todavía hay contratos bajo la lupa.
Libro: el macrismo, incómodo por la obra de un funcionario
En diciembre, Juan Manuel Lugones fue designado por Cristian Ritondo como jefe de la Aprevide, el organismo encargado de organizar los operativos policiales en los espectáculos deportivos en la provincia de Buenos Aires. Identificado con el GEN, de Margarita Stolbizer, Lugones escribió en 2014 un libro que hoy incomoda a la cúpula macrista. La obra se llama Barrabravas para todos. En él, hace referencia a los nexos del Presidente con la hinchada de Boca, bajo el título “la patota de Mauricio”. Además, ligó a los barras con los intendentes Néstor Grindetti (Lanús) y Jorge Macri (Vicente López). También salpicó a Sergio Massa, por su relación con la hinchada de Tigre, y al kirchnerismo, por Hinchadas Unidas Argentinas.
Reunión fallida: plantaron a Moyano y Barrionuevo
Se terminó enero y la largamente anunciada cumbre de verano que pretendía dar pie a la reunificación de la CGT no se concretó. En diciembre, Luis Barrionuevo y Hugo Moyano, dos de los que participan en la negociación, decidieron avanzar con el proceso e invitaron a los dirigentes de las tres vertientes de la central al camping que los camioneros tienen en Mar del Plata. Sin embargo, el encuentro quedó lejos de prosperar. ¿Una de las razones? Ni Barrionuevo ni el de “los Gordos” (los representantes de los grandes gremios) estaban dispuestos a cederle la localía, y mucho menos el protagonismo, a Moyano. Quedará para otra oportunidad. Tal vez para el próximo verano.

2016-02-01 01:40:55

2016-02-01 01:40:55
General Motors to resume operations in Egypt

CAIRO, Feb 11 (Reuters) - General Motors will resume operations in Egypt this Sunday, the company said on Thursday, after halting activities earlier in the week due to the country’s ongoing currency crisis.

“We will resume plant operations in 6 October City commencing Sunday, February 14,” the company said in a statement, without specifying what actions had been taken to resolve the currency issues.

Import-dependent Egypt has been in economic crisis since a 2011 uprising and subsequent political turmoil drove foreign investors and tourists away. Dollar reserves have more than halved to $16.4 billion since then.

(Reporting by Eric Knecht; editing by Adrian Croft)

Why The FTSE 100 Has Crashed Back To 1998 Levels

It was a long climb to the FTSE 100’s peak in April 2015, but the subsequent fall has been sharp and at times sickening. We’re now back in bear market territory – and there are ominous signs that many fear worse is to come.

Our top analysts have highlighted five shares in the FTSE 100 in our special free report “5 Shares To Retire On”. To find out the names of the shares and the reasons behind their inclusion, simply click here to view it immediately with no obligations whatsoever.

Chevron Closes Slightly Higher following Its 4Q15 Results

Chevron’s 4Q15 Earnings Miss Estimates

(Continued from Prior Part)

Chevron’s stock performance

Chevron (CVX) announced its 4Q15 results on January 29, 2016, before the market opened. As Chevron missed its estimates for 4Q15, the stock received a weak opening.

CVX opened at $84 per share lower than its previous close of $85.9. Chevron saw highs of $86.7 and lows of $82.9 during the day. Eventually, CVX closed at $86.5, around 0.6% higher than its previous day’s close, in-line with its peers.

On January 29, 2016, CVX’s peers ExxonMobil (XOM), Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A), and BP (BP) rose by 1.1%, 1.4%, and 1.5%, respectively. The iShares Core High Dividend ETF (HDV) has ~21% exposure to energy sector stocks, including XOM and CVX.

Chevron’s capex position

In 2015, Chevron incurred capital expenditure (or capex) of $34 billion, of which 92% went toward its upstream segment. Amid cost curtailment measures, Chevron continues to prioritize its LNG (liquefied natural gas) projects in Australia. Chevron is expecting LNG production from its Gorgon project in the next few weeks. Also, for its Wheatstone project, all the Train 1 modules have been delivered to the site, with the first LNG cargo expected in mid-2017.

Chevron achieved its first production from Lianzi, Moho Nord, and Chuandongbei projects recently. CVX expects the first LNG cargo from its Angola LNG project in 2Q16. In the latter part of 2016, Chevron expects projects such as Mafumeira Sul in Angola, Bangka in Indonesia, and Alder in the North Sea to start up.

In CVX’s 4Q15 earnings call, regarding 2016 capex, management commented, “In December, we announced a 2016 capital program of $26.6 billion, which was within the guidance range provided on our third-quarter earnings call. Since then, market conditions have deteriorated and we will be responsive. Flexibility in our capital program allows discretion in our spend with a likely outcome for 2016 being near the bottom of our guidance range. Looking beyond 2016, our flexibility will continue to increase and we expect further reductions in our capital program.”

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Le passage de Cyril Hanouna dans Le Divan provoque un gros clash dans Touche pas à mon poste (VIDEO)

Mardi 9 février, Cyril Hanouna était l’invité de Marc-Olivier Fogiel dans son émission de confessions sur France 3, Le Divan. L’animateur de D8 a dû dévoiler un peu de sa personne, allongé sur le divan rouge de son collègue. S’est-il assez livré ? A-t-il joué le jeu des confessions ? S’est-il au contraire trop retenu ? Le passage de Cyril Hanouna dans Le Divan a suscité des réactions diverses parmi ses chroniqueurs et a même provoqué un clash sur le plateau.

>>> Le divan : Cyril Hanouna parle de sa femme pour la première fois (VIDEO)

Le plus virulent contre le patron de Touche pas à mon poste a été Gilles Verdez. “Si c’est pour donner si peu, ça donne une mauvaise émission, a-t-il affirmé. Du point de vue du téléspectateur, on s’ennuie. Ça s’appelle Le Divan, c’est pour donner.” Selon Gilles Verdez, Cyril Hanouna “n’a pas fendu l’armure”.

Les propos de Gilles Verdez ont provoqué de vives réactions parmi les autres chroniqueurs, la plupart étant plutôt positifs quant à l’émission diffusée sur France 3. “J’ai trouvé ça très étonnant qu’il prenne ce pari là et qu’il le fasse (…) Je l’ai trouvé honnête, bon, beau, digne, a assuré Erika Moulet. Il est très pudique et il s’est fait violence ce soir-là.” Même chose pour Isabelle Morini-Bosc : “il est d’autant plus sincère qu’il est en retenue (…) c’est justement ça qui m’a plu. Sincérement, c’est la meilleure réponse à Charlie Hebdo, ça montre ce qu’il est”.

>>> Cyril Hanouna dévoile son étonnante phobie (VIDEO)

Matthieu Delormeau aussi s’est rangé du côté des opinions favorables. “Il a énormément donné, a-t-il jugé. Quand il parle de sa grand-mère, c’est bouleversement. On apprend beaucoup de choses. C’est un exercice très difficile qu’il a fait. Ça lui est facile de faire le con, s’installer comme ça et faire le con, c’est difficile pour lui, c’est en ça que c’est très touchant.”

Selon les chroniqueurs, Cyril Hanouna est un homme pudique et l’exercice du (…) Lire la suite sur TeleLoisirs.fr

Le passage de Cyril Hanouna dans Le Divan provoque un gros clash dans Touche pas à mon poste (VIDEO)
Maïtena Biraben et Le grand journal absent du prochain festival de Cannes
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European Authorities To Approve Staples-Office Depot Under Several Conditions

Shares of Staples, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLS) were trading higher by more than 3 percent on Wednesday after European Union regulators approved its pending merger with Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ: ODP) on several conditions.

According to The New York Times, European regulators said that the merger can be approved if the two companies agree to sell Office Depot’s contract distribution business to ease anti-competitive concerns. Office Depot is also required to sell its entire business in Sweden.

“The substantial remedies package offered will ensure that effective competition is maintained, in particular on the E.U.’s international office supplies market,” The New York Times quoted Margrethe Vestager, the commissioner in charge of European competition policy as saying in a news release. “This will allow European companies to continue to benefit from the single market by procuring their office supplies internationally and to reduce costs.”

Staples said in a press release that it is prepared to meet the requirements and will also divest Office Depot’s retail, online and catalog operations in Europe.

“This is a significant step, and we’re very pleased that the European Commission has approved this transaction,” Ron Sargent, Staples’s CEO said in the company’s press release. “The acquisition has been approved in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Europe. Regulatory agencies around the world understand that this acquisition will allow Staples to provide increased value and service to customers of all sizes. We look forward to a full, impartial judicial review in the United States.”

Shares of Office Depot were higher by nearly 5 percent on Wednesday.

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Invitation to Fourth Quarter 2015 Results Presentation in Oslo

DNO ASA will release its fourth quarter 2015 results to the Oslo Stock Exchange at 08:00 am CET on 11 February 2016.

A management presentation will follow at Sal 2, Victoria Kino, Ruseløkkveien 14, 0250 Oslo at 10:00 am CET. A live webcast of the presentation will be available on www.dno.no and an archived version of the webcast will be posted on the company`s website. The presentation will be in English.

Oslo, 9 February 2016

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

This announcement is distributed by NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions on behalf of NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions clients.

The issuer of this announcement warrants that they are solely responsible for the content, accuracy and originality of the information contained therein.
Source: DNO ASA via GlobeNewswire