“We’re all still three of the best performers in the company and are still always going to carry that mindset and that work ethic and be that symbol of excellence. That becomes part of your psyche and you want to go out there every night, bust your ass, put on the best show possible, and refuse to be out-done by anyone. You’re still going to see that from us. You won’t see us working together in the classic Shield way, but all three of us with all of our egos and aspirations and desire are still going to be on your TV making our way up top.”

b3a7ris asked:

❅, ツ, ✐,♠ ,♪ ,ღ

Any sports? My whole life is sport :D Since age 4 I did national Latvian dancing, then - free callisthenics (gymnastics), next - ball dancing, hip hop, track and field (running 100 m and long jump), and + different gyms and aerobics =) But now I don’t really have time for that, so I have a break to study)) No wait, I have a bicycle ^_^

 ツany pets? Nope. My dream is to have every single cat on planet in my house, but I am allergic to fur :(

✐ fave types of movies? All. I am cinemaddict ;D Maybe except for some science fiction)) But the most favorite I think is psychological thrillers and melodramas (especially about Middle Ages)

♠ …..smoked? Just tried couple of times when I was 15 or 16. But now I can’t stand smoking and cigarette smoke ^_^ 

 ♪ music you like? Yeah.. Here I am again - I love music in general and can’t pick out one genre :) maybe it’s rock and hip hop most, but I love everything. Actually it depends on my mood what kind of music I listen to =)

ღ mottos? Live for the moment (Jeff Hardy’s words) I know, it’s maybe not definitely his words, but I’ve seen him saying them first, so yes :) And today I found on Tumblr great words: If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be? ;D

Thank you honey <3 

b3a7ris asked:

☾: post photo of yourself ; æ : tell 5 things about your best friend ; ✌: share 5 things that you really want ; ☯ : share 5 person you love being with ; ❀ : share favourite thing you do when you get bored ; ☀ : something that made you smile today ; ϟ : ask anything

☾: post photo of yourself;

æ : tell 5 things about your best friend
-she has a good heart
-she always tries to do everything perfectly so that everyone is happy {which I believe is wrong}
-she tends to piss me off sometimes
-she does not write me fairytales anymore and I’m don’t like it one bit.
-she is my guardian angel ♥
✌: share 5 things that you really want
-I want to have all the Shield stuff on the shop.
-I rlyyy want that pink ADR shirt
-I want to go to a wwe live show so I can see my heroes ;/
-I want to be a pro wrestler
-I want to live in the USA
☯ : share 5 person you love being with
-my bff
-my sis
-my mom
-my dad
-one of my cousins
❀ : share favourite thing you do when you get bored
-sing or watch wrestling over and over again ;
☀ : something that made you smile today
-that new pic of Seth and Roman ♥
ϟ : ask anything ; why do you always send me so many questionss ughh :D:D:D ♥

b3a7ris asked:

wrestling questions: 1,6,11 ;d

1.favorite move- I like a lot of moves .. I’m kinda torn between ADR and Sethie’s enzuguris which are just so beautiful and always take my breath away andd of course Roman’s superman punch !!!! <3
6.worst finisher- pff imma have to go with santino’s or ryder’s finisher. They are just stupid man.
11.if we were a tag team what would our name be- sorry I got nothing..you give it a try if ya think it’s that easy.