Emilia Clarke discussed the first time she met Jason Momoa, and it’s hilarious

While we’re anticipating the upcoming new season of Game of Thrones, we might as well learn a little more about the queen of dragons. In a video for Rolling Stone, Emilia Clarke revealed a few of her “firsts” — including the first time she met Jason Momoa, who’d end up being her television husband, Khal Drogo.

But, her first question was all about the dragons — specifically, the first scene she ever had to act with them. As it turns out, it was during a moment when she was “butt naked” on a cliff. She actually used the dragons a bit as wardrobe, saying that “I had to strategically carry them to cover my lady parts.”

The moment she met Momoa was similarly memorable.

The two first met in a hotel lobby in Belfast. Clarke, exhausted and with her bags, was greeted a bit aggressively by the Hawaiian actor.

“I walked in, and on the other side of this enormous lobby, I hear ‘Wifey!‘” Clarke recalls.

From there, Momoa picked up Clarke and put her in — as she recalls — a rugby tackle. So, from the sounds of it, Momoa felt comfortable with Clarke from the very first moment they met.

From the video, we also learned that Clarke’s first drunken moment was…perhaps a bit too young. While the actress failed to give a specific age, she did claim that she honestly didn’t know any better at the time.

While we definitely miss seeing her on-screen with Momoa, perhaps the two can someday reunite. We have a feeling they’ll be able to pick up right where they left off.

Hey tumblr. Let’s talk about bees.

External image

This is a bumblebee. It’s just one of MANY kinds of bee. They are ALL very important to nature and ESPECIALLY to human life.

There are articles about how important they are all over the place

And then there’s the information gathered from here on tumblr!

They can save your life.

Bees are LITERALLY gods miracle creature.

They pollinate the flowers, the plants and trees that make your food and clothes. Honey is a perfect food. It doesn’t go bad at room temperature. It can sooth burns. It can clean wounds. It helps heal sore throats. 

And then there’s this.

Bees are magic

and they’re dying

Save the fucking bees. Don’t call exterminators if you see them around your home, and are allergic. Call someone who can move them and stay inside to wait.

Bees will leave you alone if you leave THEM alone. They just want the plants, their hive, and their queen. They literally want NOTHING to do with you.

Some people might find them scary, they might be a little creepy to you, you might even be allergic, but they give you apples, and strawberries, and honey, and chap stick, and candles.

They’re beautiful, magical creatures.


Please save the bees.