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i think it'd be really interesting to see a design for b3 that combines aspects from both the first two games' outfits, with a purple/gold scheme (since Red+Blue=Purple) i also agree, bayonetta's beehive hair makes more sense for when shes summoning infernal demons/wicked weaves, but i kinda liked the short wave cut from the b2 as well.

I like both haircuts equally, just to me, the first one outstood a bit more as a unique design rather then something simple. Since Bayonetta always striked to me as a stylish person who would change her outfits and hair almost daily :D

Yeah I agree with you, i’m also very excited about seeing how they’ll combine the two previous design into one(that would make sense imo).

Or at least I hope, they’ll remember about this design: 

Or who knows, the reason why Bayo has her first look it’s because she will not be playable, but even if so, I wish they would rework her look.

Hunter X Hunter/Star Wars Crossover Headcanons (REVISED on 7/12/17)

Gon: From Onderon(See The Clone Wars, s5 e1-4,) a poor jungle planet. A young force-sensitive(who doesn’t know that he is one), he wants to join the empire to get the information needed to find Ging, who is a Jedi(see below)He almost joins the imperial academy, but doesn’t due to an accident involving Pirates and Kurapika’s Rebel Crew(see below.) Instead of turning the rebels in, he joins them.

Killua: Reformed Inquisitor. The Zoldycks are an influential family to the empire(super rich) and sold him to the inquisitorius when they found out he was force sensitive. The Zoldyck kids are all imperials. A former inquisitor prodigy, he runs away from the inquisitorius after deciding that he has had enough. Runs into and joins Kurapika’s rebel cell, for his own gain(originally… then he decides that Gon needs training and stays with the rebels for him.)Killua has force-lightning.

Kurapika: Mad at the Phantom Troupe, a gang of skilled bounty hunters who sell their services to the highest bidder, for killing and enslaving his clan. The eye thing still exists. Hates slavers, bounty hunters, and Hutts of all shapes and sizes. Vows vengeance. Kurapika pilots a ship called “The Scarlet Eye,” and leads a rebel cell consisting of Leorio, Killua, and Gon, and the droid.

1K4-L60(au!R2D2): Kurapika’s droid. Has sass competitions with Killua(thanks @whats-wrong-aniki) I’m probably going to base him off of Ikalgo(thanks @shimmy-sham-with-the-fam)

Leorio: Rebel from outer rim, mad due to financial disparity and lack of access to healthcare in Outer Rim. Joins rebellion in order to bring extra healthcare and money to outer rim.(Gotta add to this)

Hisoka: Bounty Hunter known for his skills. Runs into Gon on Gon’s first mission with the rebellion. Illumi hires him a lot.(He’s like a crazier Boba Fett)

Meruem: Is the Emperor, but has a sweet spot for his ward Komugi,(but no one knows about that… )The Chimera Ant generals all have high-ranking jobs in the empire, the royal guard is force-sensitive. Is a totalitarian dictator who only cares for power(and Komugi)

Neferpitou: Is this AU’s Governor Tarkin. Rules over the outer rim with an iron fist, and uses fear to keep the citizens in line. (I would have made her Vader, but she’s too mean.)Likes battles and has a very hands-on approach to them.(Basically, she likes murder rampages)

Colt: Another reformed inquisitor. He acts as a rebel agent called “Fulcrum,” and has a similar character arc to Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels.

Netero: Is the founder/leader of the rebellion. A former member of the jedi council(the zodiacs and Bisky) who were all killed in Order 66(when Meruem annihilated the jedi order and came to power)

Biscuit: Another former member of the jedi council, and a founding member of the rebellion. ‘Adopts’ Gon and Killua, and trains them after finding out that they are force sensitive.(Idea by @shimmy-sham-with-the-fam)

Kite: Ging’s jedi apprentice. Ging and Kite left the jedi after Kite was kicked out for a crime he never committed.(Kite’s going to meet a similar fate to Ahsoka ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ and Gon will begin his vengeance rampage)

Ging: A wanderer who used to be a jedi master. He quit the jedi order after they found out about his relationship with Gon’s mother(and/or because they kicked Kite out of the order around the same time)

Pariston: The one who actually did Kite’s crime. He is sent to prison, but is freed by Meruem after Order 66. He is the founder of the Inquisitorius. 

Zushi: One of Gon’s fellow imperial cadets. He is also on Gon’s ship when it is intercepted by pirates, but he decides to stay with the empire after Kurapika and Leorio rescue them. 

Wing: An imperial instructor who used to be a republic soldier.

Beans: Netero’s faithful protocol droid. The C3PO character.(B3-4N5 is his designation, but everyone calls him Beans.)

Plot: see this post (x)

Feel free to add to this, but please lemme know before writing anything based off of these headcanons! I still want to write this story…

“ Eternal Virgin of the Starry Skies
The Beautiful Maiden of the Moon
The Mother that gives us Life
The Huntress that traipse the Woods
She is the Maiden, Mother, Crone
The Guardian of Inocense…
The Huntress of the Wild Forests
And the Mighty Protectress
Lady Artemis,
Thou Beautiful Goddess of the Skies,
Reign forever as the Starry Queen
For as long as Night survives." 
Model - My Fragility
Mask - B3 Designs
Hoop - Hiptronic Arts
Photography - sheridansart
Poem -www.ivasia.tripod.com