So I forgot about this….

Saturday night was Game Night with some friends of mine, and we played Apples to Apples for like three hours (if you do not know this game, know it NOW because it’s awesomesauce). 

So someone had a green card that said something like “attractive” or “sexy” or something like that. I don’t even remember what I played, I think ti was a throwaway card because my hand SUCKED. 

Anywhoodle, when the judge was flipping over cards, one of them was Steve Martin. The woman pretty much immediately discarded it, and I practically screamed, “But he plays the banjo!!!" at her. 

Y'all have infected my mind. 

alright, ladies, print it out, head to your respective forests & start tacking it up on trees. xo, girlmeetsbanjo


B2W3 - because ‘sometimes the internet is just full of awesome

(for my tumblr friends who i adore & who asked.)


once upon a time (about 2 years ago, or an eon ago in the world of tumblr), a little blog called girlmeetsbanjo made a personal ad. that little personal ad spawned a second group blog called b2w3. that personal ad also caught the eye of another blogger (now known as atleastiwilldiefree). the girl with the banjo started talking to this boy with a guitar and it turns out she really liked his songs. and more. their ability to discuss a single ryan adams harmonica line or avett brothers lyric until the wee hours soon led to a visit. which led to more visits. and when the girl with the banjo put all her stuff in storage and set out to live on the road for a year, she kept finding herself returning over and over to the boy and his guitar in oklahoma. they fell in love. hard. they made a band. the band started playing all over. they named it rowdy folk. and one weekend in the recording studio for their new ep, the boy got down on one knee and asked the girl to marry him. she said yes. and the magic of tumblr and the importance of not settling were definitively proven.

they just got back from a cabin in the mountains last week. hikes were taken, whiskey was poured, good food was eaten, adoration and serenades were nightly. manly chores were performed in and out of the bedroom. his beard gets longer all the time.

love and banjos and fine whiskey and all good things prevail.