b2w2 spoiler

W2 blind Nuzlocke nearly hit disaster point.

Went against Colress and his fucking Magnemite kept on Thunderwaving my team to hell.

Leavanny and Darumaka are basically leading my team and they both got to below 5 hp :(

Beat him but aaaah I don’t want them to die they’re my babbies

triggerfishie  asked:

just letting you know, at the final showdown between N and Ghetsis in BW2, N calls ghetsis "daddy/dad" more than once (tou-san, a less formal version of otou-san which is "father"). So I support your skepticism about the whole adopted thing. Or at least... I don't know! It sounds like a lie!! And even it IS true, N still calls him an informal father title, so... maybe he fails to accept it too!!

oh, good to know I’m not the only one who had some mixed feelings about this :3 I’m not at this point yet by far, so I had no idea about the tousan-business xD; (if I go on like I do I’ll be stuck in Driftveil forever with Clay earthquaking my team to death all the time YES I’M A BAD PLAYER I KNOW)
The problem (or how to call it) is that the opening scenes from the first BW did indeed make it look like N was remembering a moment of his former life in the woods, so if he remembers it it’s probably true…? I dunno, I’m somewhat confused xD As for the father title, I guess since Ghetsis did pose as his father, biological or not, N adopted that thinking. But seeing that he still does consider him his father, even after all he has done, is almost heartbreaking…
why am I so bad I wanna reach that point in the game *sits in a corner crying*


btw, everybody, if anyone has opinions on this (or pretty much anything else concerning Team Plasma) you want to let out, don’t hestitate to send them in via asks or submission! :3