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[COMPILATION] BEAST will be promoting as HIGHLIGHT under Around Us Entertainment

24 FEBRUARY 2017- Due to copyright issue on their name with former company CUBE Entertainment, BEAST members’ Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon will be promoting under the name of “HIGHLIGHT“ under their own company,  Around US Entertainment.

We have compiled the translations from articles and the members’ Instagram updates:

Announcement from Around Us Entertainment (translation credits alwaysbyYS )



Showing so much concern even before our debut.. New group #HIGHLIGHT will work hard



Personal: We are very much affected by this news as well as our team started in K-pop fandom as BEAST fans, in B2UTY fandom and it led us to create this page, Malaysian K-pop Fans. Also, a lot of wonderful things happened because of them. BEAST will always be BEAST no matter what the name is. We wish them all the best ❤️ Goodluck HIGHLIGHT!

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“can you feel it?”

“i’ll be your light,”

“plz don’t be sad”

okay but with all the teasers that are out so far and the fact that the schedule shows a happy face at the end of the calendar, i can’t help but feel like this whole comeback/debut for highlight is 100% for the fans. it’s the guys’ way of letting b2utys know that things are going okay and that they’re doing okay and that b2utys don’t need to worry so much. that b2utys’ support is enough, it’s always been enough, and it’ll always be enough. it’s been a long time since i left the fandom but i loved b2st and i plan on loving highlight just as much

September Comebacks I’m Excited for

September 4th: B2ST/Highlight Kikwang’s solo comeback with 1st Mini Album “ONE”

Every song in the highlight medley sounds like a bop! I feel like my favorite song will either be “What You Like” or “Trick”. Kiki is slaying them teasers too with his black hair. AND THAT MV TEASER?!?! I don’t think he knows how many fans he’s killed in a few seconds. But let’s not forget AJ tho.

September 5th: EXO Comeback with 4th Studio Album Repackage “The War: The Sound of Music”

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT! PARALLEL UNIVERSE?! POWER?! EXO IS THE NEXT GENERATION OF POWER RANGERS! I hope SM surprises us with a Lay teaser or something because the comeback would be way more awesome if all 9 members are present. Power sounds like an EDM track which makes me even more excited because I love EDM (LDN Noise always be makin’ some bomb-ass tracks I swear). I believe the comeback’s storyline takes place when they’re still on EXO Planet before they arrive on Earth (hence the space theme), but correct me if I’m wrong. Everyone in RF_05 has an orb that associates with their power, but Baekhyun’s light orb is missing. I know many EXO-Ls are theorizing, and I can’t wait to hear about some of them because I’m kinda lost.

September 5th: B.A.P Group Comeback with 7th Single Album “Blue”

THEY ALL LOOK LIKE PRINCES OHMAGAD! Daehyun looks so good with purple hair, Himchan and Jongup both have mullets for some unknown reason (Himup is real y’all), My baby Yongguk’s slayin’ with that straight hair, Youngjae’s lookin’ fine AF, Zelo looks like he doesn’t give a shit about anything (and he still looks good doing it). The title track for the album is Honeymoon, which sounds like an awesome song (B.A.P never disappoints) but I have some questions. Why are they on a honeymoon? Who got married? Why are they sitting at the dinner table in the middle of a field? WTF IS GOING ON? I kind of worries me that EXO and B.A.P’s comebacks are on they same day. I just don’t want B.A.P to get overshadowed. 

September 6th: Pentagon Group Comeback with 4th Mini Album “Demo 01″

YANAN IS BACK Y’ALL! I’m so happy that our random China prince is healed! BUT THESE TEASERS THO?!?! *sniffs* They all look so grown. My biases are Wooseok and Yuto (yeah that’s right I have double biases), but how can you not get wrecked from 8 other good looking boys?!?! NOT ONLY DID HUI COMPOSE THE TITLE TRACK, BUT EVERY TRACK ON THE ALBUM IS COMPOSED BY THE MEMBERS THEMSELVES! I’m stanning talent! I’m so excited for this comeback!

September 6th: Day6 Group Comeback with “Every Day6 September”

I have a feeling the MV for this song will be about what happened in “What Can I Do”. Maybe Sungjin is hurting inside about the fact that the girl he likes is in love with Brian. There’s not much info about the song or the MV, but this is just my assumption. but let me just say that this “Every Day6 Project” is the best thing that happened to Day6. their popularity grew a lot and it makes me wanna cry every time I see the fancams of their concerts. I’m gonna miss them releasing a new track every month.

September 18th: BTS Group Comeback With 5th Mini Album “Love Yourself (Her)”

I HAVE SOME HIGH EXPECTATIONS, BUT I KNOW THAT MY BOYS EVER DIASPPOINT. These highlight reels might as well be a trailer for a movie I swear! I’m sure every Army has theories, but I’m just lost. The concept storyline is after “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” era (correct me if I’m wrong). Based on the Highlight Reel, Jimin and Hobi like the same girl (I don’t know what happened to her toward the end. Did she get a concussion?), Tae helps out the girl  he likes by buying the stuff she was attempting to steal (yet she’s not grateful tho) and he gets arrested in the end because of vandalism (just like in the Run MV), Yoongi has a smoking addiction but his girl takes his lighter away and gives him a lollipop instead (so cute!), Jungkook is in the hospital (because of a car accident I believe) and he meets a fellow patient there (but she disappears in the end. was she released? Did she die? idk), Namjoon’s being shy quietly following the girl he likes and giving her a durable hair tie (because she uses a rubber band), and Jin (oh Jin. I’m so sorry). I thought Jin’s love story was going to be cute after the girl dropped her journal and Jin picked it up, but she got hit by a car in the end (even though she didn’t look both ways). There are dates at the bottom of some of the scenes and I know they play a role in the theories but I should just stop trying to make sense of this. I know the pre-orders for the album on Amazon count towards music charts (which is awesome), and it already topped Amazon’s CD best seller’s list! HOLY SHIT! This album will be another masterpiece!

September TBA: Sechskies reportedly filming 2 MVs for their new track, planning to comeback in September

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THE LEGENDS ARE MAKING A COMEBACK Y’ALL! I don’t call myself a Yellowkies yet, but I’m still very excited for this comeback. Their 20th anniversary is on September 23rd. THAT’S RIGHT. 20. FREAKIN. YEARS. They’ve been in the game for that long yet they’re still a bunch a sunshine babies who haven’t aged. I can’t wait.