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[TTWIGO] 14/07/03 BEAST's Yoseob shows his never-ending love for fans

BEAST’S Yang Yoseob has brought another level of fan service as he personally waited for the day to change just to say happy birthday to a lucky fan!

The lucky fan tweeted earlier ten minutes before her birthday on July 1 that read: “I am not sure whether Yoseob oppa (older brother) can see it or not, I will celebrate my birthday in the next 10 minutes, can you say happy birthday to me..since I’m on my third-year high school I’m so tired, your tweet will bring strength for me.”

To everyone surprised, the main vocalist of BEAST mentioned the lucky fans and tweeted: “I don’t know whether you will believe me or not, I am waiting exactly at 12 for saying happy birthday to you!”

Netizens who saw Yoseob’s tweet left their amusement for the idol with several comments, such as “She won’t forget this birthday for the rest of her life!” “as expected, Yang Yoseob = fan service,” and “Even though I am not the one who celebrate birthday today, why am I so touched reading Yoseob’s tweet?”