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Symbolism of Time in Time Machine.
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There is a paradox in the concept of time in Girls’ Generation’s Time Machine. Even as all the clocks portray a different time throughout the video, ironically the differences in time is the constitutive factor that ties everything together. The first glimpse of time we see is depicted by the alarm clock, followed by a street clock, a mobile phone, a car clock, and finally a wall clock. Time itself is shown on different mediums, which represents the difference of context and seasons in which each character is currently in. Yet the common element that brings them together on the same page is time itself. Yes, the times on the clocks are distinctively different. However, the fact that time is a universal notion, juxtaposes the abstract state of disparity in each context. In this apparent contradiction, these characters, who belong to different stories and were set in different contexts, are united together by one common bond, timeUltimately, time is not what sets us apart or what separates us, but it’s what connects us together. 



What truly define an artist should not solely be manifested as how well they can hit the higher register, or how powerful they can belt their notes. Rather, it is one who can find that serenity and that joy in music itself. A true artists is one who immerse themselves within the depths of their emotions, conveying that hidden side of them that is only revealed when music intertwines with the soul. An artist is someone who breathes passion into their music. Being overwhelmed by a sudden rush of emotions that can only be felt when one intertwines their own voice with the echoed voices of their fans. This is what makes a true artist.


"This album is... like challenging a person’s limits." - Seohyun.

Girls’ Generation travelled back to 2008 for their new song Dancing Queen. Time travel dichotomises the boundaries of known human limits. This notion transcends the physical, bringing the audience to a metaphysical state of things.