B2N ft. Best T - Nuse

Albanian rap artists present you “Nuse”.

[GRATUIT] Gros (KnC) - Hors saison (Album)

Ecoute et télécharge gratuitement le l’#album #bootleg de #GroS (#KnC) - Hors saison #rap #hiphop #zerologiq #Scapel #engagé #tuerie

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Après plusieurs années d’écriture, d’enregistrement et de maturité, GroS (KnC) sort son projet. « Hors saison » peut se qualifier de bootleg proposant ainsi certains titres déjà connus et d’autres totalement inédits. 18 morceaux de qualité aux cotés de Scalpel, B2N, Facy Est, HighVision et sa K-NaClick. Cet opus signe une volonté de construire de réels projets alliant forme et fond, thème et…

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Sổ tay

Never try never know


Saigon in my heart - Bitexco


Sổ mini K.I.S.S


Notebook - I love vegetable


Notebook - Stop dreaming start doing


Cube Entertainment Reports Junhyung's Stolen Laptop

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung unfortunately recently had a laptop containing many years’ worth of his songs stolen.

“Yong Junhyung recently visited Spain as a judge for the ‘Cover Dance Festival’. While returning home, he stopped by Finland and it seems that’s when he lost his laptop. We’ve currently reported the laptop at the lost items center. Fortunately, he had his files backed up but most of the songs he recently worked on weren’t backed up so Junhyung is going through some tough times right now,” officials of Cube Entertainment revealed on September 22.

They continued, “The damages are big. Some of the songs weren’t meant for BEAST’s immediate release, but there were a few on his laptop that were meant to be included in future album releases. They are songs that cannot be valued in money.”

We sincerely hope that he is able to recover his laptop!


What’s the best decision that you have ever made?
  • Doojoon:Becoming a singer after being a sportsman
  • Junhyung:Definitely becoming a member of BEAST
  • Dongwoon:When I decided to become a singer
  • Kikwang:Debuting under B2ST’s name after my solo activities.
  • Yoseob:Going with my friends to sing at a training concert in junior high. After that, I slowly began to have an interest in singing.
  • Hyunseung:Having a dream to become a dancer. From that moment on, I fell in love with dancing.
  • (Cr-Jun-kwang)
[19/09/11] Nichkhun-Lee Kikwang, casted in ‘I’m a flower too!’ as ‘Lee Jia’s man’

2PM’s Nichkhun and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang were chosen as ‘Lee Jia’s man’

Nichkhun and Lee Kikwang are casted in MBC’s upcoming drama ‘I’m a flower too!’ The drama ‘I’m a flower too!’ is the well-anticipated comeback drama for Lee Jia who was involved in a divorce scandal with singer Seo Taeji earlier this year.

Lee Kikwang comes out as a younger rookie cop named Maru who likes Bongsun. In the drama, Maru has a strange personality and after falling for Bongsun, he’s a character that shouts “Noona is my girl”.

There is a lot of anticipation for the acting of both popular idol singers in “I’m a flower too!”

“I’m a flower too!” is a romantic comedy, a combined work of “My name is Kim Samsoon” writer Kim Dowoo and “Queen of Housewives” PD Ko Dongsun. It will be aired after “Can’t lose”.

Cr: NATE, poco123@B2ST RISING