Number 8 on our Ypsilanti Bucket list; coffee at B-24s! I enjoyed the open floor plan, pictured windows and quiet atmosphere. It was a nice place to sit and read. While they don’t roast their own beans, they still brew local! Mighty Good espresso and Roos Roast coffee.

The Official Ypsilanti Bucket List
  1. Show at Woodruffs
  2. Eat/Drink at Tower Inn
  3. Taco Ride
  4. Visit the Automotive Heritage Museum
  5. Tour Corner Brewery
  6. Catch a performance at the Dreamland Theater
  7. Eat at the Bomber Resturant
  8. Drink coffee at B24s
  9. Eat at Haabs
  10. Drink at Powells Pub
  11. Catch a play at Riverside Arts Center
  12. Rat Fest
  13. Elvis Festival
  14. Coffee cupping at Ugly Mug
  15. Color Run
  16. Michigan Beer Fest
  17. Eat at Roy’s Squeeze Inn
  18. Coffee in front of stain glass
  19. Visit Unity Vibrations
  20. Kayak in Ford Lake

I will go in to more details and explanations of these things as they happen. Some I have already done but my husband hasn’t and vice versa. This town is very special as it is where we met, had our first “unofficial” date and currently reside.  This place gets a bad rap sometimes, but I have never found a city so welcoming and community oriented.


Awww Cath! she look so CUTE! ♥ I like it!!!!! the gradient color of the background, I’m sooooo proud of you ♥♥♥ ^-^ can I have a draw of SagaCath? xD

Asdfghjkl! Such a words motivate me to the work. \*o*/
Thank you, Miichan! Thank you so much! <3 ^-^

To be honest, I had no idea how to make the background and what can to be there. So I used the colors from Set B24.

What? Do you want my self-portrait? Oh… I don’t know… It’s hard to do, especially for me. I swear, someday I’ll do it! ;’3 But you know what? You can to choose a set from there (link^) and I’ll draw something for you. Send me a set and character and I’ll do it. ^-^

Restoration doesn't matter: 1959 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

Restoration doesn’t matter: 1959 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider

Believe it or not, nowadays you can still see barn finds like this one which, indeed, is a rare B24S which has been stored many years.

This car (chassis B24S-1612) needs not only cosmetics but to be disassembled in pieces and then fully restored. The seller says that there is rust under the sills (as usual) but, on the other side, this car has its original hardtop and it has been in the same…

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Todo es magia (y matemáticas).

Rodeo FX ha producido 240 espectaculares tomas de efectos especiales para la película de Unbroken de Angelina Jolie, incluyendo las escenas de combate aéreo entre los B24 y los Mitsubishi A6M Zero.

rae-chan23 asked:

Say you use copic markers right? Which ones do you use when coloring Jazz? Which ones do you use the most?

Ahhhh sorry for being so late! I’m trying to respond to everything but lemme tell you a thing….

I HAVE A LOOOOOOT OF COPICS, I tend to keep as many colors as I can so I can blend as well as I can! Here’s the colors I use for Jazz!

Y15 (Cadnium Yellow) for the highlights of her hair

YR07 (Cadnium Orange) for Jazz’s hair

R29 (Lipstick Red) for shading on her hair

E00 (Skin White) for the skin

Y38 (Honey) for the shade of skin

B29 (ultramarine) for her glasses and shade on her jacket

C10 (Cool Grey no.01) for her stockings

YG41 (Pale Colbalt Green) for her light green colors

YG06 (Yellowish Green) for her tie and such

B24 (Sky) for her shorts

BG18 (Teal Blue) for her jacket

So yeah, those are the colors! I have to use these sparingly since they are quite pricey, but I know it’s worth it uvu

The ones I use the most are usually robin skyblue and cadnium red and skin white and also cadnium yellow. Those are common colors I use for Quick or Rock since I color them all the time, especially in my comic XD Hence why I have refills for all these colors. That’s why I appreciate commissions since the money goes towards copics and I can draw more for you guys ahah