June Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

1. BTS
3. EXO
6. SHINee
8. Highlight
10. BTOB
12. Super Junior
13. NCT
14. NU’EST
17. SF9
18. JYJ
19. B1A4
21. Block B
23. GOT7
24. Shinhwa
29. iKON
30. 2PM

some new fe keychains!!! the askr trio is actually pretty old but i just kept forgetting to post on here lol. also i have my copy of se echoes but i’ve been too busy with finals to start the game!! i will hopefully this week. 

i’ll have these at fanime table 1315, anime expo table b22, and otakon (table tba).

The Kindergarten Series - 1. Mr. Bjorman

Words - 774

Rated - K 

A series of drabbles centered on kindergarten teacher Ms. Anna Lail and gym teacher Mr. Kristoff Bjorman. Ratings may vary per drabble. 

For the first time in her life, Anna Lail was a nervous mess. She was a fresh college graduate, a new teacher at Arendelle Elementary School, and on her way to set up her kindergarten classroom. 

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The Kindergarten Series - 2. The T-Shirt

Words - 1057

Rated - K 

A series of drabbles centered on kindergarten teacher Ms. Anna Lail and gym teacher Mr. Kristoff Bjorman. Ratings may vary per drabble.

Previous drabbles -

     The hallways and classrooms were alive with energy and excitement as teachers and administrators prepared for the first official day of school. There was still a good hour before the buses and parents were to come, and most of the adults were either getting their classrooms ready, finishing their breakfasts, or heartily talking with each other. 

      In Room B22, Anna moved around the tables to make sure each table top was spotless and each name tag was aligned and in the right seat. She woke up earlier than intended and ate a rather small breakfast with her sister before driving to Arendelle Elementary. Anna was even more excited and nervous today than she was on Friday. Her belly churned nonstop and for once Anna did not finish her favorite breakfast of chocolate chip waffles.

      Today was her first day of work. In no less than an hour she was going to have twenty-two students sitting at the tables. Twenty-two students she was going to teach and look after. This was it. This was what Anna dreamt of doing ever since high school. Her dream of being a kindergarten teacher had actually come true. 

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The Kindergarten Series - 3. The Missing Student

Words - 1149

Rated - K 

A series of drabbles centered on kindergarten teacher Ms. Anna Lail and gym teacher Mr. Kristoff Bjorman. Ratings may vary per drabble. 

Previous drabbles – 1 2

     “Okay class let’s find our seats so we could see if all our friends are here today.” Anna decided with a firm clap of her hands.

      So far Anna had to admit that she was proud of herself. After making a few adjustments to her appearance, the young teacher walked to the playground so she could meet and greet her students and their families. As she suspected a handful of her students were shy and reluctant to meet her, so Anna slipped on her most friendly smile and voice and managed to win a few smiles. Other students were eagerly excited to meet her. There was one little boy in her class who could’ve talked forever if his father had not intervened and suggested that he go introduce himself to his classmates. Once the bell rang, Anna gathered her students in a single-file line and they walked back into the building and into their classroom.

      As her students seated themselves at the tables, Anna picked up her attendance log and wrote down the date, her name, and the classroom number. She then looked up at her students with a bright smile.

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so you want Hamilton fic ideas

Your birth month: Character A

Your mom’s birth month: Character B

Your birth- day: What they’re doing together

January - Alexander Hamilton
February - Elizabeth Schuyler
March - Angelica Schuyler
April - George Washington
May - John Laurens
June - Lafayette
July - Hercules Mulligan
August - Thomas Jefferson
September - James Madison
October - Peggy Schuyler
November - Maria Reynolds
December - Aaron Burr

1. A and B co-author an essay
2 A and B shop for clothes together
3. A and B awkwardly discuss the weather
4. A and B get hopelessly lost
5. A and B split a meal at a fancy restaurant
6. A and B are handcuffed together
7. A and B trek through the woods
8. A and B get mistaken for one another
9. A and B find themselves in agreement over something they didn’t expect
10. A and B have a screaming match
11. A and B play catch
12. A and B play chess
13. A and B arm-wrestle
14. A lends B a book
15. A teaches B something
16. A gives B directions
17. A sings B a song
18. A lectures B about something
19. A worries about B
20. A cooks B a meal
21. A flirts with B
22. A has a massive unrequited crush on B
23. A gives B a piece of their mind
24. A and B dance at a ball
25. A writes a tell-all pamphlet about their relationship with B
26. A and B play a piano duet
27. A is keeping a secret from B
28. A embarrasses B in public
29. A gives B horrible advice
30. A gives B good advice
31. A gets B fired

Hey guys! I have a new fan print of my all time favorite game, Earthbound available for ACEN this weekend! I grew up playing and replaying this game (my most prized possession is the original strategy guide) so it was a lot of fun making this little dude.
This weekend I’ll be sharing a table with the lovely Kasey Williams and Gene Goldstein at tables B21 and B22 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare!