Look at this shot of Rose’s fountain

In other shots we see the entire outside is overrun and dirty

But the fountain itself is not only clean, it’s spotless. You’d expect 13 years worth of dust and dirt, but the fountain and the area around it aren’t dirty at all.

Not to mention the light illuminating Rose’s statue.

It’s not just a gap in the vines. It’s an intentional design, a skylight that lights down directly onto Rose’s statue.

The plants didn’t just overrun Rose’s fountain, they took care of it. They kept it guarded and clean and well lit.

Rose’s plants still care about her.

“He may leave one day,” she says, “and it may hurt.” She pauses, collecting herself.

“But I think I will be okay. He’s given me the gift of hope. I’m glad I’ve extracted that much.”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #27 // lily rose.