• what he says: im fine
  • what he means: At first, Dave has an extreme unfondness of Karkat, thinking of him as the shouty troll who enjoys his romance films and everything he does that Dave doesn't like is a way for Karkat trying to bother him. Their dislike for each other only increased when Karkat tried to split Terezi's time between them both with a grid, which dissolved into penis ouija and Karkat getting tangled in Dave's god tier cape.
  • During the meteors' final approach towards the B2 session, Karkat contacts Dave because Skaia is visible and Dave is beginning to be treated like how Karkat used to treat Sollux. Later in their conversation, they are revealed to consider each other 'bros' or 'best friends'.
  • As shown in the Vriskagram flash, Dave and Karkat have developed a much closer relationship on the post-retcon meteor journey. Here Rose mentions what sounds like penis Ouija having turned from a violent tussle in pre-retcon to a giggly dick-drawing session post-retcon. It is also shown that they enter a romantic relationship, as signified by Hussie on his Twitter, Vriska, and Jasprosesprite^2. Vriska suggests that they had some sort of complicated romantic situation that vacillated between multiple quadrants, and Jasprose says to Nepetasprite that Karkat is involved with someone else now in that [the flushed] quadrant. The Davesprite part of them also admits that "It still feels right" to have a crush on Karkat. Davepetasprite^2 states that, to the surprise of the Dave part of them, the concept of having a crush on Karkat is not something they are internally conflicted about. It was further implied by ipgd's vine, in which Hussie himself confirms it directly, and earlier by ipgd herself that Dave and Karkat are involved with each other romantically. Around the ending of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5, Karkat expresses concern, hoping that Dave is okay. This is also Karkat's last line in the comic.
Musical Theatre Roles from Lowest to Highest (male range)

I’m not nearly as familiar with the ins and outs of the male range, so I’ve made the range divisions much more general.  Some of these characters are definitely up for interpretation for which vocal part they fall under, but if you feel a character is way out of place, please let me know!  I absolutely could have mixed up one of the octave numbers here, so please don’t be shy about messaging me, I would really appreciate it actually!

Note that I’ve placed some of these based on what the original casting call labelled them as, not my own interpretation.  Also note that I’ve based each of these octave numbers on the piano octave numbering.  There’s a lot of discrepancy in how male range is labelled, so if in doubt, remember that I’ve based this off of the piano octaves.

Don’t know your vocal range?  Check out this video for help figuring it out!

You can find the female counterpart to this post here!

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I'm basically fucking him.

So, about the whole ‘ideal self’ thing…

That explains the dream outfit on sprites squared, since dreamselves were already said to be more akin to the 'true person’.
It also explains how Alternate Future Dream Rose’s merger into her alpha self could even work!

But then… Since Davepeta is confirmed to have access to the memories of all Davesprites, like I theorized in the past…
She also has Fefeta’s!
But what about cross-scratch? A1 Nepeta and B2 Dave?

… Well, that reminds me of Brain Ghost Dirk’s words. “I wonder what Jack is up to.” Since Heart players have a close connection to that immortal self, it would seem to confirm Dirk accessed Bro’s memories there.

But that brings up the question, could Dirk tap into Arquius’ memories? Lord English’ memories? Doc Scratch’? … Cal’s?

Meanwhile, I wonder how it all will affect Terezi. As of page 9906, we hadn’t seen her again. But accessing all of those memories… Would that destroy her? Knock her out? Kill her? Grant her instant god tier?

Love how “I’m basically fucking him” has been extended so far.

But still, emotionally, there’s a difference in equalizing 50 dead Nepetas, or (Vriska) and Vriska. Though if Vriska (R2) ever learned about this, it would rub salt in her imaginary wounds.

Now, if Davepeta is their own composite person, what does that mean for Dave and Nepeta’s immortal self?

Maybe they’re all connected. Maybe [S] Terezi: Remember should be taken literally, and Terezi remembers EVERYTHING now, everyone’s memories. Remember how (Vriska) said she stole (Tavros)’ memories before the Tavrisplosion happened?

If so, she might be able to grant her peers access to (some) memories now? To share all this wisdom and potential character growth and not let it go to waste?