Fun fact: the University of Nebraska marching band has a rogue Facebook group called CornMB (which sprung off of the original page CMB). It all started when one of our directors checked if the long ranger was working by saying corn. From there on out he’d say it every morning and we would yell it back.

It evolved from just saying it to hyping the shit out of it. It then turned into a constant stream of corn memes on the fb marching band page. It then evolved into way many corn memes and way too much corn to the point that drum majors threatened to kick people out of the group in the name of corn.

In retaliation the CornMB was made. A page strictly dedicated to the beauty of corn. If you scroll through the page you will see people documenting their corn based meals or people dressed like corn even some recipes. It stands for corn rights and all things corn and it’s one of most beautiful things I’ve been apart of.

Welcome to Nebraska.