Northern Lights
II. The Idea of North

“That light,” said the Chaplain, “is it going up or coming down?”

“It’s coming down,” said Lord Asriel, “but it isn’t light. It’s Dust.”

Something in the way he said it made Lyra imagine Dust with a capital letter, as if this wasn’t ordinary dust. The reaction of the Scholars confirmed her feeling, because Lord Asriel’s words caused a sudden collective silence, followed by gasps of incredulity.

Chapter One: The Unexpected Visitor

The gloom in the air from the fresh fallen rain was enough to keep one in bed all day, and having to spend the earlier hours of the morning getting ready and dressed for school was most definitely at the bottom of Remus Lupin’s list of thing’s he’d rather be doing. It wasn’t the learning part he dreaded. In fact, if he had it his own way, that’s all school would be is in complete isolation doing his best to finish the coursework. His reluctance came from being moved around to a different school every year since he’s started. The battle to make new friends and adjust to a new environment had hit the point of exhaustion around the third time he’d needed to introduce himself to a classroom. Try as they might to stay, sooner or later he’d come home to his father pitching a new place to live, usually because the nature of his family was starting to become more apparent.

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Instead of leaving an already traumatised infant to brave the wilds of late autumn Surrey at night, couldn’t they just cast a spell that would knock on the door when they were a suitable distance away?  Or you know, knock on the door and explain things to the Dursleys instead of leaving a passive aggressive and probably cryptic letter, no doubt covered in sticky fingerprints?  On second thoughts, let’s let McGonagall explain things to the Dursleys.  Hell, even Hagrid would do a better job. Hagrid.  Dumbledore would just twinkle roguishly at them in lieu of giving them any helpful information, and bond with Dudley over a love for Muggle sweets.

Maybe finding Harry that morning, with a UKIP campaign leaflet carefully placed over him, is why the Dursleys are so pissed. 

“[The Dursleys’] is the best place for him.” Yes, ‘the best place’, where he’ll be constantly neglected and belittled.  Child abuse is just the best, isn’t it, Albus?  

Sure, there’s the ~protection charm~, but isn’t Hogwarts the safest place if Dumbledore’s there?  Can’t they just keep him in the room of requirement and just be like “KEEP HARRY SAFE”?  Wait, Dumbledore, greatest wizard ever, hasn’t found the room of requirement when LITERALLY EVERY TEENAGER IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL SEEMS TO MANAGE AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER.  No, he just thinks it’s a magical toilet room.  Order of Merlin First Class material, right there.  

*Breathes heavily.* Okay.  How about an AU where Harry is raised in Hogwarts, Madam Pomfrey looks after his scrapes, Trewlaney is the crazy aunt he only sees once a year, and Snape is constantly trying to throw him out of windows.  Or an AU where Harry is raised by the Order of the Phoenix and can hex a deatheater by the age of six.  We’ll settle for an AU where Harry is raised by literally anyone who will actually be slightly competent.  Well, I guess that that rules out Dumbledore.