[VID/HD][720p] 140821 The Ice Bucket Challenge (ALS awareness campaign) B1A4 version

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[TRANS] To be at least any help to Lou Gehrig (ALS) patients, B1A4 decided to participate in Ice Bucket Challenge campaign together. The 3 persons who B1A4 tagged are Shim Eunkyung, Sunmi, Kim Yoojung. Please show more interest to Ice Bucket Challenge in the future.

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Check out the reply vid by Sunmi, Shim Eunkyung, and Kim Yoo jung


[B1A4Friends] 140809 Lovely B1A4 reunited with Stefanie Michova at KCON 2014 backstage!

I met my favorites B1A4 at #kcon! Super excited! Stay tuned for the exclusive backstage interview!

Met my favorites B1A4 at kcon again! Stay tuned for the exclusive backstage interview! Super excited to see them perform! #kconexp2014 #kcon #kconexp2014 #b1a4

s: stefanie’s ig&twitter

[TRANS][TWITTER] 130827 @/junjunmjgirly (Golden bomber’s Jun) compliments #B1A4’s Amazing Store Concert in Tokyo!

B1A4さんのライブを観に行って参りました。世界中の「愛しい」があの場所に集結したかのようなライブに悶絶しまくり。まじで最高でした。興奮し過ぎて写真が半泣きになっております。明日発売のCDと共にパシャリ。本当にありがとうございました! pic.twitter.com/LYYfx3eyYJ

I went for B1A4’s concert. It was a concert where it was as if all that was dear in the world had been gathered there *faints* It was the best, seriously. I was too excited that I was close to tears in this photo. I’m holding their CD that will be released tomorrow. Thank you very much!

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