52 B1A4's Facts
  1. B1A4 means Be The One ( 1) All For(4) One which intended to, perfect form when 5 ( people ) becoming 1.
  2. B1A4 also means 1 member ( re: Baro) has blood type of B, while 4 is other [of] have a blood type A ( re: CNU, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Gongchan).
  3. WM Entertaiment is B1A4 agency.
  4. First Mini Album of B1A4 entitle Let’S Fly with single O.K as album song title.
  5. Lee Sangho creator of B2St, T-Ara, CN. Blue, FT. Island and  Lee Seunggi hits is the main produser  of Let’S Fly Album.
  6. Lee sangho also the main produser of Let’s Fly Album
  7. Im Sanghyuk (B2ST’s main song writer), Dawoon and Wheesung also participate in Let’s Fly Album making *that’s great look how many famous creator also participate ^^*
  8. O.K mv released at April 21st and their debute is April 23rd in Music Core, this is their stage debute.
  9. Besides good at singing, Jinyoung is a song writer too, he made a song in Let’s Fly Album with tittle Bling Girl.
  10. Baro also participate with made his own rap.
  11. CNU is a person who cares about health, that’s why he likes sports. *aigu~ love man that likes sports ^^-*
  12. Gongchan’s fans are mostly ‘noona’(older girl), because noonas seems fallin’ love with his ‘Angelic Smile’
  13. When Sandeul smiling, he seems can made those people around him feel happiness *wow is that true? 0.0 angel smile bring happiness*
  14. B1A4 is a rookie group who has many fans even before their debute.
  15. All member said that Jinyoung’s not comparable become Leader coz he’s too cute to be leader *sure his cuteness attracted me too >.<*
  16. CNU is the oldest but he joined the last.
  17. Sandeul had known before his debute with B1A4 coz he won many singing contest often.
  18. In their Let’s Fly Mini Album, B1A4 mentioning B2ST’s Hyunseung name in ‘Thanks to’ *wonder why~*
  19. CNU is the tallest member with height of 182cm, then Gongchan with 181cm, other member have same height 178cm. *aww my bunny’s the tallest >//<*
  20. Even though Baro seems the shortest.
  21. During O.K MV making, Baro and Jinyoung were playing around often.
  22.  It seems they both (Baro and Jinyoung) are close each other.
  23. CNU and Sandeul also seems close each other.
  24. Then, the maknae was alone 0.0 no no~ is that’s why he sometimes makes his condition (re: sangtae) himself??
  25. People said that Jinyoung is similar with FT Island Minhwan & Seunghyun, 2AM Jinwoon, Lee Seunggi, Jung Il Woo, ZE:A Moogeun and Super Junior Eunhyuk..*but for me he’s most similar with Super Junior Eunhyuk XD my bro thought that so*
  26. Some people also said Gongchan is similar with SHINee Jonghyun *hah? ^^a*, CN.Blue Yonghwa, Super Junior Donghae, B2ST Dongwoon, FT.Island Joonghoon and Kim Soo Hyun *????*
  27. Then people also said Sandeul is similar with Super Junior Kang In, Bigbang Seungri, U-Kiss Dongho, Lee Junki, CN.Blue Jonghyun and Onew Shinee *for me he’s most similar with Super Junior Sungmin~ XD*
  28. People also said that CNU is similar with FT.Island Jaejin & Hongki (2 people? 0.0), MBLAQ Thunder and B2ST Gikwang *hey, CNU is eldest and his similar with most maknae? Aww my baby~ baby face XD*
  29. Some people also said that Baro similar with BigBang GD, Super Junior Sungmin, and SHINee Onew *I thinks he’s most similar with hamster XDD hehe*
  30. Saendeul looks more thin compared with his photo before debuted.
  31. Jinyoung was called ‘Bitting Lip Leader’ coz he likes bite his lip. *aww >//< bite bite*
  32. That habit’s work on Baro too. *heh…=.=?*
  33. Gongchan’s nickname is TurChan which means Turtle Gongchan coz his face remember us to turtle XD haha
  34. Baro’s nickname is HamBaro coz he’s similar with hamster *like I said before XD* HamTaro and HamBaro~
  35. Eventhough CNU is a polite, fussy, and eldest member…he assessed not cool to be leader (omo 0.0 for me he’s so cool)
  36. Jinyoung is a calm member even he’s smiling ^^-
  37. When Baro tried to be cool, he always failed, but that made him looks cute >.<
  38. Sandeul’s personality just likes sun coz he’s so smart and shining XD *sun? remember me to Boyfriend Donghyun XDD haha*
  39. Gongchan always looks so mature and have a lot energy eventhough he’s a maknae *that’s sure ne~*
  40. Jinyoung is a cool leader and shy boy…? ^^a
  41. Jinyoung was the first be recruited by WM Ent. to become B1A4, then Baro, Gongchan, Sandeul, and CNU the last…
  42. Jinyoung also likes playing guitar and write a song besides singing and acting.
  43. Baro can do a beatbox! *wow! This remember me to KAT-TUN Nakamaru XD*
  44. Sandeul likes cooking and swimming..
  45. Gongchan’s good in Mathematics! Wow just like Super Junior Kyu XD hihi and he also likes swimming…
  46. Same with Baro, CNU also wrote his rap lyric. I heard he also good at Mathematics and he also good at Taekwondo! *hihi just like me XD*
  47. B1A4 is Flower Boys Generation *omo like SHINee 0.0*
  48. Gongchan’s phobia is everythings which related with deathness. *huhu me too T_T*
  49. Gongchan will feel nervous and get stomachache when he was in crowded place *same with me >.< really*
  50. Baro likes running sports ^^-
  51. Gongchan calls Baro ‘Baro-Soshi’ *omo omo 0.0 is he likes snsd? -.-*
  52. Jinyoung loves RED than CNU loves BLACK
B1A4 Facts

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- Under WM Entertainment

- has 5 members with same blood types except one person, Baro

- B1A4 named by their bloodtypes, one person B-type, and 4 people A-types

- releasing OK music video yesterday on April 21st

- debut stage on April 23rd on MBC Music Core

- 2nd debut on Mnet Countdown

- all member think that jinyoung unlike a leader, he’s just too cute

- B1A4 is the abbreviation of ’Be The One, All For One’, with meaning of ‘the best is formed when 5 become 1’

- B1A4’s first mini album “Lets Fly” with OK as its title song

- Lee Sangho who created hits songs of BEAST, T-Ara, FT-Island, CN.Blue, Lee Seunggi, etc is the main producer of this album

- Im Sanghyuk (Beast’s main songwriter), Jeon Dawoon (K.Will’s main songwriter), and Wheesung participated in improving the completion of their album

- Jinyoung also wrote the lyrics by himself

- Baro wrote his own Rap part

- CNU is a health enthusiast, he play various sport

- Sandeul often smiling… he’s smile can bring happiness for people around him

- Gongchan, the magnae.. he’s the youngest in the group. But he’s the one that captured noonas heart by his angelic smile and strong gaze

- B1A4 was one of rookie group that has A LOT of fans even before they debuting!

- A day before the Music Video release, an international fans cracked their official homepage because they were so curious.

- Gongchan Hometown in Suncheon and his School in Suncheon Isu Middle School 

-  Whenever Baro tries to act cool, he will always turn out looking cute

- CNU got his stage name from his real name ShinWoo, CN = Shin - Woo = U

- They will releasing “Let’s Fly” album on Japan too


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B1A4 Facts

Aqui estão os principais Fatos do grupo B1A4. Aproveite !

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Além de compor músicas, cantar e atuar, JinYoung toca guitarra muito bem.

 CNU é uma pessoa que se preocupa com a saúde,por isso que ele adora esportes. 

O apelido do Gongchan é TurChan que significa Tartaruga Gongchan .

Baro é o único membro que tem o tipo sanguíneo B no grupo. 

Sandeul e Gongchan adoram nadar.

CNU foi o último membro a se juntar ao grupo.

Baro escreve seu próprio rap em todas as canções do B1A4. 

Gongchan é bom em Matemática. 

B1A4 (Tipo sanguíneo B de Baro e Tipo Sanguíneo A de CNU, Jinyoung, Sandeul e Gongchan). 

B1A4 é o primeiro grupo estreante a ser tendência no Twitter mesmo antes do debut oficial. 

Jinyoung ama vermelho do CNU ama preto. 

Assim como Baro, CNU também escreve a sua letra de rap.

O apelido de Baro é HamBaro, que é a junção de hamster + Baro.

Baro e Jinyoung são bem próximos.

Sandeul já era conhecido antes do debut com B1A4, pois venceu concurso de canto muitas vezes.

CNU também adora jogar vários jogos, como basquete. 

O apelido do Sandeul é bunnydeul, porque ele lembra o rosto de um coelho.

CNU é o membro mais educado e ele também é bastante exigente .

Baro se parece com uma criança. Ele gosta de morder os lábios como Jinyoung. 

Fãs em Hong Kong deu uma estrela ao grupo chamado B1A4 B1A4.

Jinyoung é muito calmo. 

Jinyoung é apelidado de “Líder Bitting Lip”, porque ela gosta de morder o lábio.

CNU é o membro mais alto com 1,82.

Quando Sandeul sorrir é como se pudesse compartilhar a felicidade para as pessoas ao redor

@KpoppersBR  - #Mod2 Mayara Duarte

anonymous asked:

Did you know that all of B1A4 have an animal associated with them? CNU is a bear/Pooh Bear because he is big and strong and moves slowly. Jinyoung is a fox because of his eyes. Sandeul is a duck because of his lips. Baro is the squirrel princess; he used to just be a squirrel because of his cheeks, but then he wore pink pj's on a show and they came up with a "squirrel princess" song for him to the tune of La Cucaracha. Gongchan is a puppy because he's cute and smells things.

Awwww, that’s really cute! Is this something they came up with themselves or is it a fandom thing? I knew people called Jinyoung a fox (and I can definitely see it) and Baro a squirrel, but I didn’t know about the rest.

anonymous asked:

They came up with it themselves, they even had socks based around it. CNU's actually had glasses on them, but the others were a fox, a duck, a puppy, and the squirrel princess's tiara.

THAT’S SO CUTE OMG. I need to find pics of those socks… How is B1A4 so cute? I’m constantly amazed at how ridiculously cute everything they do is

anonymous asked:

hey!!!!! I wanna get into b1a4 but idk where to start!!! can u recommend ur fave songs and shows they've done??? and any inside jokes or stuff I should know??? thank u!!!!! :) 💖💫✨

hi ! firstly, sorry for keeping this out for so long, i wanted to properly give you links and all. tbh i don’t know where to start explaining, but b1a4 is a group where you need to know how they were like from the beginning, and how much they’ve improved/grown up to now. this is going to be a really long post, but take your time, save this link!!

  1. watch all ✧ official videos ✧. includes music videos, practise videos and behind the scenes.
  2. debut reality show: ✧ match up  ; this is actually how everyone fell in love with b1a4. note: it was a combined show with block b, and these are the b1a4 cuts. a definite must watch if you were to get into b1a4.
  3. ✧ spout dance ✧. biggest part of the fandom
  4. beautiful target era reality show: ✧ sesame player ; this is when they had finally showed the public their own style and their personalities start to show. also where most of the fandom jokes start. very important !!!
  5. early b1a4 trivia: ✧ b1a4 theory ✧ ; read some facts about them.
  6. reality show: ✧ hello baby ✧; a different and dear side to b1a4.
  7. guest performances: ✧ immortal song 2 ✧. definitely, please for the love of god watch them all.
  8. solo day era reality show: ✧ one fine day ✧; this is the most recent reality show. it’s nice to see the members go on vacation and relax
  9. road trip clips: ✧ go! b1a4 ✧; mnetamerica have these clips of b1a4 during the american shows.

other important check points:

  • ✧ follow update blogs such as fuckyeahb1a4, aviateb1a4
  • ✧ download all of their songs. don’t only listen to the title tracks. jinyoung and shinwoo compose. their most recent albums have treasure tracklist songs. please give them all love !!!
  • ✧ b1a4network is a good place to start if you’re looking for fandom bloggers, or making friends !! i think everyone in this fandom is really accepting and nice
  •  wikipedia. i’ve left out some things, for the sake of making this shorter, but their wiki page has other important things.
  • weekly idol. search it on youtube. 
  • ✧ osts, dramas, variety show appearances, concerts, special performances, dramas, movies. they’ve done so many things now, you can now go ahead and watch them all c: 

if you have any questions, feel free to ask ! ♥