so this is love.

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pairing: min yoongi | reader
genre: romance, angst
implied sexual activities, themes of cheating and heartbreak
word count:
description: there are three things they don’t tell you about getting cheated on.
author’s note: i suggest listening to sandeul of b1a4′s mini album “stay as you are” because this was written by listening to said album on repeat. enjoy and thank you for your patience!

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There are certain things they don’t tell you when you get cheated on. Not that there were any universal secrets to the concept, but it’s something that happens in the weakest moment of someone’s life. A betrayal. An unforgivable one at that. And, it isn’t simple either.

First of all, you’ll still love them. There isn’t some magical response that you’ll suddenly stop loving that person, because you still will. The love will remain as potent as it was when you just realize that you love them. Even so, it feels as though in that moment when you find out they’ve cheated on you, it’s like you remember every moment that led you fall for them in every fine detail as if you’re brain wanted you to suffer enough. Like being in some sort of limbo, you watch the first meeting, the first dates, the first talks, the firsts… all the works. It’s etched into your brain, and as if on replay, it continues to go on and on, reminding you of what was while you suffer through the current moment. You’ll think to yourself, What could I have done to turn this around? Where did it go so wrong?

But maybe some things are out of your control.

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oh how ive missed b1a4

this entire album is gold and the mv is a work of art and everything is amazing agh these boys are always worth the wait please know that they deserve all the love in the world and are so beyond talented god ive missed them im dead someone hold me

Kpop Christmas Songs Masterpost

SMTOWN - The Warmest Gift (Full Album)
Santa U Are The One (MV ver)
JYP Nation - This Christmas
Star Empire Ent. - Shooting Star
After School - Love Love Love
Wonder Girls - Be My Baby (Ra. D Mix)
SNSD - Snowy Wish
IU - You and I
Ailee - My Grown Up Christmas List
Ailee - My Grown Up Christmas List (Kor. version)
Secret - I Do I Do
JellyFish Artists - Winter Propose
Infinite - Lately
SNSD - All I Want For Christmas Is You
1sAgain - With a Coffee (Winter ver)
Crayon Pop, K-Much, Bob Girls, Zan-Zan - Love Christmas
Starship Planet - Love Is You
Starship Planet - Pink Romance
Starship Planet - Snow Candy
BTOB - You Can Cry
EXO - Miracles in December (Chinese ver.)
Apink - My My
Eric Nam - Melt My Heart
Kanto (feat As One) - Before The Snow
Teen Top - Snow Kiss
DSP - White Letter
The VIBE Family - Lonely Christmas
JellyFish Ent. - Christmas Time
Roy Kim - It’s Christmas Day
BTOB - The Winter’s Tale
PUREBOY -  흰눈이 내리면
Dal Shabet & Minx - Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree
Lee Joon Gi - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
IU - Dec 24 (D.ear cover)
BTS (Jimin & Jongkook) - Christmas Day
BTS - A Typical Trainee’s Christmas
BTS - A Typical Idol’s Christmas
BigHit Artists - Perfect Christmas
BigHit artists - Santa Claus is comin’ to town
GOT7 - Confession Song
BoA - Merry-Chri
Orange Caramel & Nu’est - Dashing through the snow in High Heels
Son Dambi & After School - Love Letter
JellyFish Ent. - Because it’s Christmas
SunnyHill - Goodbye to Romance
Starship Planet - White Love
Kim Bum Soo & Lena Park - White Winter
Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas
EXO - Miracles in December (Full Album)
Sung Si Kyung, Kwon Jin Ah - Don’t Forget
BOM&HI - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Urban Zakapa - When Winter Comes
SHINee - Colorful
BESTie feat Yoo Sae Yoon  - Zzang Christmas
T-ara - Hide & Seek
MYSTIC89 - Christmas Wishes
Lee Jonghyun & Juniel - Love Falls
Cube Artists -  Christmas Song
2BiC - Lonely Christmas
SMTOWN - Waiting for White Christmas
• HALO - Surprise
Henry & Amber - Happy Holidays
Starship Entertainment - Softly
TaeTiSeo - Dear Santa
TaeTiSeo - Dear Santa (English Version)
TaeTiSeo - Dear Santa (Full Album)
• B1A4 - It’s Christmas Time
• EXO - Sing For You (Chinese Ver)
EXO - Sing For You (Full Album)
• Jellyfish Ent. - Love In The Air
Lee Moonsae, Roy Kim (ft. Hanhae) - This Christmas
f(x) - Wish List
Taecyeon - Be My Merry Christmas
Davichi (ft. Jay Park) - White
Red Velvet - Wish Tree
APRIL - Snowman
Cosmic Girls - All I Want For Christmas Is You
BoA - Christmas Paradise
Junhyung - Anyway Merry Christmas
9MUSES - Santa Baby
UP10TION - Last Christmas
In The Moon - Christmas Rain
• Jun. K - Love Letter
T-ARA - Tiamo
Fin.K.L - White
Turbo - December
• IU ft. Thunder - Merry Christmas in Advance
JeA - Winter, It’s You
HAHA, OH MY GIRL (ft. M.TySON) - White
Starship Planet - Love Wishes
SHINee - Winter Wonderland
• Jin (BTS) - Awake (Christmas Version)
LABOUM - Winter Story
• Wable - I Want to Fall In Love
• Baek A Yeon (ft. JB) - Just Because
• Jessica - Wonderland
• Lyn - 20th Century Carol
• BrandNew Music - Already Christmas
• VoiceLatte - Sweet Christmas
• Baek Yerin - Love You On Christmas
• Suran- Winter Bird
• Sechkies - Couple
• Jellyfish Ent - You Come Down
• Taecyeon - Merry Christmas To You
• LOONA - The Carol
• Apink - Cause You’re My Star
WJSN - Fire & Ice (The Snow Queen 3 OST)
• Hyorin - Let It Go
• MAMAMOO - Draw Draw Draw
• LOONA (Haseul) - Let Me In
• Gugudan - Wonderland (Santa Girls ver)
SF9 - So Beautiful
Wendy x Moon JungJae - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
• VIXX - Shooting Star

Christmas is only one month away, so I decided to make this post. The songs/MVs are in no particular order, and I probably forgot some of them, so if you want to add anything, go for it!


[TRANS] B1A4 GOOD TIMING thanks to. messages


B1A4′s 3rd album has been released. While preparing for this album I thought of happy moments, but also wondered what will happen to us moving forward? I think it’s such an exciting time. When making this album, I wanted to incorporate experiences/feelings that everyone could have had at least once. To be able to tell stories and communicate to many people through music is such a happy thing. I hope that many people can understand and recall past memories through our music, and feel happiness through it as well^^
Those whom I am always thankful for! My loving mother, father, older sister, Lee Won Min rep, and all of our WM family members, thank you so much! I can’t write all of your names down here but I want to send my thanks to all of the staff who helped in the production of this album. And our members!! I always see you but I still always miss you!! Because of you I can have strength and fight through anything! Thank you and moving forward let’s do even better~ we can do it! Love you.
And finally to BANAs!! Please listen to the track -Together-. Thank you for being there.. and I love you.


To everyone who worked hard for this album to be released, I want to say thank you. More than anything, to BANAs who waited and waited for B1A4′s new music, thank you. We all face difficulties nowadays. I hope that our music can provide you all with a moment of comfort and happiness. -From Shinwoo-


While preparing for B1A4′s 3rd album, to our WM family who ran through this journey starting from my solo album, I want to express my greatest thankful heart to you. Lee Won Min CEO and Kim Jin Mi chairman, you have an unstoppable driving force with you. Moving forward B1A4 will trust that force and run with strength. Fighting! Cho Ji Hyun director who always works hard for us, Jeongeun Noona, Dongjoo manager, Daeseokie Hyung, Woobinnie Hyung, Hwandongie Hyung, Dayoon-ssi, Kibeom-ssi, Daesungie Hyung, Dongjoonie Hyung, Haena Noona, Hayeon Noona, Chanseokie Hyung, Haejeong Noona, Eunbyeol-ssi, Kyuwon-ssi, Nayeon-ssi, Soul-ssi, Jieun Noona, Heejin Noona, Eunyoung Noona, Taejin Noona, Minah teacher, Minji-ssi, Youngji-ssi, Cheonhee Hyung, and even Jeongkyu PD-nim, all of our WM family members let’s all have a little more strength!! heh And to Jang Deok Young photographer who took such beautiful album jacket photos for us, Saehee Director who gave us such beautiful photos and music video, thank you. Haerin stylist manager, you worked hard too! To our BANAs, up to our 3rd full album, lots of things happened in between right. Heh To our BANAs who stayed as you are, thank you so much and I love you~♡♡ And lastly, to our members, thank you for being B1A4. keke You are all probably busy right now, but when we have some time, let’s go eat delicious food and have a drink~ Jinyoungie Hyung said he’d pay!! Yoohoo~!! Ah right!! And to composers Jinyoung-nim and Shinwoo-nim, thank you for the great songs~^^


Firstly, to our fans who waited so long for our album!! Thank you so much for waiting, and as much as you’ve waited we’ve put our heart into the product, so I hope that this album can become a source of strength for you all. Sorry and thank you. And to our members who went through a lot while preparing this album, and our CEO and chairman, and all WM family members, you’ve all worked so hard and thank you to everyone else who also helped and worked hard!! I’ll work even harder and become an artist who you will always want to work with! Also, to my loving family and friends who always support me by my side and become my strength, I’m always thankful. I’ll become an even greater person, so please watch over me!!! It’s been a while since we released a full album so it was pressuring and took a long time, but I hope that this album can touch your hearts. We’ll work harder!! Thank you to everyone who listens to this album, and please look forward to our future activities!! The weather is cold so be careful not to get sick, and thank you always!


BANA♥ We’ve returned after one and a half years, have you been well? I wanted to ask our BANAs about even the little things, and I’ve been curious about how you’ve been during all this time. While preparing this album, I read your stories through letters, our fancafe, and through SNS. It mustn’t be easy to express your feelings, but it was nice to see your shared stories about starting school, graduating, getting employed, and other little things in your lives. And it was beautiful to see our BANAs supporting each other and becoming each other’s strength. Even for me, I can feel shy or embarrassed when trying to express my feelings and talk about these things, but I want to have these conversations with our BANAs more often. The space for us to talk is always open anywhere, so I hope that B1A4 and BANA can continue to communicate like this with each other, and become each other’s source of strength~ we’re the most beautiful when we’re together.^^ Wherever BANA is, I’ll find my way to you, so be ready~^^ I love and adore you so much BANA-ya♥ Moving forward let’s continue to be together♥

Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and

So we’re just never gonna see the full version of the Stay choreography, huh? 👀

B1A4 Gongchan, Surprise Appearance at Own Photo Exhibition…Transforming Into A Daily Curator [ARTICLE TRANS]

 Gongchan of the five membered male idol group B1A4 made a surprise appearance at his own exhibition.

On the 18th, Gongchan posted onto his Instagram a picture with the caption ‘My schedule has ended and I’m on my way to the company’ that implied that he was on his way to visit his exhibition which is currently open on the first floor of the WM Entertainment building.

Gongchan made his surprise appearance 30 minutes before the exhibition closed and transformed into the curator. For the fans who came to view his exhibition, he explained his work as well as took photos with them in the photo zone, spending a heartwarming time.

‘GONG CHAN SIK EXHIBITION’ is a celebration of Gongchan’s birthday and the release of B1A4’s sixth mini album ‘Sweet Girl.’ B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment’s first floor will be open for 10 days from the 14th until the 23rd. Admission is free and if you’re a B1A4 fan, you can partake in a simple mission. At the exhibition there are 30 pictures that were taken by Gongchan and is charmingly decorated with emotion that is unique to only Gongchan.

The neitzens who found out later that Gongchan went had various reactions such as, “Amazing!! Gongchan appeared at his own exhibition!” , “Countryside BANAs are crying” , Surprise! Gongchan appearing at his own exhibition is amazing!” , and “As expected B1A4 are the best at fanservice.”

Gongchan is currently actively promoting with B1A4 for the group’s sixth mini album ‘Sweet Girl.’

translation by: thesuitelife547

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