b1a4 road trip


B1A4 Flash Mob Fan Account

Oh. My. God. This was genuinely the best week of my life. We spent less than 2 weeks putting it together, and that was immensely fun and a hugely bonding experience.

BUT on to the event!!

We were told the guys were coming at 6, so we rushed over and got to the platform in front of the Ferry Building around 5:40. An Mnet rep greeted us and told us where the boys would be standing, so where we should be facing. 

President Obama was in town and it was Fleet Week, so of course there was tons of traffic in SF that day, so they were running late. Mnet kept updating us on where the guys were. It was pretty cold, and we were (obviously) nervous, so we kind of hung around, trying to breathe and relax and just stay cool.

Around 6:30, a black van pulled up onto the platform (still pretty far from us), but we knew it was them. We tried not to hyperventilate as they got out and started walking toward us…and then they crossed the street and went into the Ferry Building. As we continued to wait, one of the Mnet guys came out of the building, and walked right by my friend and me. He remembered us from when we met him the night before and waved to us happily. 

Then the guys came out and crossed the street toward us. My friend and I tried to look like we were just curious about who these guys with a camera crew following them were. Of course, internally I was FREAKING OUT that B1A4 (minus Gongchan) was walking a few feet away from me.

Mnet led them to sit on some stairs, and Jinyoung whipped out his guitar and started playing. I was basically dying. Oh, while they were singing, a homeless man walked up to them and asked if they needed money LOL! I’m not sure if he actually thought these 4 handsome guys with a camera crew needed money or if he just wanted to get on TV :P

And then, suddenly Solo Day started playing. We could see the boys looking around like, “Wait…we know this song…this is our song???” The timing was perfect because a bunch of people were crossing the platform (although someone on a bike almost hit me). But then we were in position when the crowd cleared.

The music was crazy loud, but we could hear the boys—especially Sandeul—exclaiming with surprise. It was so cute. He stumbled back and kept going, “Ah! Ah! Ah!” CNU whipped out his phone and started recording, but Jinyoung was kind of frozen in shock. Baro recovered the fastest and jumped in and just started dancing with us.

Sandeul obviously wanted to join in too, but he just couldn’t get over his amazement. When the song changed to Lonely, Sandeul, CNU, and Jinyoung joined in as well. It was cute because they kept looking back at us. When they realized we had ties, they turned around and, pointing to us and saying, “Ties!! They have ties!!”

At the end of Lonely, the song changed to What’s Happening, and again they exclaimed in surprise that this was another one of their songs. We had to melt at one part near the end, and Baro came right up in my face and melted with me. My mind went blank, and I kind of forgot what to do after that HAHA. 

We had to change formations, though, and the boys took some of our spots…but obviously we had to let them. My friend accidentally stomped on Sandeul’s foot, though, because he was in her spot.

When What’s Happening ended, the guys were clearly so happy and excited. Baro turned around and hugged one of my friends and looked at me and opened his arms. I literally ran into Baro’s arms *_* (You can actually see it on video HAHAHA).

Jinyoung hugged a guy and then stopped in front of me. I could see on his face that he was thinking, “Oh. You’re a girl. Is it okay to hug you?” But I stepped forward, and he did hug me.

Sandeul was next, and he had no reservations. His expression was like, “Come on, it’s fine. You can hug me.” And he gave me this great bear hug. 

CNU was kind of hanging off to the side after hugging a couple of people, but I was like, “Nope. I need a hug from him too.” So I kind of ran around the group to him. He was laughing as he saw me coming, but he held his arms open as well. Sooooo I ran into his arms too. ;___;

Then we took a picture with them, and I had to get low so people behind me could be seen, so I had to partially lean on Jinyoung to keep my balance.

We performed again, and this time they just watched and filmed us on their phones and enjoyed the performance. They came down after that and talked to us a little bit, thanked us (especially our instructor Amber, who started crying when they recognized him as the leader).

I was kind of sad that Gongchan wasn’t there, BUT I had the VIP tickets for the concert, so I still got to high-five him :3 AND the other four remembered me from the flash mob.

At the end of What’s Happening, Jinyoung was directly in front of me, and we made eye contact as my friend and I danced along with them. At the end, Jinyoung had this smile and he nodded his acknowledgement like, “Yeah, I remember you.” I was also a head taller than everyone around me, so I knew he was looking at me :P

I can’t believe how cute and handsome and sweet and fun they are. They were so gracious and genuine in their appreciation. Even though they’re so famous, they’re so incredibly HUMBLE. They were also much taller than I expected.

asdfghjkl; basically it was the perfect weekend (perfect week, actually, because preparing for it was so much fun too)!!!

30 thing's i love about: Lee Jung Hwan ( sandeul) B1A4

1. the first photo that i saw was this… i recently entered the kpop at the time (2012). i realized that they would do a comeback. i first like him with this concept photo.  

2. the sproud dance + baro lol

3. blonde 

4. eyebrows 

5. his aegyo

6. sandeul girl 

7. diva sandeul 

8. fooling around with baro 

9. his role in solo day 

10. his derp 

10. sandeul photogenic

11. his voice gives me eargasm

12 crying sandeul

13. sandeul pre debut 

14. with makeup so damn sexy

15. laughing

16. sandeul + food

17. L.A prank 

18. his naturaly cuteness

19. sandeul + glasses 

20. charisma

21. sexy sandeul

22. sandeul + baro

23. sandeul + cnu 

24. sandeul + jinyoung

25. sandeul + gongchan

26. sandeul jpg

27. His mouth.

aghhh i dont know… i just love him. he’s a cutie.

28. Sungmin look a like (?)

29. electronic voice in baby i’m sorry 

30. just  because is lee jung hwan

sorry if i write something bad,  my original lenguje is spanish. i didnt use translator i swear.

i like english and korean, but i cant write in korean in the computer keyboard only in my smartphone. 

i hope you like it 30 things i love about lee jung hwan, im in love of this pabo ♥ 

next week ill do 30 things about kim sungkyu (infinite)