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Cuddling with B1A4

A/N: Yes I’m still on my quest to put things in tags that don’t have a lot of stuff in them


  • Him running his fingers along your shoulders
  • Lazy singing
  • Casual conversations
  • Pulling you in and kissing the top of your head
  • Trying to make each other laugh with dumb jokes
  • Sometimes he makes you help him read his drama scripts with him
  • Giggling when you ruffle his hair
  • Then he’ll grab your cheeks and squish them
  • “You’re like a soft pillow.”
  • “Jinyoung get off, I can’t breathe.”

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  • His body is your mattress
  • Grabs your hand and kisses it
  • Then intertwines his fingers with yours
  • Staring lovingly at you
  • Eye smiles when you kiss his cheek
  • “You’re so cute I don’t know what to do with myself.”
  • Neck nuzzles that tickle
  • Talking about close or distant future
  • “Where do you want to go eat later?”
  • “Can’t we just stay in?”

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  • Can be very simple
  • Like you having your legs in his lap
  • Or it’s very loving where you’re literally embracing each other
  • Nose kisses
  • Tickle fights
  • Making him smiley and flustered
  • Poking his cheeks
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Squishy.”
  • He’ll poke you back

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  • Very ‘I need to be close to you’ based
  • Spooning is frequently used
  • You switch on being the big spoon
  • It depends on who is the most tired
  • He’ll often tell you about his day
  • His face is buried in your back or your hair
  • Sometimes it’s very quiet and you just fall asleep
  • Whispered ‘I love you’s’
  • “We should travel somewhere together.”
  • “That sounds nice.”

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  • Lots of pecks
  • Intertwining your legs
  • Holding hands and swaying them around
  • Laughs about funny stories
  • Serenading each other in silly ways
  • More pecks
  • Him stroking your cheek with the back of his hand
  • And your hair
  • And your back
  • “This is nice.”

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