b1a4 fic

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Chasing Feathers 
Author: huskylover200
Summary: Luhan receives a box with nothing in it but a note and a lone, tawny feather. 
(this is my most favorite fanfic of all time. a dance of falling stars comes in close second. if you’ve read thirteen reasons why, it’s very similar to that.)

Try to remember (if you remember then follow)
Author: sparklepox
Summary: ”It’s only fair that I should chase you across ten, twenty-five, a hundred lifetimes until I find the one where you’ll return to me.”

(this was a very long read but definitely worth it all.)

Round and Round 
Author: catherinemorland
Summary: —-
(daddy kink. this was so, haha ha ha. i’m sorry. this may not be your type so take caution!)

Turn hours into seasons
Author: portaldice
Summary: —- 
(time travel. sort-of. my heart hurt really bad by the end of it.)

Extra bucks
Author: fujoshism
Summary: /When Chen jokingly puts Xiumin’s virginity up for sale on the internet, neither of them expect some guy in another country to pay thrice the asking price for it.’
(this was very funny and jongdae pls.)

Pretty; Reckless
Author: Sassively
Summary: Luhan loses a bet and gives Minseok an existential crisis over morals.
(man i just.)

Author: charybdis
Summary: Xiumin isn’t sure when food became the enemy. He also isn’t sure when he began to hate Lu Han. Lu Han isn’t sure when the Minseok he fell in love with became Xiumin. He also isn’t sure why Xiumin hates him.
(i love the ending so, so, so, so much.)


Author: Cyan13
Summary: Wherein Chansik likes Jinyoung, but not everything is as it seems.
(this was so sad and /cries)

Stuck (on you)
Author: cyan13
Summary: Chansik has ocd.
(why. why. why. why.)


Miss, Missing, Missed
Author: annafeu
Summary: It’s the summer of 1951 in New England, USA, and eleven year old Kai meets someone who likes to run around in Mary Janes and frilly, white socks, but definitely isn’t a girl. 
(just. beautiful.)

Anterograde Tomorrow
Author: changdictator
Summary: Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can’t remember and runs from someone who can’t miss the last train home.

(should i even?)

Lips like sugar
Author: aikinoamigo
Summary: Truth or Dare, he chooses Dare. Now Yixing is bound to choose between his shame and pride when he is asked to kiss the third person who’ll enter the bar.
(my favorite fanxing!)

Safe and Sound 
Author: redbird_13
Summary: —-
(xiuhun. this is so. yep.)

48 hours
Author: heecups 
Summary: ‘after 48 hours, only one boy will be alive in this house’
(original fic)
(/pulls my hair/)

xiuhan & others (lmao)

Stubborn denials (how does it feel?)
Author: uninstalls
Summary: —-
Rating: Much angst.
(one-sided xiuhan, one-sided hunhan.)
(i love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!)

A dance of falling stars
Author: canttakeabreath 
Summary: There’s a fine line between a plan that looks treacherously stupid, and one that is treacherously stupid. Minseok’s about to find himself on the wrong side of it.
(the suchen hurt so much. i swear.)

Red Strings
Author: illegiblesigns
Summary: ‘they say the best way of showing to someone you love them is through sacrifice’
(baekris, why?)

so i finally made a fic rec!! i’ll be putting this on my blog (soon..). these aren’t even half of all of it. okay. bye.

b1a4 fic collective

okay what if i made a by-writers-for-writers b1a4 prompt meme (on lj?? or tumblr??) where we can all dump ideas we’ve had that we have no time to write that we feel okay with giving away and then others of us could pick them up and run with them if we like, or collab, or just inspire each other to get writing, or whatever??? like i know i have 9129612 ideas i could dump and that i’d love to see someone else write and i’de love to get inspired by other’s ideas… it would also help us stretch our boundaries by filling prompts for genres we don’t use… no pressure do write/finish anything, just inspiration flowing!!

anyway so if u write b1a4 fic or would like to be in on this collective, pm me and i’ll add u when i make it even if it’s only like 4-5 of us.

cool??? cool!!!!

edit: made a tumblr for it, send me the email u use for yr account for posting access!!!

fics from summer b1a4ss

i thought i was going to edit them but… i really can’t. i wrote them so quick that i’m just like NO. I CAN’T TOUCH THEM. (but i’m hoping that posting them on lj and posting them here will motivate me to pick up some of the in progress stuff i have going on)

anticlimax | baro/gongchan/cnu | PG | 2500 w

warning/note: implied character death.

the world does not end with a bang.

They got going. There was nowhere they had to be, and they didn’t even have solid plans as to where they were going, but the clock was ticking and there wasn’t a minute to lose. They could die today, maybe a landslide or one of them could burst into flame, it could be anything and it could be today. Or tomorrow, or the day after, that kind of uncertainty could light a fire under anyone’s ass.

a little pain | baro/gongchan, baro/cnu | PG | 1750 w

being angry and hurt and a little bit crazy is a part of the healing process.

It wasn’t normal, to see Chansik everywhere like this, to hear his voice and talk to him as if he were solid and present. He saw every detail of Chansik’s face, even more clearly than when he’d actually been there. He talked to Chansik more than ever, every day, and at any given hour, regardless of where he was.

Saturday | cnu/sandeul | PG | 1500 w

a saturday spent together.

He wonders if it’s something worrying that a trip the supermarket and a few tickles and a belly full of warm food is all it takes for him to feel lazy. It doesn’t take anything more than that to make Dongwoo want to set all the things they bought aside, wrap his arms around Junghwan and lie around, Junghwan’s warm back against his chest.

1/ My Personal Favourite K-Pop Fanfictions (In No Particular Order)

The Theories of Kissing, Madness, And All That Which Is In Between by mammothcock @LJ

1 2
Completed, ~16 570 words
Genre: not specified
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: very vague allusions to bulimia
Pairing(s): BaDeul (Baro/Sandeul)

In the midst of a very serious battle between Junghwan’s sanity and Sunwoo’s sexuality, Junghwan must come to terms with his unseemly attraction to his best friend, and partner-in-crime, before he loses it.

This is hilarious. Witty dialogue, kick-ass characterization, so much adorableness… Just too damn amazing. Sunwoo the Octopus is adorable where can I get one? I have no qualms against having a sexy guy who wants to cuddle all to myself and Junghwan… Where do I even start? I don’t know… I think this line from the fic sums it up pretty nicely: Junghwan’s brain stumbles on a rock in its pursuit of intelligence.

Dongwoo wakes up.  

He wakes up heaving, panting, breaths coming too fast and then too slow, too shallow and then too deep, and then again.  He starts to cough and sputter and thrash as if he’s being suffocated by the weight of his own body, as if every breath he takes isn’t air but hot water instead.

“Shh, Dongwoo.  Dongwoo, hyung…hyung.  It’s okay,” he hears the words cooed right into his ear and there’s an arm holding him by the shoulder and a hand over his mouth.  It takes everything for Dongwoo to remember who it is.  He reaches a shaky hand to clutch at Junghwan’s wrist and he takes another gasping breath.

“That’s it, hyung; just breathe.”  Junghwan pulls his hand away from Dongwoo’s mouth slowly tugging his wrist away from Dongwoo’s weak, clammy grasp.  

“Breathe with me,” Junghwan says, sounds almost as if his words are a song.  He takes Dongwoo’s hand and holds it over his stomach so that Dongwoo can feel the rise and fall of his breathing.  He counts the breaths, struggles to match the rhythm but slowly he breaks out of the clumsy counterrhythm and they’re breathing together.

He opens his eyes when he feels Jinyoung brushing his fingers through his hair, opens his eyes to Jinyoung hovering over the two of them.

“Are you okay?”

Dongwoo nods and feels Junghwan nod against his shoulder.  Jinyoung settles himself next to Dongwoo, Junghwan on the other side.  He stretches his arm over Dongwoo’s waist, touches Junghwan’s hand that’s still holding Dongwoo’s to his stomach. They breathe together.

Sometimes Dongwoo thinks he’s off beat and he begins to feel choked again but Junghwan starts to rub the back of Dongwoo’s hand until his breathing evens out again.  Jinyoung presses his nose to Dongwoo’s shoulder.  Eventually Junghwan and Jinyoung fall asleep again.  Dongwoo can’t, because he’s sure he’ll wake up the same way again if he does, so he counts his breaths and watches the sunrise through the spaces between the shutters.

gonna take a while for me to decide if i want to keep this or trash it.

i decided to finish this baby up tonight too 


Pairing: himwoo (himchan/shin dongwoo)
Rating: nc-17
Warnings: normal birthday sex nothing too freaky
Summary: ”It was one of those kisses that said “I love you so much and in a few minutes I plan on fucking you open on our counter and dragging you back to bed where we can order take out.” Dongwoo was a fucking sucker for those kisses.” (5.4k)
a/n: i started this a year ago for ambear and idek if she wants it anymore but this is cute as fuck and yeah im sorry about the ending though