“[…]But I think it is very cool for five women be able to come together and live out their dreams. I think that it just says a lot about how powerful women really are. I think that a lot of the time people in society kind of try to pit women against each other, but I think we are so powerful when we have one voice. And I think that we’re all very aware of what that end goal is. I love my girls and I love our journey. We’ve been through so much together, so we really know each other. We’re each other’s closest friends.” - Normani Kordei for Modeliste magazine // (insp)


We’re finally going to meet Laura’s dad and he’s played by Enrico Colantoni, aka Veronica Mars’ dad! You might also know him from Flashpoint, but it’s way more fun to think that Veronica Mars and Laura are some kind of secret sisters. “Laura’s always talked about her overprotective dad and you get to see that and peer into the telescope of her growing-up life,” Bauman told BuzzFeed. “[Colantoni] was so, so lovely and made Laura’s dad so endearing as well,” added Negovanlis.


In regard to performing, it couldn’t be funnier that I ended up being an actor, because I’m really shy. Unless I’m really comfortable with a person. I don’t think a lot of people would assume that. Everyone says that to me. They’re always like, “yeah, right,” and it just cracks me up. I wish more believed me when I say it. But Stiles is just so confident and extroverted. I’m much more internal. So I guess to hear someone say that I deserve an Emmy - it just makes me feel proud of what I do with him.