shadowzenki b18cr justinhw

lmao who needs drugs

b18cr yeah I have no idea when I’m gunna have it done lol it’s right there though 😂 I’m just literally a no go with this cold weather I don’t feel like spending $80 to get enough kerosene for a few days to work on the car I’d rather let the temperature get up a little so I can enjoy finishing up my car lmaoo


shadowzenki b18cr goddamnvel justinhw

This nicely built Jap-spec front DC2 is slammed on nice meshies showcased at the Hellaflush 8 Meet at Venice Beach on Canibeat. I’ve seen a DC2 that is so similar to this DC2, same colour, same kits and low in Brisbane, Australia with some numberplates like USH47, but it just looks so damn nice. To see the full coverage of the Hellaflush 8 Meet, click on the picture to direct to the link.