D–> It has been brought to my attention that Earth school can be profusely stressful for most humans among other things

D–> I w001d like to remind you that you are STRONG

D–> And you can get through this no matter your b100d

D–> No matter what “this” may refer to

D–> I am here for you if you may need %tra STRENGTH

D–> I trust you will stay safe

D–> I cannot %press how important it is to me that you are alive and well

D–> I am

D–> Quite fond of you

D–> Best wishes


D –> You’re very pretty

D –> Fiddlesti%
D –> That didn’t come out quite right
D –> Aradia
D –> I appreciate your company despite our caste disparity
D –> Still no good
D –> I can’t work with such short notice

D –> If Aradia and I were enjoying a date together
D –> We would likely be actively e%ploring uncharted territory
D –> As long as the property doesn’t wind up belonging to a troll whose b100d scales the spectrum no higher than mine
D –> Amidst our adventure, we would stop for a picnic
D –> I would unroll a blanket and permit her to sit upon it
D –> That is, if I could succeed in persuading her to accompany me

D –> What’s that
D –> You didn’t loathe your robotic e%istence existence
D –> That is to say
D –> Of course you didn’t, your processing and e%pression was programmed at 100%
D –> You’re welcome

Typing Styles Accoring To The Zodiac
  • Aries:there is typically a pr0n0unced h0ll0wness t0 y0ur w0rds.
  • Gemini:you tend two 2peak wiith a biit of a lii2p.
  • Cancer:you speak in a manner that is ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY ORNERY, ALL THE TIME.
  • Leo::33 < *your sp33ch precedes itself with the face of your lusus who is pawssibly the cutest and purrhaps the bestest kitty you have ever s33n!*
  • Virgo:you Tend To Enunciate Each Word You Speak Very Clearly And Carefully
  • Scorpio:your st8ments tend to 8e just a little 8it overdramaaaaaaaatic.
  • Sagittarius:you D --> Take e%ception to 100d language unbefitting of b100 b100ds
  • Capricorn:you speak in a manner that is JuSt A lItTlE bIt WhImSiCaL.
  • Aquarius:you speak wwith a vvery wweird and sort of wwavvy soundin accent.
  • Pieces:you )(ave a )(ard time not getting R-EALLY -EXCIT-ED ABOUT PRACTICALLY -EV-------ERYT)(ING!