THE LOG: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood -August 25, 2013

I’m finding that it’s becoming more exciting to wake up in the mornings when you know there’s an incomplete board sitting there waiting for you. The process has been exciting. I’m coming to realize how lucky I am to have married someone who is so experienced and professed in areas that enhance our lifestyle.

Brandon says, “I trimmed the deck inlay, put a 6 oz. clear cap over it, and put a hot coat on the deck. That’s all I did to it today. Now we’re waiting on labels! Tomorrow we’ll do the fins and hot coat the bottom. The shape is my version of Donald Takayama’s "In the Pink” model. I call it “In the Drink”. No one can shape an “In the Pink” like Donald. It’s impossible. I’m ready to get this board finished so I can shape mine! I’m frothing for a new log, myself. Frothing.“ 

I taught a surf lesson to a girl who was transitioning down to a short board today. She was adorable, and I really wanted to bring her home with me. I’m in no hurry for kids, but it’d be nice to keep one for a day or so. Sometimes I think the idea of having a little grom to take surfing would be quite nice, but perhaps not long term. Not yet anyway. 

The lesson went great! Now back to the board… 

Photo Credits: Brandon Russell and Siren Williams (unedited)

Tags: B.Swim