bi girls:
  • it’s okay if you once thought you were gay
  • it’s okay if you once thought you were straight
  • it’s okay if you’re not sure
  • it’s okay if you prefer men
  • it’s okay if you prefer women
  • it’s okay if you prefer trans* people
  • you are not obligated to date both sexes
  • you are not obligated to like both sexes equally
  • you are valid 
  • nobody else can decide your sexuality for you
  • no matter what anyone says you’re still bi bi bi

cosima looking at delphine in 4x10 

My Favorite Artists Alphabetically

Anderson .Paak
I recently got into .Paak and I do not regret it. Malibu is a top 3 project of the year imo.

Bryson Tiller
Man, I love Tiller. Trapsoul is an amazing debut album and I can not wait for his next project. I honestly think he’s slept on, at least by the average rap/hip hop fan.

Chance the Rapper
Coloring Book really, really opened my eyes to Chance and I think it’ll age amazingly. He’s changing the game, really.

Drake is most likely my favorite artist of all time, so this was a very easy choice. He’s everywhere, and I don’t know if any other hip hop artist has ever had the power he has.

I grew up listening to Em, therefor, he reigns the E spot. A top 5 rapper of all time, without a doubt.

Frank Ocean
I listened to channel Orange for the first time in March and was not disappointed one bit. I hope we’re blessed with his new album soon.

Gucci Mane
Honestly, I’ve only heard a few Gucci songs, most recently Back On Road (with Drake) and I haven’t been disappointed by anything I’ve heard of his yet. I definitely need to check out more of his music.

I do not have a favorite H artist.

Makonnen just makes fun music, but can be serious when he wants to be (Break That Shit Down). Also, all he does is enjoy himself, as you can see on his Snapchat. A very cool guy imo.

J. Cole
J. Cole may be seen as a boring artist to many, but I think he’s a dying breed in rap right now. I’m excited for his next project, and have him as one of my top 5 in the game right now.

Kanye West
Kanye’s is my favorite K artist (over Kendrick and Cudi) because he’s such a talented and interesting individual. I think the way he views his music and life is very beautiful and I also think he’s top 5 in the game right now.

Lais is definitely the most unknown (and underrated) guy on this list. Lais is a Toronto based artist, who’s got around 20 songs and 1 official project. He does have a bit of the Toronto sound, but his music does not disappoint.

Majid Jordan
Majid Jordan is a group that I’ve failed to get into (yet). Majid’s singing is amazing, and I don’t mind Jordan’s beats, so I believe it’s because I know so little about them. I do believe they’ve got a high potential though.

N The Notorious B.I.G.
I’m not a huge Biggie fan, but I do enjoy his music on occasion. It’s a damn shame his career was cut so short. RIP.

OB O'Brien
This may be the most ridiculous name on this list. He has about 4 songs, and other than that? He’s Drake’s weed dealer. However, the man’s got bars. I look forward to a project from him soon.

Party was easily my P artist, not only because I love the Toronto sound, but because I like whom he seems like as a person. I’m hyped af for P3.

Q ScHoolboy Q
Schoolboy is another artist I haven’t really gotten into, but there are a few songs that stick out (Groovy Tony, Hands on the Wheel). I’m hoping his upcoming album opens my eyes to him, as Coloring Book did with Chance.

Roy Wood$
I can’t wait for Roy to blow up. This man has got such a beautiful voice in him. And he raps too. I don’t know whether Drake sees it or not, but Roy has got the highest potential on OVO’s roster. Also can’t wait for Waking At Dawn.

S Travi$ Scott
I know I somewhat cheated on this one, but I didn’t really have a good artist for S, and I do enjoy Travis’s music a lot. BITTSM was supposed to drop today (according to a leaked paper), but I believe we’ll get it soon regardless and I can’t wait.

Tory Lanez
I gotta say, I may have really underrated Tory because every song I’ve heard of his, I like. His voice is gold and he can spit too. I’m hyped for his album, hope it drops soon.

U Lil Uzi Vert
Uzi is, like Makonnen, just a fun guy who makes fun music. I like almost all of his songs and I think he’s slept on quite a bit too.

Vic Mensa
Vic really blew me away with There’s A Lot Going On (the song alone did). I slept on him a lot until that EP. I’m working on checking out his other songs/projects now also. Hyped for Traffic too.

W The Weeknd
I got into The Weeknd in September and I don’t regret it one bit. He’s got one of the best voices I’ve heard in my life, and even his older stuff, before he blew up, is amazing. I can’t wait for his next album.

I don’t listen to X at all, but he’s got a few good bangers and classics that I know of. I should probably check him out eventually.

Young Thug
I recently got into Thugger also and while I think his music is mostly fun music also, I think he’s capable of being more than that. I also enjoy his mindset of dropping projects often, though I would prefer quality over quantity.

I haven’t listened to a lot of Zayn, but he’s got a very good voice, and he’s got a sound reminiscent of Miguel or Frank Ocean, and it’s hard to ignore that. I enjoyed his project from a few months ago, and I’m intrigued to see where he goes next musically.