Meet The Actor;; Seth Rogen

Full Name: Seth Aaron Rogen

Birthday: April 15th 1982

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Parents: Sandy Belogus and Mark Rogen

Film History:

With an acting career that began in 1999 and has not stopped since, giving him 77 credits, Seth Rogen has to be one of the most talked about comedians on the planet. I know he’s one of my favorite comedy actors but his type of comedy, which can only be described as ‘stoner’ comedy, isn’t for everyone.

With memorable roles such as ‘Eager Cameraman’ in Anchorman, Cal in The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Ben Stone in Knocked Up, Officer Michaels in Superbad, Dale Denton in Pineapple Express, Zack in Zack and Miri Make A Porno and one of my favorites Mac Radner in the hilarious flick Neighbors – just to name a few! Rogen has become a very well known household laugh.. I mean name. But lets be honest here.. That laugh. It’s definitely memorable.

With such a limited background in genre (let’s face it – what movie has Seth been apart of that doesn’t involve at least a bong?) he has to be one of the most influential people in cinema, along with his team of fellow actors and producers he’s left a blazed trail behind him that will keep all of them a household name long after their careers have ended.

Not only has he left a high bar in cinema with his stoner films but he’s also been apart of projects from a one episode stint in Dawsons Creek to lending his voice to the Kung Fu Panda films.

One of his most talked about movies has to be Sausage Party. The animated feature that includes other actors such as Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Selma Hayek, Anders Holm, Iris Apatow and Seth Rogen film alum’s Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and James Franco. The premise of the film is that a bunch of food believes once they’re sold they go into the promise land but once they find out what really happens they set out to stop mankind. They could’ve just renamed it 420: The Stoners Guide To The Galaxy. The world was divided by this film, I honestly loved it and was really rooting for the hot dog and the bun to finally do something more than just ‘touch tips’, but I know plenty of people that were offended by the flick and others let their kids watch it thinking it was just a harmless childs movie but quickly threw it out of the DVD player once they realized it was anything but. Silly, silly people.

The other ‘most talked about’ film was one he worked on, and starred in, with close friend and fellow actor James Franco – The Interview. An American political satire spy comedy flick with a very controversial topic that literally almost started a war, and was banned in some countries due to bombing threats that were received this film brought fear and excitement to audiences and filmgoers alike. Nevertheless it earned over a million dollars on its opening day and by the end of its cinema run it had grossed 6.1 million dollars on the box office. Not bad for a film that had most of its publicity and television advertising cancelled due to the ‘declaration of war’ had the movie been released.

With Seth’s last films Bad Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and Sausage Party released between six and nine months ago we’re about due for another Seth Rogen flick. Good news! A film titled B.O.O: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations has been announced, Friends from College a television series is in the pre-production stage, Zeroville is completed and set to be released later this year and my personal favorite that I’m most excited for is The Disaster Artist (previously titled The Masterpiece) will also be released later this year.

Interesting Facts:

Seth works with, and has been working with since college, childhood friend Evan Goldberg with whom the two main characters of Superbad were modeled after. He and Evan have written multiple projects together including Neighbors and Neighors 2: Sorority Rising, The Interview, Pineapple Express and of course Superbad, on which they had been writing since they were thirteen.

Seth started doing stand up comedy before he was cast in Judd Apatow’s short lived but well regarded television series Freaks and Geeks, in which he starred with other well known names like Jason Segel and close friend James Franco. Freaks and Geeks only lasted one season but it launched all their careers and they’ve worked together on multiple projects since.

At sixteen Seth’s parents were both out of work and around the same time he landed his role in Judd’s show Freaks and Geeks and became the main wage earner in the house, relocating his family, after they had to sell their family home, to Los Angeles.


Coming to theaters in 2015! Strange Magic (Lucasfilm) 1/23 // The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Paramount) 2/6 // Shaun the Sheep (Aardman) 2/6 (UK) // Home (DreamWorks) 3/27 // Ratchet & Clank (Rainmaker) early 2015 (unknown) // Inside Out (Pixar) 6/19 // Minions (Illumination) 7/10 // Hotel Transylvania 2 (Sony) 9/25 // Peanuts (Blue Sky) 11/6 // The Good Dinosaur (Pixar) 11/25

Kung Fu Panda 3 was originally set for 2015 but has been bumped to 2016. B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldy Operations was set for 2015, but the date has been changed and is currently unknown, so a 2015 release may still be possible.

Happy new year!

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