Decided to take full advantage of the cool weather (or as I like to call it amazeballs) and get the lawn mowed.  Plus it had been a week and my yard already leaves some clumps of grass when mulching it because certain part grow so much faster than all the rest of my lawn as it is. 

The iPhone weather app shows it being a cloudy (and somewhat gloomy day) but in reality its big clouds and bright blue sky as far as the eye can see.

I threw on my WDW Marathon playlist - that I created for the race and never used my headphones anyway - and it is full of so much upbeat get your body pumping music.

“If you got a problem, step to the office
Matter fact, never mind, talk to the Kiosk, Biatch“

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

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1. Freefallin’ -Atmosphere

2. Intro -Lupe Fiasco

3. As I Am -Logic

4. The Kids -B.O.B Feat. Janelle Monae

5. Splatter House -Mister Scoops

6. The Beggar -Mos Def

7. Swimming Pools (Drank)[Extended Version] -Kendrick Lamar

8. It May be Glamour Life -Childish Gambino Feat. Ghostface Killah

9. I Will -Danny Brown

10. The Devil is a Lie- Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z

What an underwhelming list.

aprill-may, burdensofplanetearth, torincald, slickarus, fuzzy-like-a-peach, akuda-bar, tits-in-a-toboggan, nani-sore-knight, nobodybeatsthecaptain, saxisgood


outkast, bombs over baghdad




Tech N9ne ft. B.o.B. & 2 Chainz-Hood Go Crazy

Random Music Tag

I was tagged by abookblog and apparently I have to post the first ten songs that come up when I put my playlist on shuffle and tag ten more people. I’m lazy when it comes to this stuff, so if you want to do the tag, go ahead!

  1. Flawless - Beyonce
  2. What’s Up - Kimberly Nichole version
  3. Airplanes - B.o.B (feat. Hayley Williams)
  4. Something’s Got a Hold on Me - Kimberly Nichole
  5. Both of Us - B.o.B feat. Taylor Swift
  6. Creep - Kimberly Nichole
  7. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
  8. Sound of Pulling Heaven Down - Blue October
  9. Get Lucky - Kat Perkins
  10. Drunk in Love - Beyonce feat. Jay Z

Girl tell me how you feel, what your fantasy oh I see us on a beach down in Mexico…You can put your feet up, be my señorita, we ain’t gotta rush just take it slow…You’ll be in the high life, soaking up the sunlight, anything you want is yours. I’ll have you living life like you should…You’ll say you never had it so good.

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