b.o.a.t.s tour

Highlights of the Block B concert in Amsterdam last night:

- Taeil saying (his legendary) “My name is Taeil” introduction
- Zico talking about how accepting the Netherlands is & Jaehyo deciding to start petting Ukwons butt (???)
- Jaehyo saying “stroopwafel”
- P.O. giving a lap dance to kyung
- Kyung being greasy as usual and talking about how there are so many pretty girls in the audience (+the other block b members cringe)
- them naming famous Dutch products and Taeil just staring into the void until grabbing the mic and screaming: “Cheese!”
- Zico saying “Block B Amsterdam, baby!” a million times
- them speaking English 33
- Whilst naming famous places in Amsterdam Ukwon saying “the Hilton Hotel” making Zico giggle like a hyena (???) meanwhile Kyung just dodging the question by simply saying “I love you”

Mobile Masterlist!


- m o o d . b o a r d s

- n s f w

- f a k e . t e x t s

- b l u r b s

- a u . m e m e s

- v i s u a l s . i n c l u d e d


4 / 4

he texts you to say he loves you while you’re in school |

he texts you while on tour |

the tweet that confirms you’re dating |

public displays of affection |


you drunk text him while he’s on tour – he gets worried |

new year’s eve

suggestive pictures | |

reacting to you giving birth |

he asks you to run away with him |

he’s on tour and you have finals |

college!5sos series *NEW |

l u k e

christmas |

neighbour!luke |

you think he hates you |

teasing him |

m i c h a e l

the perfect ending

christmas |

bad boy!michael |

making out |

“quit being sarcastic!”*NEW |

c a l u m

christmas |

ghost!calum |

new year’s eve: calum part 2

calum misses you a lot on tour |

cheat pt.1

“why do you love rj more than me?” |

calum + violet*NEW |

a s h t o n

christmas |

art student!ashton |

ashton falls in love with you |

3 a.m.


I went to the most amazing thing ever tonight with my best friend and mother. The @markiplier you’re welcome tour. And boy did one very special thing happen.  (Ethan backflipping was one of them btw) 

During either the Q & A or the final thoughts, I believe Bob was talking, and Mark b l e w a k i s s i n m y g e n e r a l d i r e c t i o n and i was hyperventilating  so bad (but in a good way i guess) and i was the only person who i could visibly see reacting

So, Mister Mark, thank you. For a lot of screaming, tears, laughing, and heavy breathing. (And apologizing to my mother when Wade made a dick joke)


But I’ve got h i g h  h o p e s it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, when it all comes to an end
B u t  t h e  w o r l d  k e e p s  s p i n n i n g     (x)

who remembers

the onesies
the video diaries and the stairs
zayns earrings
all their bieber hair
carrots and turtles and pussies and nandos and himself
harry never wearing a tie
the kombi van
suspenders and plaid and blazers and polos and varsity jacket
awkward photoshoots
spin the harry
the inbetweeners dance
the hair shave
that blonde streak
all of their songs leaking
the phone booth
the world tour
matching colour schemes
breaking record after record
the charity single
the first tattoos
skinny jeans
the movie
the bandanas
the rock and grunge influence
the boots
the hair growing long and messy
the heartbreaks
the rumours
the rollercoaster

but oh god the music


2015 with dan and phil
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