She slept better wrapped in love. Even without arms to enclose her, her questions were quieted. Love like arms reaching around her, a reassurance that surrounded her with warmth. Love held her that night and offered a peace that soothed her, stilled her. That’s all she really needed, after all. A quieting love, a present love.

In love, she finally found a place she could rest.

—  b.l.s. // lulluby
I used to worry about the future, about if I was making the right choices, afraid I was going to make a mistake. At all costs, I strictly forced myself to avoid the wrong thing, or anything not exactly the way I thought it had to be to work out. Just say no, I told myself. But I missed out on so much life by trying to protect myself from it. I realized one day risks are worth taking. Life is worth living fully. And fear lies big. Making decisions out of fear only hampers growth. When you learn to trust God with your future and follow the way of love, you open your hands. Everything you tried to control in the grip of your tightly clenched fingers becomes set free to more capable hands- His. And you trust it’s all safe there. He’s got you. And He does. It’s not a risk to trust fully One who is completely good. And now you’re free to live without fear because you have good faith in Him. There is nothing to fear inside of His love.
—  You can have it all //
TMZ has paid at least one mole inside B.L.S., a limousine service, to provide lists of celebrity customers, their planned routes, and the license-plate numbers of their vehicles. (In a 2015 e-mail, a TMZ employee asked colleagues if anyone had yet established a source at Uber.) Justin Kaplan, a former production associate at TMZ, recalls meeting a B.L.S. source—“a Hispanic gentleman”—at a gas station in Van Nuys, handing over an envelope filled with cash, and receiving in return a client list. The process had been so well honed, Kaplan told me, that “we barely said a word to each other.”
At least one employee of Delta Airlines supplies TMZ with the names and itineraries of celebrity passengers travelling through Los Angeles and New York. In an e-mail dated January 29, 2014, a TMZ manager informed her colleagues that the star of an ABC drama had been spotted sitting in first class, in seat 2A, on Delta Flight 1061, from Orlando to Los Angeles, when his plane was rerouted to Dallas—the result of a bomb threat issued on Twitter. Such information helps TMZ’s crew of a dozen or so paparazzi know when and where to “drop in on” a celebrity who is transiting through an airport.

The Digital Dirt: How TMZ gets the videos and photos that celebrities want to hide.

Fuck TMZ, for encouraging this sort of thing, but super fuck the pieces of shit who work for these companies who are betraying the privacy of their customers.

Love. I’m a strong believer in acceptance and being genuine with who you are with people and encouraging them to be the same with you. People open up when they can trust you and feel safe; we need other humans we can be vulnerable and real with, even with the ugly stuff that is hard to be known. We need the reminder after everything, “You are loved.” I believe in loving people where they are at, as they are, for who they are. Speak life and truth to others to build them up. Encourage each other. Be kind and show grace, be patient with other people’s hearts. We all have our own journey to walk through. Be there with someone. Don’t try to change others but let them grow on their own, and support them in that; love a person wholly, with their strengths and beauty and even when they are hard to love and it’s a choice you have to consciously have to make; acknowledge we all have growth areas and there is more beauty to uncover. Stay long enough to see it. Yes, some people will not love you the same way but that is not on you; love anyways- because love IS. Love loves for the sake of loving. So love people today. As they are. For who they are. From right where you both are. With something real and not for any reason other than you have love and you can give it. Love to love. Keep loving.
—  11•24 // words on love