I used to worry about the future, about if I was making the right choices, afraid I was going to make a mistake. At all costs, I strictly forced myself to avoid the wrong thing, or anything not exactly the way I thought it had to be to work out. Just say no, I told myself. But I missed out on so much life by trying to protect myself from it. I realized one day risks are worth taking. Life is worth living fully. And fear lies big. Making decisions out of fear only hampers growth. When you learn to trust God with your future and follow the way of love, you open your hands. Everything you tried to control in the grip of your tightly clenched fingers becomes set free to more capable hands- His. And you trust it’s all safe there. He’s got you. And He does. It’s not a risk to trust fully One who is completely good. And now you’re free to live without fear because you have good faith in Him. There is nothing to fear inside of His love.
—  You can have it all //