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This night is sparklin, don’t you let it goooooooo


OKAY. Long post alert. So this is my story of meeting Taylor.
Taylor Nation contacted me on Tuesday just saying they’d love to meet me this weekend and I honestly didn’t know what to think of it. I got a call on Thursday saying it was a get together with selected fans and they were giving us merch and just having a little party, but not to say anything because not everyone could be invited. Yesterday right after boarding the plane for Austin, I got the final call which was saying we were going to get an exclusive backstage tour and she told me I would get an email with details.
Soooo today we met TN at the meeting spot at 5 and none of us knew what was going on. They checked us in and gave us upgrade wristbands to be in front of the pit and then a purple wristband. The radio MG people were in the line next to us and TN kept telling us we were doing separate stuff from them (even though we all had the same purple wristbands 👀) WELL. Once we got back to this exclusive area with tents and trailers, we were waiting outside a tent with TN and the radio MG was inside just standing. At that point, TN was still saying we were separate from them. Finally, they started letting us in to give us our merch bags and then we all just waited around and talked. THEN after a little bit Andrea and Scott walk in with some other people and everyone LOST IT. Scott obviously gave us guitar pics like the gem that he is and Andrea started talking and said “hey guys! I was wondering….actually taylor was wondering if she could say hi to you all?!” AND THE ROOM LOST IT. Honestly, it was the best moment to experience.
A few minutes later, we lined up in this loft 89 vibes trailer thing (got to hug Andrea on the way in and she’s the sweetest) and waited our turns to meet her. I was by myself, so when it was my turn I walked in and Taylor hugged me and was like, “HEY BUDDY!” FIRST OF ALL. She gives amazing hugs like whoa. And second of all, she smells incredible. She looked so beautiful and I was completely in shock that this was actually real. After we hugged she was like, “oh my god! I love the color of your dress I’ve never seen that one before! I have the white!” And I said, “oh my gosh! Me too! I actually wore the white to the 1989 tour so I figured might as well just wear this one tonight!” And she was like “yeah! You just switched that right up!” And then I asked how she was and she was like “I’m kind of sick, but it’s fine! I’ve been sicker. I just hope I don’t go out there like *makes a strained noise and pretends to hold a microphone and flails her other arm* and I laughed and said “it will be so great, you haven’t played a show in so long!” And she was like “i KNOW!!! It’s been forever! I was sound checking last night and i was just like wow, i forgot how much I love my job!” And I died inside. Then I said something about being so excited for tonight and she was like, “I hope it goes okay!” And I was like “I don’t know, I think you’ll nail it!” And she was like “I hope so!” And then Erika was like “ok you need to take your pic!” So then taylor pulled me into the best hug and we took the pic and then she grabbed my hands and said “thank you so much for coming!” And I squeezed her hands and told her I loved her and started to walk away and then I stopped and was like “thanks for letting me come!” And she laughed at me and I told her I loved her again and walked out.
Note: I gave TN a watercolor for taylor with an emo note on the back and since I knew she would see that I wanted to have a fun, chill conversation with her since I knew I wouldn’t have very long. It was more than I could have DREAMED


Out of The Woods finale with crowd singing back to Taylor 🎤

In a tightly packed 80-minute set that covered all the current hits and a host of back catalog faves, pop sensation Taylor Swift did not debut any new material as fans speculated she might at her Saturday night Formula One closing performance. But with fantastic vocal chops, perfectly choreographed stage routines that were artfully crafted to convey a sense of spontaneity and an uncanny knack for transmitting intimacy across a massive crowd, she deftly demonstrated exactly why she’s one of the biggest stars of her generation. This was Swift’s only performance of 2016, her first show since her “1989” tour wrapped last year, and it was ecstatically received.
—  ‘Sparks Fly’ at Taylor Swift’s only 2016 concert at Formula One Austin
And in the last ten years my life has changed so much and even with all of those changes, even with everything that has happened like just how you move to different places, you experience different things, you travel to places you never thought you’d get to, whatever… If I were to pick one year of my life where I learned the most of my lessons, I would say that it was when I was fifteen.
—  Taylor’s intro to Fifteen at F1 (x)