Imagine: Surprising you because they had missed you

scenario: they were overseas for a while and were supposed to come back later but surprise you because they have missed you so much.



Hanbin wouldn’t have the most creative idea out of all and just ring the doorbell, surprising you with a cute plushie and your favorite chocolate (It could be roses too or whatever, something you’d definitely like), stupidly smiling in front of you. He wouldn’t even let you be surprised for a second because he couldn’t hold himself back the moment he sees you and glomp you with a passionate kiss. You wouldn’t even talk after seeing each other for so long but instead show how much you had missed each other through actions.



Jinhwan would prepare so much beforehand. He would go to the park at night because then there wouldn’t be many people and set up a lot of candles with a little blanket in the middle plus food he made himself, etc. He would ask a member or one of his friends to get you there no matter how but not tell you why and that he is actually back. And when you’re there he’d hide behind a tree, the member/friend would leave and you’d be standing there alone and confused in front of the picnic blanket just to be surprised by Jinhwan.


“see, i told you i’d be back sooner than you expected”

Bobby would call you first and ask you how are you doing and stuff. He’d be already in front of the door but pretend like he is still overseas so the surprise would definitely be successful. Over the phone he would tell you how much he misses you and that he will be definitely back soon. To your surprise he would be there sooner than you expected and startle you with a sudden back hug.



“i’ve missed you a lot”

Yunhyeong wouldn’t suprise you as in that he is back earlier, but instead let you know beforehand that he is coming. He’d surprise you differently and tell you that he had somewhere to go with you. He would take you to a quite place at the beach, walking hand in hand through the sand and just talking about his thoughts and feelings and how much he had missed you. It wouldn’t be so “special” or “surprising” but just feel good to spend some alone time after being separated for quite a while. Then he’d give you a present, something meaningful that he got overseas, specially for you (e.g a necklace with your names engraved).

- moyo



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