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I believe in everlasting love.

“The things I value above all in life are trust, hope, and love!” There’s giggling from Bobby and Yunhyeong at the frank words. “No, I’m totally serious. Out of everything, love is most important. There are people that say “nothing lasts forever”, but for me, I’m hoping there’s such a thing. I believe in everlasting love.” Ordinarily as leader, B.I is in the position of giving encouragement to the members. Consequently, with women, “When it’s just the two of us, I want her to let me dote on her, and I’ll be happy if she gently encourages me when I become weak. I’m a difficult type, so… (laughs)”


I think women who are emotionally honest and are their true selves are lovely.

“I’m happy if a woman puts effort into being pretty for me, but showing your true face in front of your lover is more important. Express your emotions honestly, I want you to be your true self. And even if you’ve been hurt by love, if you can get over the painful times, you’ll become stronger so don’t worry.” What wounds Bobby is…”Lies. When I get tired, my heart aches…so for that reason, I trust the woman entirely.” You’re famous for having a messy room? “I don’t like a messy room either. But cleaning is troublesome, and I dislike it more (laughs). That’s why I’m attracted to women who are good at cleaning.”


In love, an inquiring mind towards your partner is essential.

Jinhwan, who can effortlessly say smooth pickup lines to make a woman’s heart attracted to him.”If you want to have a good relationship, I think an “adapt to me” kind of attitude is wrong. For example, if I barely get a reply even when I’ve been contacting them a lot, I’ll figure out they’re that kind of person and I’ll adapt to them. Because I’m the type to study what my partner wants. I think guys are usually like this, but when I’m with other people, I want to take initiative like a manly guy.” In eldest member fashion, his words for women who have been hurt by love are also deep. “A wound inflicted by love can only be cured by love.”


If you happen to meet each other spontaneously, that’s an ideal love.

“I don’t think looking for true love is something you can force. Happening to meet the one you love naturally is ideal. But fate won’t bless you if you just wait around, it’s also important to actively go out and meet lots of people. I already happened to meet lots of people…iKONICs!” He has two prescriptions for girls who have been hurt by love. “One is patiently waiting for time to pass. The other is meeting a new guy. I’m the type to wait for time to heal me.” Yunhyeong, whose strong point is cooking. As expected, rather than receiving something made for him, “I want to make something for the person I love.”


Making an effort to understand each other is an absolute requirement for a long-lasting relationship.

“For relationship to last a long time, mutual understanding is important,” He emphasized. “Around the beginning of a relationship, it’s natural to try to understand each other. But as time goes by, you start to make less of an effort. That’s why things get bad. When I connect with someone I’m always thinking about what kinds of things will happen, when and where, things nobody can predict. Love is the same. Imagine a great future and do your best. Cheating is a no go. It’s natural for an attractive woman to be popular, doing things like talking and smiling at men, up to that point is okay. But if you keep in contact (with another man), it’s over.”


True love is not caring about things like appearance.

iKON’s fashion leader, Donghyuk. “For women, I’d like them to try their best with makeup and being stylish. But if it’s the person I like, I’ll see them as cute whatever their appearance is. A person who’s skilled at cooking and housework is good. I want to try the home cooking of the person I love!”In love, cheating is taboo. “If they tell me beforehand there’s some leeway, but if they were meeting up with a side guy, at that time…(cries)” He also said being assertive is important. “To increase your chances, it’s better to take initiative to go out and meet someone. If we get the chance to meet, I’ll smile a lot and want to stay by their side.”


Waiting for love? Your turn is next!

In iKON, lots of the members are in the “it’s better to actively go out looking for encounters" camp, but Chanwoo has a different opinion. “I don’t think you’ll necessarily find a good relationship just because you look really hard. If you wait for a great person to appear, your turn will certainly come. Don’t want to wait anymore? Try going to Korea. There are lots of cool guys there.” So, what do you want in a romantic partner? “Keep promises. Just once would be excusable, but if you break promises over and over I’d have to think about breaking up. And there’s one more thing. Because I’m a minor, women who drink alcohol are kind of…(laughs)”

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