iKON reaction to you waking up in their bed all snuggled

Anon said:  Can you do one of Ikon, having late night drinks and playing games, then waking up in their bed all snuggled.

Hanbin: *pulls you closer to him, leaving light kisses on your nose, forehead*

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Bobby: *smiles and kisses your cheek*

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Jinhwan: “I love you” *whispers, moving hair out of your face*

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Donghyuk: *sings to you softly*

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June: *gif*

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Yunhyeong: “Good morning my love” *smiles and kisees you*

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Chanwoo: *gif*

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I promise you if the show ends with ‘it was all a dream’ or with Addison and friends becoming the next victims and getting texts from ‘B’ I will swim to America, hit Marlene over the head with a rock and send myself to Radley.


Sunshine!!+the animals from their animal cards!! I made these as button designs, but they’re free for use as personal icons too! Just please credit me somewhere if you use them ovo)b

(I will be selling the buttons at AX, table c47! They’re not ready yet so i can’t show a pic, but if you’re interested please keep an eye out for them! ✰)

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It seems you like it, and I like it too :) I send Howl's Moving Castle for the Fandom thing!

  • Favorite Male Character = CALCIFER (jk it’s Howl)
  • Least Favorite Character = Madam Sullivan. She’s a stone cold boss and I love it but she’s all too ok with helping with a war that endangers the people of her kingdom. Politicians, eh?
  • Favorite Ship = SOPHIE AND HOWL MY B O I 
  • Favorite Friendship = Tie between Sophie and Calcifer and Sophie and Markl. They’re both darling and dear friendships that deserve more attention.
  • Favorite Quote: Can anything Sophie says ever be a quote? She’s seriously so fuckin sassy and incredibly quotable. Fuckin. “So just find a field and stand in it?” Bruh. That little monologue she goes on about how good Howl is? B r u h. And Howl, when Sophie bangs into that belltower while they’re escaping and he just says “Wow, you’re good.” And don’t get me sTARTED on Calcifer. This movie’s writing is impeccable
  • Worst Character Death (if any) = NO ONE DIES at least in the ghibli version.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment = Sophie being a boss ass bitch in charge in the last third of the movie tbh.
  • Saddest Moment = For some reason, the scene with Howl eating Calcifer and losing his heart as a child and Sophie watching it. It always makes me feel… empty. Is that weird? It’s weird. Sophie having that “dream” of talking to a nearly too far gone Howl tugs at me too.
  • Favorite Location = That fuckin… fairytale land that is Howl’s private study area. The flowers and the water and the fog and the cl o u d s breathtaking i die every time.

so i decided not to archive, but i am gonna go back to clean out old posts and stuff, unfollow abandoned / super old accounts, etc. i’m like 87% sure i’m keeping this url, just b/c i haven’t come up with anything better. i’ll post a new starter call when i’m done cleaning. if you wanna plot tho hmu via IM or on d.scord jscott#7899


Dan Stevens 😈

Hey! There’s so many more roles now though to choose from!

Actor/Actress survey

Put an actor or actress in my ask and I’ll give you:

A. First role I saw them in : Nemesis

“Is this your first time in England? No… I was with the Luftwaffe.”

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B. Favorite performance: I’m going with David Haller. I need S2 now!

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C. Favorite role they appear in – yes I’m being different… Hilde! Dan

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D. Last role I watched them in– Amazon streaming… ah sweet prince

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E. If I were forced to pick a weaker performance

Uh….. I’d have to say Tim in Colossal. Not great. Looks damned fine though….

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F. Underappreciated performance

I could go with Beauty and the Beast because I’m convinced not everyone still understands how much effort and skill that took… but I’ll go with James Harvey in The Ticket. It’s fucking brilliant. 

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G. Role you haven’t seen that you’d most like to: his part as the prosecutor in Marshall. A real character role he can really get into.

H. Least favorite role they played: uh….  Vamps… also me while watching…. he’s fine the movie sucks

R A I N B O W • B T S

O R A N G E • Y O O N G I

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