brandon hines career.

Brandon Hines should have atleast stayed with Songbook or signed to a different label because SoSoDef/Epic cant do and aint doing anything for him…smh

Like seriously this man should have been on in 2009, he been grinding longer than most cats thats out now! His first independent album came out in 2005 for Christ sakes! Then we got a great EP in 2010,,,then after that silence. I really want him to win because he is soooo talented and has potential to be something great but idk wassup with his crappy management/marketing. He doesnt release music or songs at ALL…*side eyes Jermaine Dupri*

Not rushing the creative process but let an artist be an artist and interact with fans..


Brandon Hines cover’s Maxwell’s Pretty Wings. This video hit 2 million views. The sickest voices I’ve ever heard, Best rendition of this song, I don’t even listen to the original the same. It’s a shame Epic Records dropped him. He could have been something without the label anyway. Pray he makes a comeback.

Rhythm Effect Presents Epic Records singer-songwriter Brandon Hines

Singersroom presents a special Rhythm Effect event series featuring Epic Records singer-songwriter, Brandon Hines. Cultivated in Motown, Brandon Hines and his refreshingly natural singing talent have campaigned for legendary status. His smooth, baritone vocals command the attention of the ladies and his relatable lyrics are magnetic for the gentlemen. Not only does he offer a soundtrack and a sexy backdrop, butBrandon Hines provides an experience. And he wants you to make love…Music that is.
  That’s what Hines and his independent debut, Love Music: Fallin in Fallin Out, have been doing since 2006. Hines has a strong following among the younger crowd, but a classic appeal that transcends generations. Writing his own lyrics since he was young, Brandon Hines developed a knack for composing songs that evoke emotion. The art of storytelling mixed with his carefully placed rifts and background vocals, result in the no-holds-barred medleys that are edgy and honest. As he blazes trails with projects such as “ The Rhythm Effect is proud to showcase Mr. Brandon Hines first début performance in N.Y.C. as a Epic records artists.