“Stop overestimating him -he’s a cross between a junkie and a hungry chicken! He no longer has to manipulate journalists and wait for them to act. He could tap out a few words and get what he wanted immediately. It reminded me of psychologist B.F. Skinnerʼs experiments with chickens that learned to push a button with their beaks for the reward of a food pellet. Once they had trained themselves, the birds couldnʼt stop pecking even when the pellets no longer came and they injured themselves. Like Skinnerʼs animal subjects, Trump has learned to get what he wants. No matter who criticizes him, no matter the consequences, he will keep doing it. Those who ask if he will stop scouring the press for evidence of enemies and using his power in an indiscriminate way should stop thinking of him as a conventional politician and start looking at him as a chicken.” – Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio, “The Truth About Trump”


Psychologist Dr. B. F. Skinner trains a pair of pigeons to play ping pong.

From the B. F. Skinner Foundation.