T-Money Live @ Kingdom April 29, 2012

Footage of me performing Long Time Coming live at Kingdom in Richmond, VA


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Felt like putting out some music. This is a track off the mixtape that my label, B.E.T.T.A. Entertainment, is dropping in March. First was SpotZ, I rapped second verse, and Slim Royale took the 3rd. You can find SpotZ on twitter @Spotz1941 or on here at universalthoughts.tumblr.com and you can find Slim Royale on twitter @SlimRoyale or on here at theknownunknown.tumblr.com

#ThrowbackThursday Check out the Rude Boy B.E.T.T.A. Remix by T-Money

 I know it’s a bit late but check out this throwback from the B.E.T.T.A. Entertainment (@BETTA_ENT)vault “T-Money - Rude Boy B.E.T.T.A. Remix”

My Blogspot

I just created my blogspot. Unlike my Tumblr it will be focused more around my music career. I’ll still be posting to Tumblr but my blogspot will focus more as a journal of my journey to be a Hip Hop/R&B star.

Check Out My Reverbnation Page full of links to all of my other sites as well as Recommended Artist, Videos, Pics and more

Please vote for my song ‘Awakening’ to be featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 208 Hosted by Machine Gun Kelly! 


T-Money Live @ Kingdom April 29, 2012

Check out this footage of me performing Opposites, Unsigned Hype and an unexpected improvisation live at Kingdom in Richmond, VA


T-Money Live @ Kingdom April 29, 2012

Footage of me performing Swagged Out live at Kingdom in Richmond, VA

B.E.T.T.A. Entertainment is looking for new members

B.E.T.T.A. (Building Entertainers To Top All) ENTERTAINMENT is looking for Hip Hop artist, R&B artist, DJs, Songwriters and Producers to add to our label. All inquiries please send an email to betta_entertainment@yahoo.com with your basic info, photo and a sample of your work or a link to it.

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This is my track No More off of my mixtape Long Time Coming dropping late February/early March that I wrote around this time last year. In fact this song was a direct result of what occurred last year on Valentine’s Day and the events that followed. So for all of those who were wondering why I didn’t feel like celebrating St. Valentine’s Birthday (The Real Purpose Of Valentine’s Day). IF you haven’t already you should check out my music page http://www.reverbnation.com/tmoneyreppinda804 and follow me on twitter (@Tmoney_VA).