A fanmix of some of the greatest dark concept kpop songs

Dracula F(X) // Bad Queen B'Z // Killer Rania // Volume Up 4Minute // Janus Boyfriend //Secret Night VIXX // Thriller BTOB // V Lee Junghyun  // Hyde VIXX // Abracadabra B.E.G // Psycho HISTORY // Shadow BEAST// Wolf EXO // Full Moon Sunmi // Manyo Maash Puer Kim // Touch Miss A // Hate You Ladies Code // Coup D'Etat (Remix) Gdragon // Don’t Don't Super Junior // Tarantallegra Junsu // Bbi Ri Bba Bba Narsha // Tinkerbell Ga in // Marionette Stellar // End This War B.T.D (MASHUP) Infinite Vs. MBLAQ// Voodoo Doll VIXX


Shout-out to every member of girl groups that gets period but still performs as well as always

I heard that a lot of them have irregular periods or don’t have them at all due to meds they take or dieting

But there probably are some girls who get them and I just want to say how much I admire them for that (not hating on anyone who doesn’t of course)

I can’t get out of my bed for 2 days.. not even thinking about moving or even worse-dancing

They make it look so easy and dance and sing with a smile while they’re in pain


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