Artist Spotlight: B.Denise

I first seen B.Denise’s work on Artst.com…Once in a while I’ll peep around on there waiting for something crazy to catch my eye, inspire me…etc…And then her paintings just kept popping up places, and they all stood out. I LOVE her work! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do a spotlight on her, plus she’s mad cool too. Check out the artist here: www.HillmanCultureClub.com

Oh, Hey Hunty : B.Denise

B.Denise. 20something. Visual Artist. Entrepreneur.



It all began with a dope illustration of Buggin’ Out from Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing (1989).  The image was so dope that it was saved to my computer and screenshot-ed on my phone within minutes of our initial date. Shit, the photo even headlined as my desktop photo for a week or two.  Nearly a month passed before the hunt for the artist extraordinaire began.  At the bottom of the photo there was some sort of inscription, (which I later discovered was the artist insignia) that upon application, yielded a less than satisfying Google result page.


A week or so later, I finally found her via a Facebook timeline photo of the aforementioned illustration (don’t ask me whose page it was because I really do not know; chances are I was just in 3 A.M. creep mode). B.Denise is a San Diego native who seamlessly bounces from paper to pixel to vector, a multi-disciplinary creative with a vision drizzled with pop culture undertones.  Her subjects range from well-known entertainers currently wrecking shit on the charts (ex: Santigold, ASAP Rocky, etc..) to those creative love-joys that are no longer with us (ex: Aaliyah, Basquiat, etc..).


India Shakur.

acrylic on canvas.

The World Is Yours.

acrylic on canvas

Same Shit.

acrylic on canvas

Tyler, The Creator.

color pencil/ marker on paper

Digable Planets.




Ol’ Dirty Buzzlightyear.


Her active Twitter account is the best bit of insight that the inter-verse can offer us about B.Denise as a person.  From what I can gather, here are a few words that seem to summarize the artista’s persona: explicit, blunt,  social, supportive, high-spirited, and …well, badass.



The entrepreneurial beauty opened up her Etsy shop in October of 2012, to sell her illustrations, screen print tees, custom sculptured sneakers/figurines and tie-dyed crafts.  Gold Chain New York is the product of B.Denise’s collective creative efforts, essentially a photographic acrylic digital wonderland of dope.  Personally, considering how in tune her art is with the current generations interests, it’s surprising how low her internet buzz is…this clearly needs to change