V.A. - SURREAL ESTATE [Frite Nite] 12"
1. XI - Whiteout / 2. Distal - Mamanimal / 3. Sepalcure - Deep City Insects / 4. Kuru & UFO! - Aoki / 5. DJG - Rites / 6. Bravo & Teeko - Drop I

これまでデジタルでリリースを続けてきたサンフランシスコのレーベルFrite Nite発のMIX CDから、収録のエクスクルーシヴ曲をセパレート収録した6曲入。選曲も人選もナイス! 



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Music Round Up: Nov 13, 2011

Hey guys, I have a mid-terms this week so I wont get the chance to get lots of blogging done. Hopefully this weeks music round up will keep you satisfied till I return this wednesday. 

If you still need your music fix. Check out all of our other music round ups lots of great music all available for you to download for free :)

  1. The Antlers - VCR (The xx Cover)
  2. Two Inch Punch - “Luv Luv”
  3. Torkelsen – Don’t care (Algodón Egipcio remix)
  4. Body Language - “Falling Out (Honey Soundsystem Remix)”
  5. Mux Mool - “Palace Chalice”
  6. Salva - “Obsession (feat. B. Bravo)”
  7. Monster Rally & RUMTUM – Raindrops
  8. Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp
  9. Slow Magic - ☾
  10. Holy Ghost! - I Wanted To Tell Her
Illum Sphere & B.Bravo

Download: Illum Sphere - KO-OTZ & B.Bravo - Bubble Shower

Wow, two of the best freebies of the year! Head over to Bleep and grab them both! Illum Sphere and B.Bravo, some of the illest producers out there in case you didn’t know!

Only available for 24 hours so you need to be quick..

With just over a week to go till Sonar Festival starts in Barcelona, we have curated a series of MP3s, some exclusive and some never-before-heard, to give away, every day this week. We have picked some of our favourite artists from the festival line-up to be included in the give-away. The tracks will only be revealed on the day of release.

Today’s song: “Kisses” by Reva DeVito

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This FREE single from Reva DeVito’s still yet-to-be-released debut EP was released in early 2014. Still waiting.

But in the meantime, it’s still pretty easy to enjoy this track, what with its throwback 90’s R&B tropes, smooth, glossy production from B.Bravo which perfectly matches DeVito’s serene alto vocals, and romantic vibe. from a nerd standpoint, the mixing and mastering sound immaculate too haha

Lowriders Collective: B.Bravo - Kiss n Tell EP

I have just started to blog for the lovely guys over at Lowriders Collective! For those of you that like your music glitchy and bass heavy, check them out if you haven’t already.





For the full post click here and stream B.Bravo’s sick new EP teaser below…

B. Bravo - Kiss ‘n’ Tell EP // Teaser by Earnest Endeavours


B. BRAVO - Computa Love


talk 2 me 

(via https://soundcloud.com/huhwhatandwhere/reva-devito-kisses-produced-by?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=tumblr)

Reva…? Reva DeVito? We’re waiting girl. We know a new project is in the works, so in honor of the tracks. We’re celebrating the old. You might recognize this little over a year old smash hit from various mixtapes. Keep proving Portland can be sexy and weird. Your Sade & Stevie Wonder nostalgia has not gone unrecognized.

  • Lush Production
  • Sultry Vocals
  • Summer Jam